Saturday, March 26, 2011

Part 60 by Tessa Brooke

              Sleep wasn't possible that night for Laurel.  Too many pictures going through her head---none of them good.  She threw back her blanket and tip toed out of the tent---one of the few remaining because of her.  She had nearly destroyed them all.  She tried to believe that it wasn't her fault but she knew it was.  She couldn't hide behind excuses anymore.  She had to face the harsh reality---she wasn't fit to be alive, let alone be a Dragon Rider.  But she was both and she was determined to not defer from her mission.  She would rid her world of Melkor and his minion Stepheneis and then she would disappear.  No one would miss her---even Landlion would welcome her disappearance.  A smile played at the corner of her mouth.  "Watch out, Laurel is in the game now and you just better be worried."
               The camp was bustling before even the first slivers of light ran through the sky.  Though busy, the forest was silent---almost deathly so.  Kyrian took a deep breath before walking toward Tomas.
"Tomas?"  He didn't move.  She softly said his name again.  He still didn't react.  She walked to his side and peered at his face.  He was staring fixedly at the horizon.
"What are you doing Tomas?"  Kyrian ventured to ask.  Tomas grasped her hand in an iron grip.  Kyrian swallowed back her tears and gave his hand a gentle squeeze.  They remained that way until the sun broke over the mountains.

               "Laurel!  Where is that girl?"  Mintara fumed as she wove through the chaos at an inhuman speed.
"If she causes anymore trouble I swear I'll kill her myself.  I thought her childish tantrums and stupidly stubborn self were bad but now I know---where is this girl?" 
"I'm right here Mintara."  Laurel stepped out from behind a pile of equipment.
"Come here.  I am going to give you instructions and you are going to follow them down to the very last letter.  You do something stupid and it will be the last thing you do.  Do you understand?  Good.  Now, you and Cerelda will stay behind the ranks.  I will have a way of communicating with you, which I will show you in a moment, and you will do exactly, exactly what I say.  We may need to use you as bait to draw out Melkor and Stepheneis but mainly our goal is to keep you alive and let you and Cerelda do the most damage you can where and when it is needed." 
"I get the point, Mintara.  Don't be an idiot and listen to you." 
"Exactly.  Now I am going to have to communicate with you during the battle and there is one way which we can do it.  It's called mind speaking.  It's basically like talking to Cerelda but slightly more complicated.  Here, let me show you."
It doesn't necessarily feel pleasant but this is what we'll have to do.
Laurel jerked her head back.  Mintara's lips hadn't moved yet she heard her voice.  The sensation was more than unpleasant, it was incredibly creepy.  Mintara's voice was definitely not the one she wanted in her head.

"To respond you simply have to think your thought but in order to make sure you don't start speaking in some random person's head you need to take a few precautions.  You have to pull your whole concentration on one thing---me.  It's difficult to act rationally and mind speak but we shouldn't have to worry about that since you never really acted rationally anyway.  Just so long as you can do what I tell you it should be good.  Now you try."
Laurel let another smile play at her lips before concentrating all her being on her image of Mintara.
Um, I think I'm doing it.  Is this how it is supposed to work Mintara?
Mintara nodded.
"Good.  One last thing.  I would prefer it if you leave Melkor to me.  Preferably you would leave Stepheneis too but I know that won't happen.  Just don't get between Melkor and me."
Laurel nodded with no inclination to do any such thing.  Mintara turned and went back to dodging soldiers and piles of equipment.
"Does she really  think I'm going to agree to that?  Ha!  I should think not.  I won't sit back and be her puppy for long."  She muttered under her breath.
"Let the war begin.  I am ready.  Come and find me.  I won't be as easy to ensnare as last time Melkor.  Remember that."  She let out an unnatural laugh and walked away.  It was time for action.


$Taylor$ said...

Wow Tessa! That was great! You definitely have the character of Mintara captured! =D =D =D And yeah, I was thinking to have Melkor and Mintara fight it out too! =D

Tessa Brooke said...

yay. Yeah I kind of though you would. We'll see what happens though. Laurel has something up her sleeve. mwahaha. :D