Monday, December 21, 2009

Part 6 by Taylor

Taylor, and her character, Mintara.
Laurel ran and ran, deeper and deeper into the forest. She soon reached a wide, grassy plain, and dismounted from Lorthim. Cerelda came up behind her, but Goricnal and Mintara were nowhere to be seen. Cerelda felt uneasy, and tried to convince Laurel to turn back. But Laurel, ignoring Cerelda's pleas, rushed on. Cerelda had no choice but to follow her. 

Suddenly, when they were halfway across, a thunderous roar shook the earth. A black dragon, riderless, flew towards them with amazing speed. Laurel screamed in terror and dropped to the ground. Cerelda defiantly faced the dragon and gave her own miniature version of his roar. Laurel saw what the young dragon planned to do, and she tackled her before she could fly to meet the charge. 

The huge dragon shot with terrific speed towards them. Laurel and Cerelda tensed to spring, adrenelin strengthening their minds and bodies. As he drew near, his chest began to swell as he sucked in air, and Laurel and Cerelda knew that they were doomed. When he had almost reached them, he let loose a burning stream of fire. Laurel and Cerelda leaped aside as the fire incinerated the grass where they had been standing. As the dragon pulled out of his nose dive, Cerelda jumped up and slashed his long, soft underside. Although she did her best, her teeth and claws were not big enough to do much more than infuriate the evil dragon. 

Enraged, he flew once again into the air, but this time, he swept down low, skimming the earth. Laurel and Cerelda knew that they did not have a chance of dodging his flames this time, but they had to try. Suddenly, they heard a tremendous neigh. They turned to see Mintara and Emerion coming towards them. Emerion was flying at full speed, his slender wings stretched to their full size. A white light shone from his silver horn, and it grew until it was a pointed shaft, too bright to look at. It shot forth until it struck the wicked dragon squarely in the chest. He gave a wild shriek as he was hurled backward from the impact, tumbling on the ground. 

Screaming with rage, he regained his wings, and homed in on them once again. Just then, Mintara raised her staff, and a stunning white flash blinded the black creature. When his eyes cleared, they were nowhere to be seen. Laurel and Ceralda suddenly appeared by the river they had run from a short while ago. Mintara and Emerion stood next to them. Lightning quick, Mintara stepped forward and grabbed Laurel's arm in an iron grip. "What do you think you are doing?!?" she shouted. Laurel said nothing, only lowered her head to avoid Mintara's piercing gaze. "You and that dragon are my only hope! How could you almost throw it away in a silly tantrum?!?" she stormed. Laurel was a little frightened, for Mintara was beginning to look dangerous. Cerelda felt her master's fear, and she growled warningly at the wizard. Mintara raised her staff as if to strike the young dragon, when she suddenly slumped to the ground, unconscious. Emerion gave a tremulous cry, but was then silent. 

Laurel, Goricnal, and Cerelda rushed to Mintara's fallen form, but all their efforts to revive her were in vain. They were about to panic, when Cerelda heard a soft voice speak to her mind. 'Don't be alarmed', it said. 'She will waken when she is ready.' 'Who are you?' Cerelda asked. 'I am Emerion.' he said. Cerelda looked over to see that he was staring at her. 'The spell she used to save you,' he explained, 'was so strong, that it took all of her strength. She will remain unconscious until she again has sufficient strenght to go on.' Cerelda thanked him and quickly told the others all he had said. "But we must keep going!" Laurel cried. "How can we bring her with us?" Emerion whinnied, and as they watched, he folded his legs under him and half-unfurled his wings. Goricnal was the first to catch onto the meaning of this. "He wants us to lay her on his back!" he said, snapping her fingers. "Those feathers do look like a nice bed." With that, he gathered her tall frame into his arms, surprised at how light she was. He carefully laid her on the unicorn's snowy back. 

He and Laurel mounted their horses and set off into the forest. "What did she mean, when she said that we were her only hope?" Laurel silently asked Cerelda, referring to Mintara's earlier outburst. 'If she aids us in her quest, and proves that she has changed, Raladhea will give her the necklace.' Cerelda explained. Laurel thought about that information as she rode along. With Mintara unconscious, who would lead them to the elves?

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