Sunday, August 1, 2010

Part 45 by Emily

   In the large chamber hall, where the royal throne was, the guards stood at attention. The gentlemen and the ladies-in-waiting also stood ready. They had been called to the throne room on short notice that morning, it was amazing that they all looked fashionable in the short time span they had to get ready. A priest of Sharron stood in between the two mahogany thrones. The large doors at the end of the immaculate hall were thrown open, and trumpets were blown. The people-in-waiting gasped as a young man, dressed in silks took the first step into the room. They started to murmur in low voices, so very low that they could barely hear themselves. "Is this the king's son?" "No, he didn't have a son." "Did he even have a wife?" "Who could this man be?"

  They all fell silent when right behind the young man stepped a breath-takingly-beautiful young woman. She was dressed in a wonderful lavender silk dress, that showed off her eyes, and her figure. She and the young man strode forward until they reached the steps to the throne. "Behold!" The old priest cried,"The new rulers of Lylle!" The guards and the people in waiting bowed low as the priest placed the crowns on their heads.  As the King and Queen straightened up they turned around. "Behold King Stepheneis, and Queen Aelysha!"

 Laurel laid in her bed sobbing, Kyrian sat on her own offering words of comfort to the heart broken Dragon Rider. "Laurel,"she pleaded,"everything will be okay. We just need to follow Mintara's plan." Laurel's head snapped up right. "Mintara's plan? Mintara's plan! All that wizard thinks about is herself! She doesn't care about others, especially Landlion!" Kyrian thought Laurel was done, but she raged on. "I bet if Tomas was where Landlion is instead, she would let YOU lead a rescue party to save him. She almost cares about you more than that stupid unicorn she bred! I'm glad he's dead." Laurel spat, and with that she fell back down on her bed and a new series of sobs racked her body.

  Kyrian rose off of her own bed. 'That isn't true!' she thought vehemently,'Mintara wouldn't allow me to be that reckless, and jeopardize the entire cause.' Then she realized she had once been like Laurel, determined to save some one she loved from pain and misery. "Laurel," she whispered,"I'll do anything to help you." The red headed girl sprung up. "Good. Now listen closely I have a plan."

  Aelysha sat on her luxurious throne looking smugly down on the scribe. "Now," she said rising from the throne,"my first law as Queen of Lylle is that all the people serving in an army other than the army of Lylle must return to their houses at once. If they do not return in a timely manner." she grinned,"Their items will be confiscated and their families will be taken into our prison. If they fail to return at all, we will seize their estate and their family, and burn them all." She broke into a fit of hysterical laughter. The scribe finished the document and had Aelysha stamp it with her royal seal. "Send out a decree about the new law." she ordered,"And have it sent to every city. Every house hold if we have to." The scribe bowed in respect for the new queen, then bolted out of the chamber.

  "The Royal Highness wants copies of this law to be sent to every town and city in the land of Lylle!" he cried sprinting into the room full of scribes. He handed his paper to the fastest writer,"Write fast so that we and our families might live." The woman nodded at him then speedily dipped her quill in the ink and started writing.

"Well done my sister." Stepheneis said with a laugh. "We got rid of that fool of a king Melkor set up all those years ago. It was easier than taking a necklace from a Dragon." The twins heard a boom behind them, they turned to see what had happened. A tall man swathed in black stood there, "Well done my servants." he said,"You've done much better in the past week than your father had done in his whole life."
  "Melkor," they said bowing, "We are so happy you are pleased." Stepheneis told him.
 "Now, the next thing I need you to do is find the Dragon Rider. And kill her." Then as soon as he came he left.
 "Great." Aelysha said sarcastically,"We need to kill the Dragon Rider."

  "So are you in?" Laurel asked Kyrian. The brunette paused for a moment,"Yes, I'm in." she told the red head. Laurel gave her a hug, "Thanks Kyrian. I knew I could count on you." The two walked out of their tent, and into the bright prairie sun. The army was located on the plains many miles north of Hale and Pearson. It was better for them to be there than in Locien. Mintara strode up to Kyrian,"We're moving Laurel."
 "What?" Kyrian asked incredulously.
 "We're moving Laurel to the city of Sine. A small trading port by the northern mountains. She'll be safer there."
  "Who's going with her?"
 "You of course, and a small group of others."
 "Like who?"
"Tomas, Cheryl, Quintan, Ernest, Michelle, and Dale. You ask to many questions."
  "Okay. When do we leave?"
 "Later tomorrow, I think Laurel has had enough drama for today." Mintara started to walk away. "Oh," she said turning around."She needs her hair dyed." Kyrian stared at the white headed wizard, 'Laurel needs her hair dyed? Oh great."