Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Part 10 by Emily

Emily and her character Kyrian

Are we close? Laurel asked Cerelda who flew high above them. I'm not sure rider. All I can see is trees. Cerelda said, voice traced with annoyance, Ask the orange maiden. She'll certainly tell you where we are in the sea of trees. Laurel turned her gaze away from the canopy, Kyrian was walking thirty paces in front of her, some how making a path through the mass of trees.

I wonder if the Dragon Rider can use magic? Kyrian wondered, she stopped,wiping the sweat from her brow. She pushed back her orange hood and called, "O Dragon Rider! Can you use magic?". In the same moment Laurel called, "Orange- err, Kyrian. Can you tell me where we are?" Goricnal let out a low chuckle from behind Laurel, "Could you please talk in order?" he asked. Kyrian turned around, face flushed, to face Laurel, "Can you use magic?" she asked.
"Why of course! I studied for weeks with Ralahadea."
Kyrian let out a sigh of relief. "Was so afraid you would say 'no'. Could you help me clear the way?"

Laurel led Lorthim forward to where Kyrian stood. "You can let go of her, she won't run away." Kyrian pointed out, "the woods are enchanted, that is why I need you to help me clear our way." Laurel dropped Lorthim's reigns and walked a few steps forward. Sure enough Lorthim stayed behind Laurel and did not try to bolt. "What do you want me to say?" Laurel asked Kyrian. Immediately Kyrian started laughing,"You don't have to say anything, all you have to do is use the magic as a shield in front of you, sort of like a wedge." Kyrian laughed even harder when Laurel's cheeks flush cherry red. Kyrian immediately stopped laughing when she saw Laurel's hand grasp the hilt of her sword. "Okay, lets get moving."

The group moved steadily forward, resting from time to time. Mintara remained unconscious the whole time, rarely ever granting Emerion power to speak. They were but a few hours from the city, when a arrow whizzed by Laurel's head, striking a tree behind her. The party was under attack!


Elindira Evenstar said...

Emily, that was great! I loved the ending! Now it's very easy for the next person to write a part.

Tessa said...

oh i love it can you put it's thing in the side or do i have to Taylor?

Tessa said...

Never mind...who put it up?

***Emily*** said...

Thanks Taylor and Tessa!

Merry Christmas!

Tessa said...

I love it! I'm SOOO glad your writing it with us!!!! :)