Monday, September 13, 2010

Part 53 by Taylor.

"Kyrian, Laurel, Landlion, Cerelda, Tomas, and Goricnal, please report to Mintara's tent," a young man shouted.

They found Mintara waiting for them impatiently. "Good, I'm glad you hurried," she said sarcastically. "This is an urgent mission. Remember Emerion?" Several heads nodded; Goricnal didn't know what she was talking about, but he didn't especially care either. "Well, we still have to kill Aelysha with that arrow tipped with the special potion. Unfortunately, in order to work without killing Emerion, the potion must be fresh. It is too fragile and precious to be carried with." She looked at all of them sternly. "You realize what this means, right? Aelysha will have to be brought here." Their mouths dropped open. "And just how do you propose we do that?" Goricnal sneered. "Well, I wasn't counting on you going along. We need taller people," Mintara snarled back. Kyrian and Laurel exchanged amused glances; Mintara and Goricnal had never been the best of friends. "I'm plenty tall!" Goricnal snapped. Mintara sighed in exasperation. "I thought this would happen. That's why I got you these." The wizard pulled a pair of stilts from behind her. Laurel and Kyrian couldn't hold it in any longer and laughed out loud, joined by Tomas and Landlion.

Two hours later, Goricnal, Tomas, Kyrian, and Laurel were marching through the rain towards Aelysha's castle. "I can't believe we're doing this," Tomas muttered. "It's our only chance to save Emerion," Kyrian said, her voice muffled through the metal helmet. "I feel completely ridiculous in this outfit," Tomas complained, tugging at his chain-mail shirt. "You think you feel ridiculous?!" Goricnal growled. Laurel had to laugh, the dwarf did look rather unsteady on his stilts. They soon approached the gates. "Come on guys, we really need to sell this," Tomas whispered. They all straightened up and looked important as Tomas raised a hand and knocked loudly.

Landlion lowered his telescope and sighed. Not only was the rain depressing and miserable, it was hard to see through. He wished he was with them, but it would be stupid. Who ever heard of a limping guard? He glanced over at Cerelda, standing nervously, staring with her excellent vision at Laurel, who was held firmly with hands bound behind her.

Tomas heard someone banging into stuff behind the gate, then some swearing. Finally, a head popped over the top. "Whaddya want?!" the man snarled. Tomas looked at Kyrian with fear in his eyes. She leaned over and said, "Go for it." Tomas took a deep breath. "Who are you to be addressing me like that?!" he shouted angrily at the man in a powerful voice. "I be Rithnos," the man said, still spitting mad at being woken up. "And just who are you?"
"Commander Rondel," Tomas yelled. The man swore softly. "I'm sorry sir, really, I am. It's just that-"
"Spare me your explanation," Tomas rolled his eyes. "Just open the gate."
"Yes sir, right away sir." They heard a chain rattle, then the gate slowly raised up. Rithnos was waiting, a fake and forced smile plastered on his face. "Oh, what have you got?" he asked gleefully, eyeing Laurel. "A prisoner?" Tomas leaned close as if confiding something important. "Not just any prisoner. This is the Dragon Rider." Rithnos's eyes widened. "Well congratulations, sir! I'm sure you'll get some awards for this."
"Confidentially, I expect to get a promotion out of this," Tomas winked. "Well, don't let me hold you up, General Rondel," Rithnos snickered. "Thank-you," Tomas said dismissively with a wave of his hand.

"Wow Tomas!" Kyrian exclaimed when they were out of earshot. "That was awesome!"
"You certainly had me convinced," Laurel agreed. Tomas grinned and bowed grandly. "Many thanks, but as underlings, you should address me as Commander Rondel." He grinned at Kyrian, his normally blonde hair hanging in his eyes.

Outside the city walls, Landlion set his telescope down and looked at Cerelda. "I can't just sit here. Do you wanna go for a ride?" The young dragon nodded her head vigorously. Landlion limped over to her and pulled himself into the saddle. Cerelda shot into the air and glided down around the city.

Tomas and his troupe had no problem gaining admission through anywhere they needed to go. No one thought to question them or be suspicious. Outside of the throne room, they all took a deep breath. "Here goes," Tomas whispered. He flung the door wide open.

"A little closer," Landlion murmured. Cerelda skillfully maneuvered closer to the tall stone walls, then landed lightly. Landlion nervously fingered the wet leather saddle, waiting.

"Your Majesty." Tomas and his "soldiers" bowed low. Glancing around, Kyrian began to have hope that their plan might work. Everyone was preparing for battle, there were only four bored guards. "Where is King Stephenies?" Tomas asked respectfully. "He is briefly absent," Aelysha answered absently. She gloated at Laurel. "So this is the Dragon Rider," she sneered. "I expected you to be a little more formidable."
"Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint you," Laurel said quietly.

Quick as a flash, Kyrian cut the rope that bound Laurel's hands behind her, and the elf jumped to her feet. Tomas tossed her an extra sword, and Goricnal kicked of his stilts. They charged the guards, who had barely reacted to all of this. Aelysha screamed and drew a sword from the arm of her throne. She charged at Tomas, who frantically countered her blows.

The others finished with the guards and ran to help Tomas. But Aelysha proved to be a match for them. Spinning and flipping, she dealt blows to all of them. She was so unpredictable, that everyone was unsure of how to fight her. She swiped at Tomas's feet. He jumped over her sword and tackled her to the floor while she was off-balance. She went down with a shriek of hatred. Laurel was ready with the rope. "Go!" Tomas grunted, hefting a bound and gagged Aelysha over his shoulder. Goricnal lifted a curved horn to his lips.

The sweet blast echoed through the city. Landlion nudged Cerelda, and the dragon quickly flew up and over the walls. Landlion lowered a rope and tied the end to the saddle. This would be tricky. Cerelda could only carry so much weight. Suddenly, he had an idea.

Tomas and the others ran to the top of the palace. "Come on, come on!" Tomas muttered under his breath.

"Are you sure you can do it by yourself?" Landlion wanted to make sure. In answer, Cerelda snorted and took off, leaving him standing on the ground.

Cerelda soon spotted her friends waving at her. She slowed to an almost hovering position above them.

Tomas tied Aelysha on first, then the other quickly grabbed on to the rope. Without thinking, Tomas wrapped his arm around Kyrian's waist and helped to keep her from falling. Cerelda managed to clear the walls, then collapsed.

Meanwhile, Landlion had hobbled over to where they had hidden the horses and was now bringing them over at a gallop. "Let's go!" he shouted. Tomas left Aelysha tied to Cerelda, double checking the ropes that held her, then jumped on his horse. All five of them rode off, and Cerelda flew the struggling Aelysha to the army, and the waiting Mintara.

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