Friday, January 1, 2010

Part 12 by Taylor

Taylor and her character Mintara.

They continued to follow the stranger through the forest. "Excuse me, but who are you?" Goricnal asked. The elf turned and said, "My name is Landlion. I was sent from the elf city, Locien, to make sure you were coming." Everyone was silent. "How long has she been asleep?" Landlion suddenly asked, looking at Mintara. "For about two days," Laurel said. "Can you wake her up?" Goricnal asked. "Once she gets into the city, she will waken. The power of the elves will give her the strength she needs." Landlion said. "I have heard much of this particular wizard. I would like to speak to her, when she is able."
"Don't count on it," Laurel said, annoyed by his interest in Mintara. "She probably won't speak to you, she considers everyone else below her." Everyone was quiet, until Cerelda heard Emerion speaking, Laurel is right about that, except Mintara would enjoy breaking Landlion's heart. Cerelda nodded in agreement.

"Here we are." Landlion announced. "I don't see anything but trees." Laurel said. Landlion walked forward and put both hands on a giant willow. He spoke a word and suddenly the tree's trunk opened and he motioned for them to follow him in. But the horses couldn't come with. "We have to leave the horses behind." he said. "But what about Mintara?" Kyrian asked. "I guess she'll have to stay here." Landlion said doubtfully. "No, she has the metal for the sword. We can't begin working on the sword until she wakes up and gives us the metal." Laurel cried. "Well, she'll just have to come with us then." Landlion said.

With that, he walked over to Emerion and picked up Mintara, surprised at how light she was. Laurel took the bridles from Lithernac and Lorthim, who galloped off into the forest. "Don't worry, they'll be safe." Kyrian said. They all stepped into the tree trunk.

To Laurel's surprise, the opening continued, and made a dark passageway. Kyrian led the way now. Soon they came out of the tunnel into a beautiful, peaceful forest, not thick and confusing like the one they had just left. Suddenly, they were surrounded by archers! Kyrian stepped aside and talked to the leader quietly for a moment. He spoke a word of command and all the elves lowered their bows. "We have been expecting you. Come." the leader said. Two elves came up and took Mintara from Landlion.

The leader, who's name was Remedur, assured them that she was in good hands. "It will take awhile for her to waken, but we are doing everything we can. In the meantime, we will start on your sword training, Laurel." Laurel nodded and asked, "Who will be my trainer?" "Landlion," Remedur said. "And Kyrian will teach you about the plants that heal you, and the ones that harm you. But first, you must rest."

He called a servant to show Laurel and Goricnal to their rooms. Her training wouldn't start for a few days, or at least until she was completely rested. The next morning, they were summoned to Remedur's house. "Mintara has awakened." he said, once they had arrived. "Though she is her normal polite self, she stills needs to rest. You will all stay here for as long as you need to. But now, it's time to make the sword. Mintara gave me the metal and our forgers will start on it right away." Laurel breathed a sigh of relief. Finally a time of peace.


***Emily*** said...

Ooh! That's really good! I really like the way you portrayed Kyrian.

In Christ,

Elindira Evenstar said...

I'm glad Emily! I'm always hesitant when it comes to writing about other people's characters.