Monday, December 21, 2009

Part 4 by Taylor

Taylor and her character Mintara
The next morning, they were all still riding at full speed, heading toward Reacicnec. Suddenly, Mintara stopped. "This is where you lead, Dwarf." she said, motioning him to the front. "My name is Goricnal," he muttered as he moved forward. Mintara heard him and said," I wouldn't remember your name if you told me ten million times, and I really don't care what it is anyway." He lowered his head and urged Lithernac into a gallop.

Laurel rode next to Mintara and asked," Where did you come from?"
"I have existed since the beginning of the world," she said."But I have been underground for many decades, perfecting my magical skills with Emerion," she said, stroking his neck. Laurel could not contain her curiosity. "Why did you come back?" Mintara didn't answer for a moment, then she said, " I came to get something."
"What?" Laurel said breathlessly. Mintara shot her a dirty look and said, "Are you never satisfied? I have told you enough." Laurel rode in silence for awhile, and said angrily," I knew you weren't here to help me with Cerelda. You are here to help yourself." Mintara gave her an amused look, and said,"Maybe you do have a brain rattling around in your head. I do not care what becomes of you or your dragon, I only want what I came for."

Laurel was about to say something else, when she heard Ceralda's soft voice speaking to her mind. 'I know what she came for.' she said. 'She has come for a jewel, one that holds her greatest power. It was given to a trusted elf, to keep until Mintara is ready to have it.'
'Who has it?' Laurel asked 'Raladhea' Ceralda said. 'Serva told me.' Laurel thought about all she had just learned, when she asked Ceralda, "Why was it taken from Mintara?"
'Long ago, in the great rebellion that killed the dragon riders, when Mintara was quite young, the wizards were called to help the good people. But while Mintara was fighting, her only love, Emerion, was captured. In a rage, she killed his captors in the most painful way she could devise. For her cruelty, the Chief Wizard took away her power, and sent her underground, until she learned to use it correctly and control her anger.' Ceralda explained.

Just then, Goricnal stopped and said,"Here we are." He just stood there, until Mintara shouted,"Well, take us into Reacicnec!"
"No one may see the secret passage of the Dwarves into the city." he said adamantly, folding his arms. He and Mintara stared at each other in fury. Suddenly Mintara raised her staff and Goricnal pulled a knife from his belt. Laurel jumped between them. "Stop!' she said forcefully. "We will go to that stream and water the horses," she said, pointing. Mintara slowly nodded, and turned away, but hate still burned in her eyes.

As they took the horses to the river, Goricnac searched the ground, until he found a small rock embedded in the earth. He pulled it out and scraped away the earth where the stone had been. Soon, he had uncovered a key hole. He removed a small key from inside his shirt, and unlocked it. Immediately, a rumbling was felt, and the ground parted in front of him, revealing a small stairway down into the earth. He shouted at Laurel and Mintara, and they came quickly. "Here it is." he said. "But the horses must be left here." Laurel removed the bridles from the horses, but Mintara was reluctant to leave Emerion.

Finally, she left him, and followed the Dwarf into the tunnel. It took awhile to reach Reacicnec, but once they did, an amazing sight greeted them. They were in a huge cavern with glittering walls, and a ceiling so high, they could not see the top. A large Dwarf came to meet them. "We have been waiting," he said."Follow me." They trooped after him until they reached a large room that held many wonderful treasures. But he led them past and into a small room. "This is where we keep our precious metals." he said. "The dragon will now choose."

Ceralda and Laurel looked around while Mintara stood and looked bored. Finally, Ceralda nudged a piece of metal."I think that this will work very well.' she said. Laurel examined it. It looked like silver, but it was not silver. It glittered and shone brightly, but it was very light. Laurel could pick it up with one hand. "Are you sure?" she asked Ceralda. Ceralda nodded vigorously. "We'll take this." Laurel said. "You have chosen well." the Dwarf master said. "This is cira, a metal precious to my people. It is as strong as diamonds, yet so light-weight that it does not feel as if you are carrying anything." Mintara moved forward and touched it with her staff. A white light ran over it, and it disappeared instantly. "There, I'll keep that for you until we get to the elves," she said. "Now, let's go!" They all filed out, with Mintara bringing up the rear. Laurel knew that she was worried about Emerion. Goricnal came with them, for the Master Dwarf had commanded him to go and help them. Mintara laughed at this, and they looked at each other with distaste.

After a long climb, they reached the surface. As soon as Mintara's foot left the last step, the opening closed, and they could not tell where it had been. Laurel whistled for the horses, and Mintara called Emerion. They were on their way to the elves.

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