Thursday, March 17, 2011

Part something or another by Emily

"They reside in the forest master." Laurel said bowing low. "They knew my name and called for me. I disabled a dwarf in a fight and went for the wizard when I heard your call. What do you require?"
 "Job well done Rider." Stepheneis chuckled. "I require you to flame their calvary. It is their strongest point of attack therefore we must disarm them there." He motioned with his hand for her to rise. "Raze it all. Let none live- except the wizard and the blue eyed girl. Bring them to me and your reward will be great."
  "Yes Master." she bowed again. She twirled quickly, her new obsidian cloak filled out behind her.  Her tall black boots went clack on the blue tiles.  She chuckled maliciously when she reached her tired dragon. "Time to work Cerelda."

  Kyrian stoked the fire. The flames grew higher and they leapt in wayward directions. In Kyrian's imagination the flames took shapes.  A girl on a dragon flew a breakneck speed, she twisted and dove in the air. The picture changed to a man with his hands clasped on a large jewel. The jewel glowed bright as the man pressed harder. Kyrian gasped as Melkor's face came into view. "He must have a marse." Came Mintara's voice from behind.
 "A what?"
 "A spell in the form of an eye that renders Dragon's and their Riders immobile. I had just told Laura about it the other day hoping she would be more careful, but alas! she has not learned a bit! Stepheneis must have it on himself for no other being besides a wizard has enough power to sustain it." Mintara  gravely said. "She must be under his control now. There is no other explanation for her sudden change in behavior."
  "What can we do?" Kyrian asked standing up from her perch on the log.
 "There is nothing we can do but defeat Melkor. We cannot defeat Stepheneis with out first defeating Melkor they have shared in power I am sure. Their fates are linked just as Emerion's and Aelysha's were."
  "Why can't we kill Stepheneis first instead of Melkor?"
  "Silly girl! Do you know anything about wizards? The most powerful wizard out of the two, in this case Melkor, must be killed before the weaker may be killed."
  "So that means we're flying to Melkor's castle at the end of the world right?" Kyrian pulled her cloak closer as the fear of impending doom fell upon her.
  "Wrong, we're walking." Mintara backed away from the fire and disappeared into the darkness. "And rally the best fighters cause we leave before dawn."

    Kyrian shoved the last piece of bread into her saddle bag then ran to Tomas and Landlion's tent. "Wake up you sleepy head." she said as she pushed Tomas off his bed. He fell to the floor with a thud and shot up like a rocket when he woke. "Why you little-" he growled. He grabbed Kyrian by her shoulders and threw her down on his cot. "Get off me Tomas!" she squealed before his fist connected to her cheek. "Kyrian?"He quickly pulled his fist back. "I'm sorry darling, I didn't know it was you." Tomas pulled her up and kissed her on her cheek. "Now what was it you wanted?"
  "We're leaving in the morning to go to Melkor's. We're going there to end things once and for all. Now pack your stuff because we leave in an hour."
  "Yes dear." Tomas said mockingly as he scooped up his bag. Kyrian sprinted out of the tent to go rally more fighters for the journey.

   Landlion tossed and rolled over on his cot. Tomas held his breath hoping that the elf did not wake up. To his dismay Landlion's eyes blinked open and he sat up. "What are you doing Tomas?" he asked. "Nothing, I was just looking for a snack." he quickly lied. Landlion looked at him disbelievingly. "Really that's all I'm doing. See look I have an apple in my sack." He held up an apple to show the Elf.
 "You're a bad liar Tomas. Where are you going?" Landlion swung his good leg over the side of the bed and stuck it in his boot.
  "I'm not really sure, Kyrian didn't say much." His apple let out a loud crunch as he bit into it. The juice dripped down his chin and splatted on his shirt.
  "Oh, well you go have fun dude." Landlion kicked off his boot and laid back down in bed. "Don't be too wild with her." He chuckled as he got settled in bed again.
  Tomas took another bite of his apple, grabbed his cloak and left the tent.

   The air was brisk, it felt tense as if it were waiting for something terrible to happen. Tomas felt the same way. A terrible foreboding of what to happen came down upon him just like the sudden gust of wind the moment before. He slowly walked through the cluster of tents that his regiment slept in. There was a strange rustling in the air. It sounded eerily familiar. Dragon wings. He thought with alarm. He looked to the sky just as a huge burst of fire lit it up.

    He started to run. Anywhere away from the new found menace would be good.  He dodged under and around the fiery tents. A thought sparked his mind, "Kyrian!"  he screamed as the dragon took out another tent. He pushed a burning pole out of his way and leaped.

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