Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Part 4 by Tessa

Tessa and her character Laurel and her dragon Cerelda

"Hurry up!" Mintara snapped the next morning.
"Well I'm sorry, but your just going to have to wait!" Laurel snapped back.
"I hate these mountains. They seem evil somehow. I wonder what lives in these mountains?" Laurel thought to herself.
"Mintara, do you know what lives in these mountains?"
"Now is not the time to talk of this. Evil things are near. We must not anger them. I have to get you to the dwarves safely!" Mintara whirled around and walked down to the stream. Laurel stood up and walked over to a stone which she hadn't noticed yesterday. She cautiously walked over to it and kicked it.
"Ow, lady, don't you know enough not to kick a person whiles he's sleepin?!"
In a split second, what Laural thought was a rock, was transformed into a dwarf.
"Excuse me, but I thought you were a funny shaped rock. Not a little man." she apologized.
"A little man! I'm not a little man. I'm Goricnal, the dwarf of travels! Have you never heard of me?" he demanded
"No, but I'm new here. How come you look like a rock when you are asleep?" Laurel asked hesitantly.
"Oh that! Dwarves look like stones when they're asleep...I mean we're made of stone so why shouldn't we?" he exclaimed, a queer look on his face.
"STOP DWARF!" Mintara sprang in between them.
"Don't move or you won't live to return to whoever it is you serve!" The dwarf stumbled back, tripped over a Cerelda, who leaped up and glared menacingly at the dwarf, who landed with a thud.
"Mintara! Get away from him! I kicked him because I thought he was a rock and woke him from his sleep! He's okay, really!" Laurel pleaded. Mintara eyed the dwarf suspiciously and lowered her staff.
"Well, if I must spare you, then you can be of some use. We need to get to Reacicnec, your dwarf city. You will lead us there." she said smugly and turned on her heel and went to her unicorn. Suddenly, two horses stepped out of the undergrowth.
"These are Lithernac and Lorthim. Laurel, you take Lorthim, and the dwarf has Lithernac. Come, the sun has risen and we must get going."
"Excuse me Lady, but dwarves don't take kindly to horses. We don't like riding." he said a matter of factly.
"Well, that's too bad, because horses are what we have, and we have to get to Reacicnec tomorrow. So please get on your horse, Dwarf." she demanded. Having no other choice, he heaved himself up on the horse. Laurel leaped up onto Lorthim and galloped into the forest with Cerelda following after a parting glare at the dwarf.

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