Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Part 24 by Tessa

Kyrian urged her horse to fly faster and faster realizing that the rider was following her. Rhovanion sped on, weaving between the huge trees whose branches blotted out the moon. Kyrian glanced back to see the stranger and his horse steadily gaining on her and Rhovanion. "What kind of horse is that? It must have legs of steel to still be gaining on Rhovanion," Kyrian thought as she tried to guess how far before the horse would overtake them. She turned back around to see the bark of a tree. Pain surged through her then...nothing.

"Kyrian! Wake up you bird-brained girl!" Kyrian heard a familiar voice exclaim. Pain shot through her head and she groaned. "Open up your eyes and quit your groaning. I told you not to go out into the night and but no, you have to go charging out into the night and almost get yourself killed with a tree branch! What ridiculous notion possessed to to hit a tree I'll never know!" raved the voice. Kyrian relunctantly opened up her eyes only to see...Mintara. "Oh now you..."
"Just be quiet Mintara! Do you seriously think I'd just go hit a tree on a whim?" Kyrian said chuckling. "You may not think much of me but I have more sense than that!"
Kyrian saw a slight smile flit across Mintara's face before her face went back to its normal impenetrable mask. "I'm beginning to think that she actually likes people" she thought before bursting into a fit of laughter. Her laughter stopped abruptly when she rememberd something from that night. "The rider. Don't tell me it is a.."
"Yes, it was a Nurgan." Mintara answered.
Creatures with claws like a huge bird of prey, bat-like skin that was cracked and bloody, and the eyes that if you looked into them you would freeze and not be able to move. Only silently scream as they took you away...never to return. Kyrian shuddered. "But why was he riding a Knitagon. I thought those horses wouldn't allow..."
"Well now they do. Our world is changing Kyrian. We can do nothing to bring back the past. All we can do now is move forward...and hope that tomorrow will dawn showing a bright future instead of a black one."


Tessa Brooke said...

Hey and it's a normal sized part too! LOL Taylor you know what i mean!

Tayblor said...

Hey, that was really good! =D Loved it!

***Emily*** said...

Ooh! I love it! That was really good. =D I can't wait to see what you write Taylor.

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