Monday, November 22, 2010

Part 55 by Emily

   Kyrian sat quietly, so very quietly that no one knew she was there. She heard the sounds of the army milling around through out the forest. Shouts echoed all around from the battling soldiers, the swords clanged as the met in 'battle' and the bows twanged as their arrows left them. There were thuds as men and women fell to the ground, tackled by their opponents. Healer's chanting, practicing the mending of the wounded, droned on and on.

    She was safe here in her little hollow, with the light streaming in through the green leaves. The trees wrapped their branches around her like arms, keeping her from harm. This had been her hideaway hollow ever since she was a child. She always came here to think and reflect on tough decisions or to cool down when mad or upset. I'm glad to be alone. The army life wasn't at all like she thought, the early morning jogs, the hard battle sessions.There was never a moment to spare for yourself. It wasn't at all like the glamor her kinsmen had sung about the battles of old. Why'd I say yes to Tomas when I know I have to die when the war is over? It will only break his heart when I pass. I'm practically a ghost right now. She looked down at her armored arm. She was solid, present, yet she wasn't. It hurt her head to dwell on it for long. Tears shimmered in the corners of her eyes, grief overwhelmed her. I wish some one could help. She laid her hand in her palms and let the tears roll down her cheeks. She wept openly now, not afraid of what the other's might think. There was no was they could find her here. No one had ever found her in her hideaway.

  "Silly girl, don't you know crying never helps anything?" Mintara's dark voice broke her silent world. Kyrian slowly looked up. "How'd you find me here?" She asked baffled at the wizards ability. "Look, I know how you're feeling." Mintara sighed. her voice was almost sympathetic almost kind. "But we have an army to run and an evil wizard to overthrow. Melkor won't wait for you to solve your problems before he strikes again. Now that Aelysha has been taken care of he and Stepheneis will be on the prowl. Get your problems taken care of." Her tone was brisk and in charge.
 "Look Mintara, I understand. It's just that Tomas asked me to marry him and I said yes." She wiped the tears from her face, and breathed deep.
  "You told him you would marry him? Silly girl! I thought you knew better then that." Mintara shook her head sadly. "You must do it now. There's no use breaking his heart, even though we can replace him easily." She paused, letting her words sink in. "Get it over with, and don't be a silly love bird when it's done." With a quick twist she broke back through the trees, leaving Kyrian alone. I guess Mintara's right. She sighed as she slowly arose from her log. "I better get back to business." With a sniffle she walked out of the forest.

    "Kyrian." Tomas greeted her as she walked on to the archery grounds. She jogged across the field, taking care to be behind the archers. "Hello Tomas." she said as he wrapped her in his arms. She breathed in deep, he smelled of sweat and hard work. He kissed her lightly on her forehead. "Where have you been?" he asked as she pulled away from his embrace. She grabbed her bow from by the tree. "Thinking." she answered. She fit the arrow to the bow and pulled it back. Her form was perfect, she let the arrow linger at her ear for a spilt second then let it loose. With a twang the arrow struck the middle of the target. Tomas clapped. "Good job sweetheart."
 "Look Tomas," she lowered her bow. "I feel that it would be best if we got married either really soon-" she choked on her words. "or never." she whispered under her breath. "I really do love you." his face was skeptical," I do really." she added quickly. "I'm just so young- we're both young. I don't know if it will last and-"
 "It doesn't matter Kyrian." He stepped closer to her. "Our love will see us through."
"Age helps." she said. Tomas's green eyes sparkled mischievously. "Oh really?" he asked. "So if I were a thousand you would marry me?" She slapped him on the arm.
 "No silly! It's not that it's just-" she took a deep breath, "How are going to feel after the war?" Tomas's face dropped, he turned away. "It doesn't matter."
 "It does and you know it. I'm sick of this drama Tomas. Should we do it or not?" Kyrian's tone was commanding. He turned back to her, his emerald orbs shimmering with happiness. "Yes." was his one word reply. "Let's not think about the future for now. And if we do, it's about the Kingdom not us." Her deep blue eyes sparkled, "Lets." She spun away from him and trotted back to the village.

    "Sire." The squire bowed low before the king. His large violet feather bobbled up and down on his tight cap. Stepheneis laughed silently at him. "What is it squire?" he asked as he played with his finger tips. Over and over he repeated a pattern, as if knitting or weaving. The young man gulped nervously, also partially out of nausea. "It's the queen Sire. She's gone missing." His body started convulsing, and sweat beaded at his forehead. "We know that she's been stolen, taken by the rebels. They nabbed her this morning."
 "Really?' Stepheneis feigned surprise. "My sister is missing? How dreadful!" Sad little witch. She played her part perfectly, not that she knew anything about it. He let out a low chuckle. The kingdom is mine, I've completed father's goal and gotten rid of that sorry excuse for my sister. She was nothing but a worthless pawn. Ha, to think of me as stupid takes a dense skull indeed.
 "Yes Sire." the squire barely could barely utter his words loud enough. "Do you want a party sent out to hunt for her?" He stood with his gaze locked on the king's fingers. His nausea grew more and more the longer he looked upon them. "No, it will not be necessary. Even if it were I doubt you could find her. You're dismissed." He flickered his cold black eyes towards the door. The squire stood, not moving, barely even breathing. "I said go." Stepheneis said harshly. As the squire forced himself backwards towards the door Stepheneis smirked. Slowly, so very slowly he left the room. The doors closed with a small creak, he heard a retching then a thump onto the floor. Perfect. His smirk turned to a grin. Melkor will be pleased. He looked down at the sparkling object on his lap, it shimmered darkly. To the mortal eye it was invisible, to the elf eye too, yet to the eye of a Dark Wizard it was as clear as day. To think of what Aelysha would say would be pity. She would have been astounded at my craftiness. On to Melkor's castle.