Monday, July 19, 2010

Part 38 by Emily

     Tomas lay in bed restless. He was thinking about Kyrian. She was so strange sometimes, sometimes she acted like she hated him and others like she liked him. But Tomas knew how he felt about her. Tomas was nineteen, not to young to be married, Kyrian on the other hand was only seventeen, it wouldn't work. Before Tomas even thought about marrying her she would have to be older. Tomas sighed, Landlion stirred in the bed beside him, but didn't wake up. He closed his eyes and thought back to the day he first met Kyrian.

     It was a chilly morning, Dale rode over to his house and asked him to go along to town with him. Tomas's father took some convincing to let him go with Dale. When Tomas went into town he was supposed to bring back some more seeds that his father didn't have. Tomas quickly agreed to his father's bargain and rode off with Dale. On the way to their other friends house, Wearen, Dale explained why he was going to town. Dale had had a dream that told him to go to a certain pub, in the city of Gaeheld, and only order food. Tomas wasn't so sure why this dream was so important, but he went along with Dale.

     Once in town they had a large group of young men. They went to the pub Dale pointed out and ordered some food. A few minutes later he noticed two women walk in. One, in a forest green cloak, made her way over to his table. She opened her mouth to speak, but then she fell onto the table unconscious. Tomas immediately jumped up and picked her off of Dale's plate of saucy noodles. The second woman rushed over to they table and said in a low voice,"Bring her into the back room, I'll explain everything." Tomas caught a glimpse of the woman's face, she wasn't as old as he thought her to be. He scooped the unconscious woman up into his arms and followed the older woman to the back room.

     He laid the girl on the bed, and smoothed the hood behind her head. Then wiped off her face, her hair was brown and braided, and her skin was fair. The woman said,"Quickly go get your friends I must explain everything to them too." Tomas exited the back room only to find they had gathered at the doorway. "Who is she?" Wearen asked. "Did she like my noodles?" Dale questioned jokingly. "I'm not sure yet." Tomas told them,"But the other lady wants you inside." They all crowded into the large room,"Now men," the woman said,"my name is Mintara. I am a great and powerful sorceress, but I need your help." "Why?" Quintan piped up. "To fight Melkor." she told them, then aimed a glare at Quintan,"Because I'm not an entire army." She went on to explain what they were fighting for, and what positions they might have in the army.

     Suddenly they heard the girl stirring Tomas rushed to her side. "Her name's Kyrian." Mintara told him. Kyrian's eyes blinked open,"Are you okay?" Tomas asked. "Yes,"She answered groggily,"Where's Mint-my grandmother, I mean." Kyrian blushed. And in that moment he saw she had blue eyes, and those blue eyes were swallowing him up-

Before he drifted off to sleep he determined to talk to Kyrian about how she felt, in the morning.

     The first beams of sunrise filtered through the trees tops. A young woman walked alone in the forest. She hoped she was nearing the Elven city of Locien. Suddenly a man leaped from behind the trees. "Halt, who goes there?" He questioned. The woman stopped, in a split-second she had her opponent sized up.
"Well sir,"she said, while batting her long black lashes,"I was on my way to Locien hoping that it wasn't to late to register for the army."
The guard blinked in shock,"You want to be in the army? Why you're just a young lady, I couldn't let you fight against Melkor. It would be terrifying for you!"
"Sir, I'm a healer." she told him,"I would hope that they wouldn't put me out on the front lines to fight Melkor, I'm too timid to hurt a flea. I prefer to stay hidden and help others." She put on an innocent face, the guard melted as he looked in her violet eyes.
"The, the city's this way." he said, stumbling over a root. He pushed a branch aside, there was a large willow, it was ancient, the guard put his hand on the trunk of the gargantuan tree and muttered something.

     The trunk opened up to reveal a secret tunnel. "Now miss." the guard said,"Go into the tunnel and when you come out find a man named Dale, he should be able to take you where you need to go." The woman started to walk into the tunnel,"Wait!" the man called while grabbing her shoulder. She turned around with her black hair falling against her back. "What is you name, miss?" he asked her.
She hesitated for a moment then said,"Aelysha, my name is Aelysha." Then she turned and went into the tunnel with the guard staring after her. The tunnel was dark, but it wasn't long. Soon Aelysha entered a bright hollow, a young man leaned against a slim birch. When he saw Aelysha he quickly stood up straight and walked over to her. "Hello." he said,"My name's Dale."
"Hi Dale." Aelysha said, faking shyness,"I'm Aelysha."
"What brings you here Aelysha?" Dale asked.
"I'm hoping to be a healer in the war." she told him while batting her lashes. Dale thought for a moment.
"Well I have a friend who has a friend who is a healer I guess I could bring you to her." Dale turned to one of the many paths through the trees,"Come on follow me."

    They made their way down the path, that ended at a small collection of houses.  Dale walked up to the front door of one of them and knocked. A few seconds later the door opened revealing a tall elf. "Yes?" he asked.
"Hi, I'm looking for Tomas." Dale told the elf. Aelysha hid a smirk, everything was coming together splendidly.
"I'll go get him." The elf went back into the house and emerged with a young man.
"Hey Dale!" Tomas said cheerfully,"Who's this?" he asked turning his gaze to Aelysha. Her beauty took his breath away.
"This is Aelysha." Dale said. Aelysha waved her hand as a greeting. "I need you to take to your friend, that girl, Kyrian right?"
 "Yeah, her name's Kyrian. What do you need her for?"
"I thought maybe she could help Aelysha with healer stuff."
"Well she and I were,"
 "What going on a date?" Dale interrupted playfully,"Why not just practice with Kyrian some other time? Or maybe you could practice with me." he suggested.
 "Fine." Tomas said,"Come along Aelysha." Tomas walked out of the house and set off on a well worn path. They walked in silence, it seemed like an eternity, but they soon got there. At the training grounds Kyrian was practicing with the long bow. There was a twang, and then Kyrian's quivering arrow was stuck on the bulls eye.

    "Hey Kyrian!" Tomas said. Kyrian immediately jumped up.
 "Hey Tomas!" she greeted him,"Who's this?" she asked pointing at Aelysha.
 "That's Aelysha." he told her, "She wants to be a healer in the army and I was thinking you could show her the ropes and stuff like that."
 "Okay, so do you know the herbs?" she asked Aelysha.
 "Oh yes, I've know them since I was a little girl." Aelysha said confidently.
"Well just to make sure we'll have a little test."
 "Okay." Kyrian unstrung her bow and laid it aside. Then started down a path, Aelysha followed her.
 "Kyrian wait." Tomas said as he grabbed her arm. She spun around,"Yes Tomas?" she asked. Her expression barely masking the joy and hope she felt inside. "I was-" Tomas stopped he just couldn't tell her right now, it wasn't the right time.
"Go on." Kyrian said.
"I was wondering if you want me to practice archery." Kyrian's face fell with those words.
"Yeah, I think that would good." Then she stalked off down the path with Aelysha in tow.

"Go find me these herbs." Kyrian told Aelysha as she handed Aelysha a list. The girl disappeared into the forest. Good. Kyrian thought, She's gone.
  Aelysha quickly made her way to the spot she and her brother decided to meet at. A person with dark hood stood in the clearing. "Steve!" she called. The person turned around, plates of long white hair spilled out of the woman's hood. Uh oh. Aelysha thought. This isn't Steve.


$Taylor$ said...

OMG! Emily, that was awesome! I was glued to it! (well, not literally, but you know) =D =D =D I'm going to write the next part right now! (if that's okay with you, of course) =D

***Emily*** said...

Thanks Taylor! I've read ahead, *looks down shamefully* and I'm loving your part. I can't stop smmiling for some reason, it's just that good. =D =D

No, I don't mind at all that you write the next part. The only reason I wrote twice was because it would have been really long in just one post.

In Christ,

Tessa Brooke said...

I love it! You write some amazing parts! Sorry I haven't commented. I've been on a mission trip to Georgia/cleaning house for a German exchange student who's coming today! Love it!