Sunday, June 6, 2010

Part 28 by Tessa

"I can NOT believe I let him drag me into this!" Laurel thought as she wiped sweat off her forehead.  She was struggling more and more at keeping Landlion's sword point from touching her.  "Idiot muscles!  You have to get sluggish now?" she thought as she blocked him again.  Landlion wasn't even sweating and had this big grin on his face and his eyes showed he was laughing.  "Stop laughing at me!" she pleaded as she just barely missed being stabbed in the shoulder.  "How can I stop laughing?  You have this ridiculous face on and your dodging methods are well to say the least, interesting." he said.  "My face is funny?! My face!  Well you..." she said before dropping her sword and rushing at him.  He started running laughing as he looked back.  Laurel sprinted after him.  After a while she saw she had no chance at catching him.  "Hmmm, maybe he'll fall for this childhood trick?" she thought before tripping and falling to the ground.  She clutched her ankle and started moaning.  "Landlion?  Come back!"  she yelled but no Landlion appeared.  Puzzled she stood up and started walking peering into bushes.  Suddenly she was on the ground and Landlion was staring down at her laughing. "What are you doing down there?" 

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That was good Tessa!

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