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Part 11 by Tessa

Tessa and her character Laurel.
"Laurel, duck!" screamed Kyrian.
Laurel turned to see an arrow flying toward her. With inhuman swiftness she reached out and caught the arrow. Laurel stared at the arrow quivering in her hand.
"Go Kyrian! We have to get to the elves fast!" Laurel yelled as she leaped up on her horse, sweeping Goricnal up with her.
"Take Goricnal's horse and stay behind me!" Emerion raced past the horses weaving in and out of the trees. The horses mirrored his movement, causing Laurel to almost fall off.
Goricnal was screaming at the top of his lungs. "Pull me up! I'm going to be trampled! Ow, the BEARD! Let me at those fools and they'll be dead in no time!" Laurel was laughing as she pulled him up, but the laughter was cut short when a man in a green tunic stepped out of the forest. Emerion swerved and the horses slid to a stop making Laurel lose her grip and go flying over their heads, dropping Goricnal in the process. She flew straight into the arms of the the stranger in green and they both toppled to the ground.

Laurel opened her eyes and found herself staring into the stranger's blue eyes.
"S-ss-sorry" she stammered as she rolled off of him.
"You better get moving before you get caught. Follow me." he ordered, laughter showing in his eyes. Laurel lowered her gaze and followed after this stranger who had caused her to be filled with something she had never felt before. Kyrian fell into step beside her.
"What was that about?"
"I-I don't know." Laurel said, her puzzled gaze following the stranger's every movement.

Hope you like it and yes they are in love PLUS this is the person or should I say elf, who buried the egg in the beginning of the book. his name is Landlion (Land-Lee-on)

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Merry CHRISTmas everyone!
I had a wonderful time writing with you all this year and I can't wait until next year!
I want to thank all my team members for helping write our story and for all of our follower's encouragement!

And as Santa says:
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"
PS Don't forget to thank God for all of your blessings this year!

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Part 4 by Tessa

Tessa and her character Laurel and her dragon Cerelda

"Hurry up!" Mintara snapped the next morning.
"Well I'm sorry, but your just going to have to wait!" Laurel snapped back.
"I hate these mountains. They seem evil somehow. I wonder what lives in these mountains?" Laurel thought to herself.
"Mintara, do you know what lives in these mountains?"
"Now is not the time to talk of this. Evil things are near. We must not anger them. I have to get you to the dwarves safely!" Mintara whirled around and walked down to the stream. Laurel stood up and walked over to a stone which she hadn't noticed yesterday. She cautiously walked over to it and kicked it.
"Ow, lady, don't you know enough not to kick a person whiles he's sleepin?!"
In a split second, what Laural thought was a rock, was transformed into a dwarf.
"Excuse me, but I thought you were a funny shaped rock. Not a little man." she apologized.
"A little man! I'm not a little man. I'm Goricnal, the dwarf of travels! Have you never heard of me?" he demanded
"No, but I'm new here. How come you look like a rock when you are asleep?" Laurel asked hesitantly.
"Oh that! Dwarves look like stones when they're asleep...I mean we're made of stone so why shouldn't we?" he exclaimed, a queer look on his face.
"STOP DWARF!" Mintara sprang in between them.
"Don't move or you won't live to return to whoever it is you serve!" The dwarf stumbled back, tripped over a Cerelda, who leaped up and glared menacingly at the dwarf, who landed with a thud.
"Mintara! Get away from him! I kicked him because I thought he was a rock and woke him from his sleep! He's okay, really!" Laurel pleaded. Mintara eyed the dwarf suspiciously and lowered her staff.
"Well, if I must spare you, then you can be of some use. We need to get to Reacicnec, your dwarf city. You will lead us there." she said smugly and turned on her heel and went to her unicorn. Suddenly, two horses stepped out of the undergrowth.
"These are Lithernac and Lorthim. Laurel, you take Lorthim, and the dwarf has Lithernac. Come, the sun has risen and we must get going."
"Excuse me Lady, but dwarves don't take kindly to horses. We don't like riding." he said a matter of factly.
"Well, that's too bad, because horses are what we have, and we have to get to Reacicnec tomorrow. So please get on your horse, Dwarf." she demanded. Having no other choice, he heaved himself up on the horse. Laurel leaped up onto Lorthim and galloped into the forest with Cerelda following after a parting glare at the dwarf.

Part 10 by Emily

Emily and her character Kyrian

Are we close? Laurel asked Cerelda who flew high above them. I'm not sure rider. All I can see is trees. Cerelda said, voice traced with annoyance, Ask the orange maiden. She'll certainly tell you where we are in the sea of trees. Laurel turned her gaze away from the canopy, Kyrian was walking thirty paces in front of her, some how making a path through the mass of trees.

I wonder if the Dragon Rider can use magic? Kyrian wondered, she stopped,wiping the sweat from her brow. She pushed back her orange hood and called, "O Dragon Rider! Can you use magic?". In the same moment Laurel called, "Orange- err, Kyrian. Can you tell me where we are?" Goricnal let out a low chuckle from behind Laurel, "Could you please talk in order?" he asked. Kyrian turned around, face flushed, to face Laurel, "Can you use magic?" she asked.
"Why of course! I studied for weeks with Ralahadea."
Kyrian let out a sigh of relief. "Was so afraid you would say 'no'. Could you help me clear the way?"

Laurel led Lorthim forward to where Kyrian stood. "You can let go of her, she won't run away." Kyrian pointed out, "the woods are enchanted, that is why I need you to help me clear our way." Laurel dropped Lorthim's reigns and walked a few steps forward. Sure enough Lorthim stayed behind Laurel and did not try to bolt. "What do you want me to say?" Laurel asked Kyrian. Immediately Kyrian started laughing,"You don't have to say anything, all you have to do is use the magic as a shield in front of you, sort of like a wedge." Kyrian laughed even harder when Laurel's cheeks flush cherry red. Kyrian immediately stopped laughing when she saw Laurel's hand grasp the hilt of her sword. "Okay, lets get moving."

The group moved steadily forward, resting from time to time. Mintara remained unconscious the whole time, rarely ever granting Emerion power to speak. They were but a few hours from the city, when a arrow whizzed by Laurel's head, striking a tree behind her. The party was under attack!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Part 8 by Taylor

Taylor and her character Mintara.

As they worked their way through the thick underbrush, Cerelda talked with Emerion, who Mintara had lended her power to speak to again, since she remained unconscious. Why are you in such a hurry to get the necklace? Cerelda questioned him. We need to obtain it before Melkor does. he answered. Who is Melkor? she asked him. He is an evil being who was once a very powerful wizard, but he became evil and was cast out of the council. He left and went to a desolate place, where he vowed to take revenge. He continued to study evil magic, until he knew all he could. But his power is not complete until he has Mintara's huge knowledge of magic, which is in her necklace. If he obtains it, he will become the most powerful being on earth, and he will endeavor to destroy every elf on the face of this earth, and he will enslave all other beings. It was his dragon that attacked you and Laurel.

Cerelda pondered this, and then asked, Why did he want to destroy us? Emerion answered and said, He fears you and Laurel, since she is a dragon rider. He senses a great enemy to him in you, and he will either try to get you on his side, or he will destroy you. He also wants Mintara dead. Why? Cerelda asked. Because they studied magic together before he turned evil and she was banished. She was about to follow him in his wickedness, but instead she determined to learn all there was about good magic. They had a great fight, and Mintara turned him in to Simar, the head wizard, who banished him. Melkor swore to seek his revenge on Mintara, and they have been bitter enemies ever since.

Cerelda fluttered over to Laurel and told her all she had learned. Laurel was frightened at first, but then she felt a new sensation deep within her, a desire to fight this evil with all her might. Cerelda was already almost big enough to ride, soon they would really give this Melkor something to worry about.

Part 7 by Emily

Emily and her character Kyrian

The party rode onward into the night. Mintara stilled laid unmoving on Emerion's back. The unicorn's coat shone bright in the moonlight, peeking in through the trees. Not a sound echoed in the elven wood, it was silent, except for the sound of hooves falling on the soft turf. Laurel stroked Lorthim's neck, the mare trotted on patiently following Emerion. Goricnal rode on Lithernac behind Laurel. The dragons flew above hunting in the night sky. Suddenly Cerelda burst through the tree tops, she grinned, mouth full, as she landed on Lorthim's back. Look what I caught! she yelled, plopping a plump pigeon down in front of her. Great job Cerelda! Laurel congratulated her. Cerelda tore into the pigeon greedily. Laurel gazed around the dark forest, there seemed to be no animals anywhere. Emerion came to a halt right where the trees grew closer together. I can't go any farther. he told them. "Great." Laurel muttered, "We are stuck in this forsaken forest with no one to guide us!"

Lorthim let out a shrill neigh, breaking the silence of the woods. From behind a tree sprang a orange cloaked figure. Emerion sprang backwards slightly. Cerelda flew off of Lorthim's back, and started clawing the orange person. The figure threw back their hood and attempted to bat away Cerelda's attacks. Laurel let out a gasp, the person was a young girl! "Please!" the girl yelled,"Call your dragon off me!" Cerelda quickly stopped clawing at the girls' face. The girl let out a sigh of relief, "Thank you dragon." she said stepping closer to Laurel," I am Kyrian Wathorn, friend of the elves. I noticed the clopping of hooves, and came to investigate." Laurel immediately felt relief,

"I am Laurel." she told Kyrian, "Cerelda is the little dragon that attacked you, Goricnal is the dwarf behind me,"Goricnal nodded his head in greeting,"Emerion is the unicorn, and the woman lying on his back is-"

Kyrian cut her off, "Mintara. I recognize her from when she visited the elves." Emerion let out a pleased whinny. "

So you know the elves?" Laurel asked her.

"Yes, my family and I live close by their main city. It is many miles away from here, it would be a few days journey." Kyrian told Laurel, Kyrian's blue eyes went directly to Laurel's marked hand, "You must be the newest Dragon Rider. The elves are very excited about your coming."

"They are?" Laurel said in shock.

"Oh yes."

"Can you take us to the elves?" Goricnal asked Kyrian,"I want to get off this horse as soon as possible!"

"Sure, if you'll just follow me," Kyrian pushed braches to the side, creating a path that they could walk on, "It would be best if you riders got off and led your horses." she told them, with a wink directed at Goricnal. Laurel and Goricnal dismounted their horses and followed Kyrian's lead.

Part 6 by Taylor

Taylor, and her character, Mintara.
Laurel ran and ran, deeper and deeper into the forest. She soon reached a wide, grassy plain, and dismounted from Lorthim. Cerelda came up behind her, but Goricnal and Mintara were nowhere to be seen. Cerelda felt uneasy, and tried to convince Laurel to turn back. But Laurel, ignoring Cerelda's pleas, rushed on. Cerelda had no choice but to follow her. 

Suddenly, when they were halfway across, a thunderous roar shook the earth. A black dragon, riderless, flew towards them with amazing speed. Laurel screamed in terror and dropped to the ground. Cerelda defiantly faced the dragon and gave her own miniature version of his roar. Laurel saw what the young dragon planned to do, and she tackled her before she could fly to meet the charge. 

The huge dragon shot with terrific speed towards them. Laurel and Cerelda tensed to spring, adrenelin strengthening their minds and bodies. As he drew near, his chest began to swell as he sucked in air, and Laurel and Cerelda knew that they were doomed. When he had almost reached them, he let loose a burning stream of fire. Laurel and Cerelda leaped aside as the fire incinerated the grass where they had been standing. As the dragon pulled out of his nose dive, Cerelda jumped up and slashed his long, soft underside. Although she did her best, her teeth and claws were not big enough to do much more than infuriate the evil dragon. 

Enraged, he flew once again into the air, but this time, he swept down low, skimming the earth. Laurel and Cerelda knew that they did not have a chance of dodging his flames this time, but they had to try. Suddenly, they heard a tremendous neigh. They turned to see Mintara and Emerion coming towards them. Emerion was flying at full speed, his slender wings stretched to their full size. A white light shone from his silver horn, and it grew until it was a pointed shaft, too bright to look at. It shot forth until it struck the wicked dragon squarely in the chest. He gave a wild shriek as he was hurled backward from the impact, tumbling on the ground. 

Screaming with rage, he regained his wings, and homed in on them once again. Just then, Mintara raised her staff, and a stunning white flash blinded the black creature. When his eyes cleared, they were nowhere to be seen. Laurel and Ceralda suddenly appeared by the river they had run from a short while ago. Mintara and Emerion stood next to them. Lightning quick, Mintara stepped forward and grabbed Laurel's arm in an iron grip. "What do you think you are doing?!?" she shouted. Laurel said nothing, only lowered her head to avoid Mintara's piercing gaze. "You and that dragon are my only hope! How could you almost throw it away in a silly tantrum?!?" she stormed. Laurel was a little frightened, for Mintara was beginning to look dangerous. Cerelda felt her master's fear, and she growled warningly at the wizard. Mintara raised her staff as if to strike the young dragon, when she suddenly slumped to the ground, unconscious. Emerion gave a tremulous cry, but was then silent. 

Laurel, Goricnal, and Cerelda rushed to Mintara's fallen form, but all their efforts to revive her were in vain. They were about to panic, when Cerelda heard a soft voice speak to her mind. 'Don't be alarmed', it said. 'She will waken when she is ready.' 'Who are you?' Cerelda asked. 'I am Emerion.' he said. Cerelda looked over to see that he was staring at her. 'The spell she used to save you,' he explained, 'was so strong, that it took all of her strength. She will remain unconscious until she again has sufficient strenght to go on.' Cerelda thanked him and quickly told the others all he had said. "But we must keep going!" Laurel cried. "How can we bring her with us?" Emerion whinnied, and as they watched, he folded his legs under him and half-unfurled his wings. Goricnal was the first to catch onto the meaning of this. "He wants us to lay her on his back!" he said, snapping her fingers. "Those feathers do look like a nice bed." With that, he gathered her tall frame into his arms, surprised at how light she was. He carefully laid her on the unicorn's snowy back. 

He and Laurel mounted their horses and set off into the forest. "What did she mean, when she said that we were her only hope?" Laurel silently asked Cerelda, referring to Mintara's earlier outburst. 'If she aids us in her quest, and proves that she has changed, Raladhea will give her the necklace.' Cerelda explained. Laurel thought about that information as she rode along. With Mintara unconscious, who would lead them to the elves?

Part 6 by Tessa

Tessa and her character Laurel and her dragon Cerelda

Soon they were far from the dwarf city and heading across a huge plain.
"It's so beautiful here. I wish we could stay here forever." Laurel thought
"Maybe when this adventure is all over we could come here...It has everything we could ever need." Cerelda observed sleepily blinking her eyes.
"What do you mean adventure? All we're doing is going to the elves to get a sword forged. Then we can come back." Laurel stared at him inquiringly.
"Have you not noticed? Your whole world is tensed for battle. Why would you need a sword if not for battle? Plus, I think we ought to fear Mintara. If Emerion ever is in danger, she'll leave, and if we are the cause of the danger, there's no telling what she'll do. Let's be careful. For now, we must be her friends. She might come around yet." Laurel turned away pondering what she had just heard.

Later that day, they reached a stream. This stream was the border between the plains and the forest of the elves. Laurel turned toward the plain.
"We'll come back here one day, I promise." she said under her breath.
"That is, if you're still alive!" retorted Mintara. Laurel blushed and urged her horse into a gallop. She headed toward the stream, ready to jump, when out of the ground evaporized a cloud. Her horse reared and Laurel fell at the feet of the cloud.
"Hello Laurel," a voice came from the cloud "You have been chosen. Now listen carefully..."
"Chosen for what?" Laurel asked shakily. The cloud chuckled.
"Just like your mother you are, young one. Now listen carefully this time.
When in the doubt seek a man in dark clothes
When in need go the the tree of dreams and speak your name
When in loss go to the court of Lady Hopernal
The cloud then turned to Cerelda.
"I have something to say to you too.
When you need a name go to the Path of Dragons and walk alone
When in need of something hot, you will know how to find it.
Do you have any questions?" the cloud asked
"Yes. When you said I was just like her, did you mean my mother?" Laurel asked, reaching for something around her neck.
"Yes, dear one. You have the same long red hair, deep blue eyes, and fiery spirit which you have yet to discover. Enough, my time grows short. I must depart. Any last questions dragon?"
Cerelda shook her head and the cloud evaporated into mist. Tears trickled down Laurel's face.
"You're just like her." she murmured, still holding the thing around her neck.
"Then why did she leave?"
"Maybe she knew you would be safer with the farmers." Cerelda observed. Laurel's eyes flashed.
"No! I needed her! Why didn't she think of ME!" she screamed before leaping onto Lorthim and galloped into the forest.
Mintara ran to the stream a moment later.
"Where is she?" she demanded.
"She just went into the forest!" exclaimed Cerelda
"That reckless girl! She'll get herself and the rest of us killed!" screamed Mintara before she too, followed by Gorcinal and Cerelda, went into the forest.

Part 4 by Taylor

Taylor and her character Mintara
The next morning, they were all still riding at full speed, heading toward Reacicnec. Suddenly, Mintara stopped. "This is where you lead, Dwarf." she said, motioning him to the front. "My name is Goricnal," he muttered as he moved forward. Mintara heard him and said," I wouldn't remember your name if you told me ten million times, and I really don't care what it is anyway." He lowered his head and urged Lithernac into a gallop.

Laurel rode next to Mintara and asked," Where did you come from?"
"I have existed since the beginning of the world," she said."But I have been underground for many decades, perfecting my magical skills with Emerion," she said, stroking his neck. Laurel could not contain her curiosity. "Why did you come back?" Mintara didn't answer for a moment, then she said, " I came to get something."
"What?" Laurel said breathlessly. Mintara shot her a dirty look and said, "Are you never satisfied? I have told you enough." Laurel rode in silence for awhile, and said angrily," I knew you weren't here to help me with Cerelda. You are here to help yourself." Mintara gave her an amused look, and said,"Maybe you do have a brain rattling around in your head. I do not care what becomes of you or your dragon, I only want what I came for."

Laurel was about to say something else, when she heard Ceralda's soft voice speaking to her mind. 'I know what she came for.' she said. 'She has come for a jewel, one that holds her greatest power. It was given to a trusted elf, to keep until Mintara is ready to have it.'
'Who has it?' Laurel asked 'Raladhea' Ceralda said. 'Serva told me.' Laurel thought about all she had just learned, when she asked Ceralda, "Why was it taken from Mintara?"
'Long ago, in the great rebellion that killed the dragon riders, when Mintara was quite young, the wizards were called to help the good people. But while Mintara was fighting, her only love, Emerion, was captured. In a rage, she killed his captors in the most painful way she could devise. For her cruelty, the Chief Wizard took away her power, and sent her underground, until she learned to use it correctly and control her anger.' Ceralda explained.

Just then, Goricnal stopped and said,"Here we are." He just stood there, until Mintara shouted,"Well, take us into Reacicnec!"
"No one may see the secret passage of the Dwarves into the city." he said adamantly, folding his arms. He and Mintara stared at each other in fury. Suddenly Mintara raised her staff and Goricnal pulled a knife from his belt. Laurel jumped between them. "Stop!' she said forcefully. "We will go to that stream and water the horses," she said, pointing. Mintara slowly nodded, and turned away, but hate still burned in her eyes.

As they took the horses to the river, Goricnac searched the ground, until he found a small rock embedded in the earth. He pulled it out and scraped away the earth where the stone had been. Soon, he had uncovered a key hole. He removed a small key from inside his shirt, and unlocked it. Immediately, a rumbling was felt, and the ground parted in front of him, revealing a small stairway down into the earth. He shouted at Laurel and Mintara, and they came quickly. "Here it is." he said. "But the horses must be left here." Laurel removed the bridles from the horses, but Mintara was reluctant to leave Emerion.

Finally, she left him, and followed the Dwarf into the tunnel. It took awhile to reach Reacicnec, but once they did, an amazing sight greeted them. They were in a huge cavern with glittering walls, and a ceiling so high, they could not see the top. A large Dwarf came to meet them. "We have been waiting," he said."Follow me." They trooped after him until they reached a large room that held many wonderful treasures. But he led them past and into a small room. "This is where we keep our precious metals." he said. "The dragon will now choose."

Ceralda and Laurel looked around while Mintara stood and looked bored. Finally, Ceralda nudged a piece of metal."I think that this will work very well.' she said. Laurel examined it. It looked like silver, but it was not silver. It glittered and shone brightly, but it was very light. Laurel could pick it up with one hand. "Are you sure?" she asked Ceralda. Ceralda nodded vigorously. "We'll take this." Laurel said. "You have chosen well." the Dwarf master said. "This is cira, a metal precious to my people. It is as strong as diamonds, yet so light-weight that it does not feel as if you are carrying anything." Mintara moved forward and touched it with her staff. A white light ran over it, and it disappeared instantly. "There, I'll keep that for you until we get to the elves," she said. "Now, let's go!" They all filed out, with Mintara bringing up the rear. Laurel knew that she was worried about Emerion. Goricnal came with them, for the Master Dwarf had commanded him to go and help them. Mintara laughed at this, and they looked at each other with distaste.

After a long climb, they reached the surface. As soon as Mintara's foot left the last step, the opening closed, and they could not tell where it had been. Laurel whistled for the horses, and Mintara called Emerion. They were on their way to the elves.

Part 3 by Frances (aka Casey)

. . .

Part one by Tessa

In the shadows of a great forest stood a black-clothed man. He turned his head to the east and gazed at the deer bounding across the plains. His eyes darted upward where an eagle was soaring. He turned his heel and disappeared into the shadows.

Laurel crouched down in the bushes. She had been hunting this herd for a long time. She must not miss. She drew her bow back to shoot when something startled the herd and they all took off. Laurel paused and lowered her bow. A horse burst into the clearing. On its back a rider clad in green and brown sat regal and proud. Laurel crouched lower, not trusting this newcomer. The rider surveyed the clearing before lowering himself from the horse. He bent down and started digging. When he had a good-sized hole he pulled a blue and yellow speckled stone from his pocket and dropped it into the hole. He dumped the dirt back in the hole, then with one last glance around the clearing, he spurred his horse forward. His horse broke into a gallop and only then did Laurel see that his ears were pointed.

Laurel started forward toward where the elf had buried the stone. "There must be something special about the stone for him to go through this much trouble to hide it." observed Laurel. When she had removed the dirt from the stones' hiding place, she reached out to pick up the stone. She weighed it in her hands. "Quite light for its size." thought Laurel She shrugged and put it in her bag.

(later that night at Laurel's house)

"Come here Laurel." said Laurel's father
"Yes Father?" said Laurel
"You're not our child, Laurel. We found you in the outskirts of the forest, and you aren't even human. You're an elf."

Part Two by Taylor

TAYLOR and her character is MINTARA

As Laurel walked to the stables to milk the cows, she thought about what her parents had told her last night. As she was feeding the animals, she heard a cracking noise coming from the stone she had hidden in the straw the night before. When she got to it, it suddenly burst open, and a strange, reptilian creature lay there. Laurel gasped, then ran to close the barn door. She turned in a tight circle and leaned against the door she had just shut, staring at the small, bronze-colored creature. It struggled to its feet, looking around. Laurel shrank back against the door, hoping that it didn't see her. She didn't even know what it was, much less if it was vicious or not. Its gaze swung to her, and deep amber eyes stared intensely into hers. Laurel immediately felt a peculiar attraction to the creature. She cautiously approached and eased down, timidly touching its raised head. the little guy's head. Instantly, a jolt raced up her arm, leaving her whole body tingling. An oval-shaped scar burned itself into her hand. Laurel screamed and fell backwards onto the musty hay, staring at her hand in wide-eyed disbelief. She looked back to the creature in amazement. It nuzzled itself under her arm. Laurel felt no fear, only a deep desire to provide for and protect the helpless creature.

Laurel spent hours in the barn with the thing, just stroking its scales and watching it leap about. She couldn't explain her fascination with the creature, but she just couldn't seem to make herself leave. She finally noticed the barn growing dark.

Laurel took the remaining milk back to the house and gave it to her mother. "I'll be gone for most of the day." she called over her shoulder. She went to the barn and picked up the dragon. "You can live in the woods." she said. "I'll make you a shelter."

She worked until late in the afternoon building it. She spread out some straw and gave him her lunch she had never eaten. "I have to go, but you be good." she told it. She packed up her things and started the long walk home.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light in front of her. A young woman dressed in the purest white stood there, a delicate staff in her hand. She was tall, taller than average, and her long hair was a shimmering white, though she looked to be not much older than Laurel. "Who are you?" Laurel cried. The other stepped forward and said, "I am Mintara, a sorceress come to help you." "Help me with what?" Laurel asked. "To teach you the ways of magic." Mintara replied "How can I trust you?" Laurel said warily. "I don't even know you." Mintara's dark eyes flashed dangerously. "Then you would do well to listen." she snapped. "If I was not here to help you, then I would have already killed you, after you displayed the fact that you are the new dragon rider." "What do you mean?" Laurel said, frightened at all this stranger seemed to know. "O come, don't even try to fool me." the sorceress said condescendingly. "I can see that mark on your hand. But since you must have some proof, here is a medallion that the rebels gave to me, in case you needed some convincing." Laurel examined it carefully, and said, "What do you want me to do?"
"That's better." Mintara said. "Before you can be of any use to anyone, that dragon has to grow up. So while we wait, I will teach you magic, and the art of reading minds. But before you can even say the simplest magic words, you'll need to be stronger. Someone is coming to help with that part of your training. First, we must get your dragon and go to the ancient training grounds in the mountains." Mintara whistled and a horse came up behind her. "You can ride a horse, can't you?" she said sarcastically. Laurel lifted her chin and sprang into the saddle. Mintara raised her staff and sent a little spark shooting into the air.

Laurel heard the sound of wind behind her, and turned around to see a magnificent horse come streaking up. "A unicorn!" she exclaimed. "Yes, I finally was able to breed one, though it took many years and all my sorcery," Mintara said proudly. The white animal shook his head and pointed the silver horn on his forehead at Laurel."Be careful, that horn is razor sharp." Mintara cautioned Laurel. "It's all right, Emerion." the sorceress said to the animal as she mounted. Laurel noticed the two delicate wings along the unicorn's sides. "Why don't you just fly instead of ride?" she asked. "That would be smart if we wanted the king's whole army to see us." Mintara said as she urged him into a gallop. "We have to hurry. The dragon trainer is waiting for us."

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Hey We Might Have A Winner!

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The Elven Inkslingers
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Help, Once Again...

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Just answer the questions!
1. do you sing in the shower? Yes I do.
2. Do you have siblings? Yes...four
3. what's your favorite ice cream? chocolate chip cookie doe!
4. Do you write? YES! I'm writing like 3 different ones inf act!
5. Favorite real animal? Horse
6. Favorite magical animal!? Dragon and Unicorn/Pegasus!
7. What color is your hair? Dark brown.
8. Do you like Hot chocolate?
9. How many animals do you have? four, three dogs and a cat.
10. Your favorite sport? Dance...come on you can't argue, dance is just like a sport...only HARDER! LOL

Anyone who wants to do it go ahead!

Boromir vs Faramir

Okay as the title reads it's Boromir vs. Faramir.
Who's better and Why?
Personally I like both but this is your choice.
Who shall it be?

Saturday, December 5, 2009


okay I need something to discuss so if you have time come over.
Let's discuss the LOTR shall we? Just tell me what you want to discuss and I'll be there.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Favorite Book

Hey everyone out there!
I'm just wondering.
What is your favorite book?
If I have read that book I'll start a discussion about it!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Hey I have a book quiz!

Would you rather be...
a. An elf- Arya or Arwen?
b. A dragon-Saphira or Thorn
c. A hobbit-Frodo or Bilbo
d. A human-Roran or Aragorn
c. dwarf-Orik or Gimli

I know which one I'd choose but I'm not going to say!