Monday, December 21, 2009

Part 8 by Taylor

Taylor and her character Mintara.

As they worked their way through the thick underbrush, Cerelda talked with Emerion, who Mintara had lended her power to speak to again, since she remained unconscious. Why are you in such a hurry to get the necklace? Cerelda questioned him. We need to obtain it before Melkor does. he answered. Who is Melkor? she asked him. He is an evil being who was once a very powerful wizard, but he became evil and was cast out of the council. He left and went to a desolate place, where he vowed to take revenge. He continued to study evil magic, until he knew all he could. But his power is not complete until he has Mintara's huge knowledge of magic, which is in her necklace. If he obtains it, he will become the most powerful being on earth, and he will endeavor to destroy every elf on the face of this earth, and he will enslave all other beings. It was his dragon that attacked you and Laurel.

Cerelda pondered this, and then asked, Why did he want to destroy us? Emerion answered and said, He fears you and Laurel, since she is a dragon rider. He senses a great enemy to him in you, and he will either try to get you on his side, or he will destroy you. He also wants Mintara dead. Why? Cerelda asked. Because they studied magic together before he turned evil and she was banished. She was about to follow him in his wickedness, but instead she determined to learn all there was about good magic. They had a great fight, and Mintara turned him in to Simar, the head wizard, who banished him. Melkor swore to seek his revenge on Mintara, and they have been bitter enemies ever since.

Cerelda fluttered over to Laurel and told her all she had learned. Laurel was frightened at first, but then she felt a new sensation deep within her, a desire to fight this evil with all her might. Cerelda was already almost big enough to ride, soon they would really give this Melkor something to worry about.

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