Monday, December 21, 2009

Part Two by Taylor

TAYLOR and her character is MINTARA

As Laurel walked to the stables to milk the cows, she thought about what her parents had told her last night. As she was feeding the animals, she heard a cracking noise coming from the stone she had hidden in the straw the night before. When she got to it, it suddenly burst open, and a strange, reptilian creature lay there. Laurel gasped, then ran to close the barn door. She turned in a tight circle and leaned against the door she had just shut, staring at the small, bronze-colored creature. It struggled to its feet, looking around. Laurel shrank back against the door, hoping that it didn't see her. She didn't even know what it was, much less if it was vicious or not. Its gaze swung to her, and deep amber eyes stared intensely into hers. Laurel immediately felt a peculiar attraction to the creature. She cautiously approached and eased down, timidly touching its raised head. the little guy's head. Instantly, a jolt raced up her arm, leaving her whole body tingling. An oval-shaped scar burned itself into her hand. Laurel screamed and fell backwards onto the musty hay, staring at her hand in wide-eyed disbelief. She looked back to the creature in amazement. It nuzzled itself under her arm. Laurel felt no fear, only a deep desire to provide for and protect the helpless creature.

Laurel spent hours in the barn with the thing, just stroking its scales and watching it leap about. She couldn't explain her fascination with the creature, but she just couldn't seem to make herself leave. She finally noticed the barn growing dark.

Laurel took the remaining milk back to the house and gave it to her mother. "I'll be gone for most of the day." she called over her shoulder. She went to the barn and picked up the dragon. "You can live in the woods." she said. "I'll make you a shelter."

She worked until late in the afternoon building it. She spread out some straw and gave him her lunch she had never eaten. "I have to go, but you be good." she told it. She packed up her things and started the long walk home.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light in front of her. A young woman dressed in the purest white stood there, a delicate staff in her hand. She was tall, taller than average, and her long hair was a shimmering white, though she looked to be not much older than Laurel. "Who are you?" Laurel cried. The other stepped forward and said, "I am Mintara, a sorceress come to help you." "Help me with what?" Laurel asked. "To teach you the ways of magic." Mintara replied "How can I trust you?" Laurel said warily. "I don't even know you." Mintara's dark eyes flashed dangerously. "Then you would do well to listen." she snapped. "If I was not here to help you, then I would have already killed you, after you displayed the fact that you are the new dragon rider." "What do you mean?" Laurel said, frightened at all this stranger seemed to know. "O come, don't even try to fool me." the sorceress said condescendingly. "I can see that mark on your hand. But since you must have some proof, here is a medallion that the rebels gave to me, in case you needed some convincing." Laurel examined it carefully, and said, "What do you want me to do?"
"That's better." Mintara said. "Before you can be of any use to anyone, that dragon has to grow up. So while we wait, I will teach you magic, and the art of reading minds. But before you can even say the simplest magic words, you'll need to be stronger. Someone is coming to help with that part of your training. First, we must get your dragon and go to the ancient training grounds in the mountains." Mintara whistled and a horse came up behind her. "You can ride a horse, can't you?" she said sarcastically. Laurel lifted her chin and sprang into the saddle. Mintara raised her staff and sent a little spark shooting into the air.

Laurel heard the sound of wind behind her, and turned around to see a magnificent horse come streaking up. "A unicorn!" she exclaimed. "Yes, I finally was able to breed one, though it took many years and all my sorcery," Mintara said proudly. The white animal shook his head and pointed the silver horn on his forehead at Laurel."Be careful, that horn is razor sharp." Mintara cautioned Laurel. "It's all right, Emerion." the sorceress said to the animal as she mounted. Laurel noticed the two delicate wings along the unicorn's sides. "Why don't you just fly instead of ride?" she asked. "That would be smart if we wanted the king's whole army to see us." Mintara said as she urged him into a gallop. "We have to hurry. The dragon trainer is waiting for us."

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