Character bios

Laurel's Bio:

  Laurel is a red headed elf girl who only just found out she's and elf. Her weapons are the bow and the sword and she is a fighter to be afraid of. She wears a green skirt and a bronze top. She has a locket with a note from her real mother, which she keeps hidden. She'll do anything for her friends and her dragon. She can't stand unjustness and although she doesn't know it, she will be the Unknown Heroine.

Cerelda's Bio:
  Cerelda is a bronze dragon. She is a companion to Laurel. Little does she know, but she is a very important dragon. Her egg was hidden so it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands. An elf named Moriclor stole it because he knew it would hatch soon. He also knew that the rider for this dragon would came from the town Laurel lived in. Cerelda is witty and can be very stubborn if she wants to. Never get between Cerelda and Laurel for you will be no more if you do.

Mintara's Bio:
  Mintara is a wizard helping Laurel and Cerelda in their quest. She dresses all in white and has white hair, though she only looks a little older than Laurel. She is rather sarcastic, and she has a condescending attitude toward everyone but Raladhea. She uses her staff as her weapon; the light that radiates from it is lethal to her enemies, but she is also skilled at the bow. She was once very powerful, but her power was taken away from her because she misused it. Raladhea is keeping it until Mintara has proved that she will use it wisely. Her only source of companionship and love is her unicorn, Emerion. They are like one, if they are separated, both are weak. Mintara does not care about the fate of any of her companions, she only wants the necklace that holds her power. If she helps Laurel and Cerelda, Raladhea will give her the necklace.

Emerion's Bio:
  Emerion is a mysterious and mystical creature, bound in spirit to Mintara. Emerion was once a powerful wizard as Mintara, but he was dying, and Mintara transferred him into a unicorn's body. He cannot speak to others, but Mintara can lend him her power to communicate, which she did when she was unconscious. They can communicate with each other in thought. They can trade and borrow skills from each other, since they are one in spirit. He is a gentle creature, almost human. Mintara does not hate the Elves like she does Men and Dwarves, but she is not attached to them.

Kyrian's Bio:

 Kyrian(pronounced Keer-uhn) brown haired, bright blue eyed, human girl. Her family has lived with the elves for a few millennium, so she has some elven blood in her. Kyrian is a smart girl, who can used magic. Her magic isn't as strong as Laurel's, and no where near what Mintara's was, put it comes in handy. She loves to wear bright colors, most often she wears a bright orange cloak with dark colored clothes. Kyrian can use the bow and swords, but she is best with the bow. She owns an Elven bred horse named Rhovanion, who is a spirited mare.

Tomas's Bio:
  Tomas(pronounced like Thomas) is a sandy blonde haired, green eyed, human boy. He lived on the outskirts of Gaehald for most of his life, as a farmer's son. Tomas is strong from his years on the farm, and a good shot with the bow from hunting. He is in love with Kyrian. Tomas owns a horse named Adan. Adan isn't Elven bred like Rhovanion and Meldarion, but he is a strong breed of horse, and has good staminia.