Monday, December 21, 2009

Part 7 by Emily

Emily and her character Kyrian

The party rode onward into the night. Mintara stilled laid unmoving on Emerion's back. The unicorn's coat shone bright in the moonlight, peeking in through the trees. Not a sound echoed in the elven wood, it was silent, except for the sound of hooves falling on the soft turf. Laurel stroked Lorthim's neck, the mare trotted on patiently following Emerion. Goricnal rode on Lithernac behind Laurel. The dragons flew above hunting in the night sky. Suddenly Cerelda burst through the tree tops, she grinned, mouth full, as she landed on Lorthim's back. Look what I caught! she yelled, plopping a plump pigeon down in front of her. Great job Cerelda! Laurel congratulated her. Cerelda tore into the pigeon greedily. Laurel gazed around the dark forest, there seemed to be no animals anywhere. Emerion came to a halt right where the trees grew closer together. I can't go any farther. he told them. "Great." Laurel muttered, "We are stuck in this forsaken forest with no one to guide us!"

Lorthim let out a shrill neigh, breaking the silence of the woods. From behind a tree sprang a orange cloaked figure. Emerion sprang backwards slightly. Cerelda flew off of Lorthim's back, and started clawing the orange person. The figure threw back their hood and attempted to bat away Cerelda's attacks. Laurel let out a gasp, the person was a young girl! "Please!" the girl yelled,"Call your dragon off me!" Cerelda quickly stopped clawing at the girls' face. The girl let out a sigh of relief, "Thank you dragon." she said stepping closer to Laurel," I am Kyrian Wathorn, friend of the elves. I noticed the clopping of hooves, and came to investigate." Laurel immediately felt relief,

"I am Laurel." she told Kyrian, "Cerelda is the little dragon that attacked you, Goricnal is the dwarf behind me,"Goricnal nodded his head in greeting,"Emerion is the unicorn, and the woman lying on his back is-"

Kyrian cut her off, "Mintara. I recognize her from when she visited the elves." Emerion let out a pleased whinny. "

So you know the elves?" Laurel asked her.

"Yes, my family and I live close by their main city. It is many miles away from here, it would be a few days journey." Kyrian told Laurel, Kyrian's blue eyes went directly to Laurel's marked hand, "You must be the newest Dragon Rider. The elves are very excited about your coming."

"They are?" Laurel said in shock.

"Oh yes."

"Can you take us to the elves?" Goricnal asked Kyrian,"I want to get off this horse as soon as possible!"

"Sure, if you'll just follow me," Kyrian pushed braches to the side, creating a path that they could walk on, "It would be best if you riders got off and led your horses." she told them, with a wink directed at Goricnal. Laurel and Goricnal dismounted their horses and followed Kyrian's lead.