Sunday, February 28, 2010

Part 21 by Emily

Landlion ran as fast as he could to where he heard Laurel scream from. He arrived just in time to see a giant black dragon fly away. "No!" he shouted to the beast that was flying away,"You stupid girl!" Gornical pulled his horse up next to the flustered elf,"That beast is a girl?" he asked pointing to the small dot in the sky. Landlion clenched his fists and muttered something under his breath, he hear a large thing stirring on his left side. He and Gornical slowly turn to face the thing,"Cerelda!" Landlion exclaimed. The dragoness lifted her head from the ground, Yes elf. Who did you think it would be? Mintara? Landlion blushed,"Enough dragon! Where did that elf rider of yours go?" Cerelda blinked her eyes, Radlin took her away. He probably took her to Erxon's new headquaters. "What good is a Rider with out it's Dragon?" Gornical asked puzzled. "Plenty good."Landlion answered,"Riders can still use their magic with out their dragons. Plus they make for good bait." We must pursue Radlin and get back my Rider, Laurel. Cerelda said demandingly.

Tomas stood staring off in the direction Mintara and Kyrian had taken. What did I do? Did I say something to offend them? He patted his horse's sleek pelt. Duh! You were bragging too much! You should have listened to Mintara's orders. That would have impressed the girl more. He told himself. He mounted Adan and set off after Mintara and Kyrian. "I'll do something that will impress the both of them." He said satisfactorily. He spurred Adan on, thinking of all the things he could do to be a hero.