Monday, December 21, 2009

Part one by Tessa

In the shadows of a great forest stood a black-clothed man. He turned his head to the east and gazed at the deer bounding across the plains. His eyes darted upward where an eagle was soaring. He turned his heel and disappeared into the shadows.

Laurel crouched down in the bushes. She had been hunting this herd for a long time. She must not miss. She drew her bow back to shoot when something startled the herd and they all took off. Laurel paused and lowered her bow. A horse burst into the clearing. On its back a rider clad in green and brown sat regal and proud. Laurel crouched lower, not trusting this newcomer. The rider surveyed the clearing before lowering himself from the horse. He bent down and started digging. When he had a good-sized hole he pulled a blue and yellow speckled stone from his pocket and dropped it into the hole. He dumped the dirt back in the hole, then with one last glance around the clearing, he spurred his horse forward. His horse broke into a gallop and only then did Laurel see that his ears were pointed.

Laurel started forward toward where the elf had buried the stone. "There must be something special about the stone for him to go through this much trouble to hide it." observed Laurel. When she had removed the dirt from the stones' hiding place, she reached out to pick up the stone. She weighed it in her hands. "Quite light for its size." thought Laurel She shrugged and put it in her bag.

(later that night at Laurel's house)

"Come here Laurel." said Laurel's father
"Yes Father?" said Laurel
"You're not our child, Laurel. We found you in the outskirts of the forest, and you aren't even human. You're an elf."


Elindira Evenstar said...

So this is where it started.

KENZY said...

interesting..... i really like it!