Monday, December 21, 2009

Part 6 by Tessa

Tessa and her character Laurel and her dragon Cerelda

Soon they were far from the dwarf city and heading across a huge plain.
"It's so beautiful here. I wish we could stay here forever." Laurel thought
"Maybe when this adventure is all over we could come here...It has everything we could ever need." Cerelda observed sleepily blinking her eyes.
"What do you mean adventure? All we're doing is going to the elves to get a sword forged. Then we can come back." Laurel stared at him inquiringly.
"Have you not noticed? Your whole world is tensed for battle. Why would you need a sword if not for battle? Plus, I think we ought to fear Mintara. If Emerion ever is in danger, she'll leave, and if we are the cause of the danger, there's no telling what she'll do. Let's be careful. For now, we must be her friends. She might come around yet." Laurel turned away pondering what she had just heard.

Later that day, they reached a stream. This stream was the border between the plains and the forest of the elves. Laurel turned toward the plain.
"We'll come back here one day, I promise." she said under her breath.
"That is, if you're still alive!" retorted Mintara. Laurel blushed and urged her horse into a gallop. She headed toward the stream, ready to jump, when out of the ground evaporized a cloud. Her horse reared and Laurel fell at the feet of the cloud.
"Hello Laurel," a voice came from the cloud "You have been chosen. Now listen carefully..."
"Chosen for what?" Laurel asked shakily. The cloud chuckled.
"Just like your mother you are, young one. Now listen carefully this time.
When in the doubt seek a man in dark clothes
When in need go the the tree of dreams and speak your name
When in loss go to the court of Lady Hopernal
The cloud then turned to Cerelda.
"I have something to say to you too.
When you need a name go to the Path of Dragons and walk alone
When in need of something hot, you will know how to find it.
Do you have any questions?" the cloud asked
"Yes. When you said I was just like her, did you mean my mother?" Laurel asked, reaching for something around her neck.
"Yes, dear one. You have the same long red hair, deep blue eyes, and fiery spirit which you have yet to discover. Enough, my time grows short. I must depart. Any last questions dragon?"
Cerelda shook her head and the cloud evaporated into mist. Tears trickled down Laurel's face.
"You're just like her." she murmured, still holding the thing around her neck.
"Then why did she leave?"
"Maybe she knew you would be safer with the farmers." Cerelda observed. Laurel's eyes flashed.
"No! I needed her! Why didn't she think of ME!" she screamed before leaping onto Lorthim and galloped into the forest.
Mintara ran to the stream a moment later.
"Where is she?" she demanded.
"She just went into the forest!" exclaimed Cerelda
"That reckless girl! She'll get herself and the rest of us killed!" screamed Mintara before she too, followed by Gorcinal and Cerelda, went into the forest.

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