Friday, September 10, 2010

Part 48 by Emily

"What are we going to do?" Kyrian asked Laurel frantically. The red head girl stood staring at the spot were the men were sure to come from any second. Her face was grimacing in pain, "I must go with Cerelda." she swallowed hard, as if making a big decision,"She's hurt so badly and the war- Mintara- I must leave now." Kyrian stared at her friend, it was as if some one else had possessed the girl. Tears were pouring down Laurel's face, "Be brave my friend." Then she turned and mounted her injured dragon and flew off. Kyrian's mind raced, what should she do with the injured an unconscious Landlion?

  She hid his body in the brush and scribbled a hasty note to him telling him which herbs can heal leg wounds and to stay hidden. She also laid her bow nearby his prone figure. She had barely done that when the first solider came into the clearing. "Stay where you are!" he ordered Kyrian. She stared him down as he blew a blast from his trumpet. The rest of the troop came bounding in. Kyrian heard murmurs of,"Could she be the killer?" "No, she's just a girl." "Why is she here?" "How'd she get the cut on her leg?" Kyrian knew she had to act fast, she burst into tears. "Oh Tomas!" she wailed.
 "Are you alright miss?" The lieutenant asked her. Kyrian dropped to the ground and wailed again. "No! They've taken my poor Tomas!"
  "Who has him, miss?" he asked moving closer to Kyrian's weeping form.
"The rebels!" She screamed, "They've made him work for their army!"
  "It's alright miss." the man said while he laid a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him, his face was kind and you could see genuine concern in his eyes.
 "But they've taken him!" she sobbed again.
  "Do you know where?" a voice from behind the lieutenant asked.
 "To the southern forest!" she let a new stream of tears fall down her face.
"We should take her back to head quarters to see if she knows any more." the other man said. Kyrian peered around the lieutenant and saw the man. He was short, and had a greedy look in his eye, a lust for blood and money. Kyrian shivered at the sight of him, he seemed like a man who would mistreat women.

"Do you know anything else miss?" the lieutenant asked.
 "Only that they moved their after fleeing Kalorn." she wiped tears from her eyes.
"Kalorn? The elven forest? Why did you use it's native name?" Kyrian's eyes grew wide, she knew she had slipped up big time. "I-I-"she stumbled, her acting couldn't save her here. The greedy man walked up with some ropes,"Here you are sir. To arrest the young lady." he sneered. The lieutenant took the ropes and bound Kyrian securely. They made her hobble back to the castle at a fast rate. Once inside they did a through search of her person.

 Kyrian knelt in a cell, waiting for her judgement to come. She knew she would die, she was sure of it. A guard came to the door of the cell, "Your judgement awaits." he opened the door and cut the bonds on her legs, freeing her to walk.  Her hands were still tied tight behind her back, and she had no way of freeing herself so she thought it best to be complient. They walked up the familiar passage ways from her adventure of freeing Landlion. She wanted to cry, but she needed to be brave as she faced death. After walking up countless flights of stairs they finally came to a throne room. the doors were already open and one figures was seated on the throne. They forced Kyrian to walk until she was within ten feet of the person. The bile started to rise in her throat, Aelysha sat on her throne smiling smugly. "Kneel before the queen." the guard hissed. Kyrian wouldn't, no, couldn't do it, so the guard forced her to kneel. She dropped her head in defeat. "Kyrian." Aelysha hissed, "It's so good to see you again my dear." she started to cackle. "Now you are at my mercy. And that is a sad occasion for anyone." Here she got up and started to pace. "I swore I would get revenge on you one day. And that day is today." She smacked Kyrian across her face with the scepter, making Kyrian's nose bleed. The point cut her below her eye, she wanted to scream in pain, but she sat immobile, unaffected on the outside.

  "You don't know, do you? You think I want revenge on you because of the fight in Locien. But oh no my dear! I want you dead because you killed my father!"
  Kyrian looked at her in shock,"Your father?" she croaked as blood dripped into her mouth.
"Exron." Aelysha growled. Kyrian knew that Aelysha's power was strong, and so was her hatred for her. She began to grow woosy, "Exron?" the words had barely left her mouth before she blacked out.

 Landlion awoke in the forest, the dawn sun was barely peaking through the trees. How'd I get here? he wondered. I don't remember anything. He opened his hand, inside was a piece of paper. He read the first line, It's a note from Kyrian.
  "Landlion." it said,"I don't have time. Laurel flew, left me and you. I captured, you hidden. Greenlight, Forest Oak, Waterleaf heal wound. Be brave. Kyrian."

   It all came back to him. Laurel and Kyrian burst into his cell right after he tied the noose around his neck.  Laurel cut it and dragged him out and to the dragon. He and Kyrian hung below Cerelda as she flew. Then he blacked out as they landed. They saved my life in exchange for Kyrians. He was touched by the kindness they showed towards him. He read the last part of the note, "Greenlight, Forest Oak, Waterleaf heal wound. Be brave." She thought it was something that could be healed. He thought sadly. If only she were right.

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