Sunday, December 6, 2009


Just answer the questions!
1. do you sing in the shower? Yes I do.
2. Do you have siblings? Yes...four
3. what's your favorite ice cream? chocolate chip cookie doe!
4. Do you write? YES! I'm writing like 3 different ones inf act!
5. Favorite real animal? Horse
6. Favorite magical animal!? Dragon and Unicorn/Pegasus!
7. What color is your hair? Dark brown.
8. Do you like Hot chocolate?
9. How many animals do you have? four, three dogs and a cat.
10. Your favorite sport? Dance...come on you can't argue, dance is just like a sport...only HARDER! LOL

Anyone who wants to do it go ahead!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Totally gotta agree about the whole dance is a sport thing!! :) My friends don't understand when I say that I am sore from 3 hours of dance that I had the night before. Maybe they need to come to class with me.... :)

Lovin' the book blog! I am now following it,

Many blessings,