Important Happenings (Riddles, Poems, Cities, Enemy names,etc.)


Cloud's Riddle For Laurel Chapter Five
When in the doubt seek a man in dark clothes
When in need go the the tree of dreams and speak your name
When in loss go to the court of Lady Hopernal

Cloud's Riddle For Cerelda Chapter Five

When you need a name go to the Path of Dragons and walk alone
When in need of something hot, you will know how to find it.

{Click on the map to enlarge}
Xerob = Capitol city
Reacicnec = Dwarf city
Locien = Elf city
Quesmelda = Elf city
Cale = Elf city
Kalean = Elf city
Daele = Elf city
Gaehald = Human city
Nalhald = Human city
Fallen = Human city
Matteren = Human city
Maenad = Human city
Hale = Human city
Pearson = Human city
Sine = Human city
Peta = Human city
Eros = Human city

 Melkor=Taylor, write something about this character!

 Exron=Stole Mintara's necklace, died in 29th chapter.

 Son and Daughter of Exron= They are twins, who are even more evil than their father before them. They will stop at nothing to prevent the Dragon Riders from reinstating power. They too desire Mintara's necklace, which if they possess it they will unleash terrible evil.

Aelysha, is Exron's daughter. She is tall, and has long black hair, and her eyes are violet in color. She died  in Chapter 54.
 Stepheneis, is Exron's son. He too is tall, his hair is black and cropped short, and his eyes are black in color. Aelysha calls him Steve.

Kyrian= Keer-unh
Aelysha= Al-ee-sha
Tomas= Thomas
Stepheneis= Stef-van-is
Landlion= Land-lee-on