Saturday, July 3, 2010

Part 35 by Tessa

After dinner at Kyrian's house Laurel slipped out into the mass of trees surrounding the elven city.  The oaks and maples towered above her making her feel very small.  The laid a hand on the rough bark of the tree and looked up to where the canopy of leaves covered the sky.  Only small rays of sunlight sparkled in between the trees.  "Cerelda?  Can you hear me?"   She reached out with her mind to Cerelda.
"Yes, what took you so long to ask me this question?"  Cerelda teased.
"It's been crazy here.  We've been training for the war and if that isn't hard enough Landlion broke my arm.  Now I have to learn to fight with my left hand."  she said sadly.
"I'm going to break more than his arm if he tries that again!"  Cerelda said determinedly and Laurel laughed.
"Yes, he'll cower in his boots from you...the most terrifying dragon in history!"  she said chortled out loud.
"Who's going to cower?"  Laurel whirled around to see Landlion standing there with a puzzled expression on his face.  Laurel tried to stifle a giggle but failed miserably.
"Y-yo-you!" she said bursting into an outright laugh.
"Um...okay that's strange but I came to tell you tha..."  he started to say but started to say but stopped mid-word. 
"What is it?"  Laurel said looking around.  Then she heard it too.  The sound of huge wings beating the air laboriously.  Laurel met Landlion's eyes.  She knew what she had to do.
She started running away from the elf city and deeper into the forest.  She knew whatever this flying beast was would follow her.
"Cerelda!  How far are you from the elf city?"
"Mile or so...why?  What's wrong?"  she demanded.
"I think that Melkor is here.  At least I know his dragon is!  Hurry!  Get Raladhea!"  Laurel yelled in her thoughts.
I have to keep Melkor away from the city.  It puts to many people in danger.  No, this is something I have to do by myself.  She saw a clearing up ahead and headed for it.  She skidded to a stop just a Cerelda appeared.
"Oh no!  Cerelda!"  she yelled as she saw Melkor and his dragon level out into a dive, heading straight for Cerelda.
Her yell distracted Cerelda for a split second but that was enough for Melkor.  They hit into her sending her spinning to the ground.  She broke through the trees before landing heavily on the forest floor.  Laurel sprinted to her side.
"Are you alright?  I'm so sor..." she started but stopped when she heard Melkor's evil laugh resounding through the trees.  She drew her sword and turned face him hatred in her eyes.
"So darling, are you going to die or surrender?"  he said in a mocking tone.
"I would rather die than surrender to you.  So maybe I should ask you.  Are you ready to die?"
"Oh my.  We can't have that now.  Just give up and please don't put up a fight." he said exasperatingly.
"And if I choose to?"  she inquired.
"Then we all will fight with you."  said a person stepping up next to her.  It was Kyrian.  Laurel saw all of her friends.  Kyrian, Landlion, Thomas, and yes, even Mintara and Emerion.
"Then you will die!"  cried Melkor.


Tessa Brooke said...

sorry it took me so long! I had it almost finished yesterday but then I went to downtown Knoxville for the rest of the ya! But here it is and It's long not short!!!!!!

***Emily*** said...

I was reading while you were typing it the other day. =D

I really like it, but Melkor attacked a little earlier than I thought he would.

In Christ,

$Taylor$ said...

Um, we can't really kill Melkor here. Remember, he's the big boss, and the twins are still out there. =/ Well, I'll write the next part when I get a chance, but probably not today. =) Lot's of Fourth of July stuff going on! =D