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Part 63 by Taylor

Landlion, Laurel, Cerelda, Kyrian, Tomas, Goricnal, Emerion, and Mintara met in a little group next to the treeline on the plain below. After much hugging and much crying, they listened to each other's stories about the battle. Everyone, including Mintara and Laurel, were amazed with the story of Melkor's defeat.

Out of the trees stepped a delicate doe with large, liquid eyes. She daintily approached Mintara and Emerion. A shaggy grizzly bear appeared through the trees next, lumbering toward them. Various other creatures also came. A panther, moose, horse, wild boar, and several others were present. All gathered in a semi-circle in front of Emerion and Mintara. A large eagle descended from the sky into the center of the circle. As soon as he touched the ground, the animals were transformed into their true forms. The delicate doe turned into Escathyst. The grizzly bear was changed into the gruff Jothlar. And the eagle was transfigured into Simar, Head Wizard. All were solemn, except for Escathyst, who couldn't contain her joy, and smiled beautifully at her sister, Mintara.

Simar stepped forward. Mintara's white clothing was dull compared to the other wizards' shining garments. "Mintara, you have proved yourself worthy of your power. Your crimes against this council have been erased. So, we bestow upon you your necklace, and your seat on the council." Tears welled up in Kyrian's eyes as Mintara stepped forward and accepted her necklace with trembling hands. She buckled it around her neck and a white flash lit up the area, temporarily blinding everyone. When they would see again, Mintara radiated the same glow of power as the others. Escathyst hugged her tightly, smiling through tears of joy.

Simar turned to Emerion. "You, my good friend, have been faithful and true in all that you have done. Without you, this order would have perished. Therefore, you have my thanks." Emerion dipped his head in acknowledgement. All the wizard's held out their staffs and touched the tips. Simar joined his and a blast of energy knocked the mortals off their feet. The intense light caused them to turn their faces to the ground with their hands covering the gaps. Just as suddenly as the light had appeared, it vanished. When they looked up, they saw a tall, black-haired young man with indigo eyes standing there. Mintara's dark eyes filled with tears and she threw herself at him, unashamedly bawling. "Emerion, in reward for your great loyalty, I give you the title of Dar Kimal, second-in-command and Chief of Terulan," Simar said, a great smile spreading across his face as well as every one else watching.

Emerion disentangled himself from Mintara and shook the wizard's hand. Escathyst stepped forward with a tall, black staff with strange white, glowing designs on it. A smile formed across the handsome young wizard's face as he accepted his staff. A strange sound drew their gazes to Mintara's staff. Blazing black patterns identical to the white ones on Emerion's staff formed on Mintara's white one. "You are officially joined in the presence of this council," Simar proclaimed. Emerion and Mintara hugged tightly, then separated. Wizards weren't known for displaying emotion, with the exception of Escathyst.

Emerion and Mintara stepped into the circle, making it complete with Emerion by Simar's side. Simar muttered something, meant only for the ears of the wizards. Laurel turned to Landlion and hugged him tightly, almost knocking him down. Kyrian glanced at Tomas and saw that his eyes were wet as well. Goricnal tried to look impassive, but anyone could see the happiness in his eyes. Cerelda stood on her hind legs and flapped her wings in joy. The soldiers were talking excitedly among themselves, not sure what had just happened, but knowing that it was something important.

Finally, the wizards separated. Simar nodded at Emerion and Mintara and they turned from the others and walked towards Laurel, Kyrian, Landlion, Tomas, Cerelda and Goricnal, who were all standing in a line. The other wizards looked on.

Emerion looked from face to face of the people he had been with for so long. He saw amazement registered in some, disbelief in others, and complete joy in most. He smiled as he turned to Mintara's adoring gaze of delight on him. He squeezed her shoulders slightly, then they stood in front of the others. "Goricnal, for your steadfast service, I award you this medal," Emerion said, pointing the tip of his staff at Goricnal's chest. A medal appeared there, and the dwarf touched it in wonder. "You are a leader. Go back to your people, Goricnal. Lead them in the straight way." Goricnal accepted with an inclination of his head.

"Cerelda, you are a special dragon in more ways than one. You, I charge with taking care of Laurel. She will need your protection and your wisdom in the days ahead." He winked at her, and she gave him a small, toothy grin before also bending her head.

"Laurel, your destiny is great in Terulan. I would make you queen, but your restless spirit would not be contented. Besides, deep down, I think you have realized that you do not have the heart of a leader." Laurel nodded slightly, happy tears welling up in her eyes. "Therefore, I shall make you the Head Protector of Terulan. You will command the armies, and go on many adventures." He smiled at her excited expression as she almost forgot to duck her head in acceptance.

"Landlion. You have endured much. You cast in your lot with these people, giving unreservedly. You've been strong, even through great hardships." He gestured to Landlion's crippled leg. "I give you the great responsibility of watching out for Laurel," Emerion said, his eyes twinkling a bit. "You will help her take care of the threats to Amara, and also go on many adventures. Someone will have to lead when Laurel gets an urge to wander." Landlion bowed his head, but inwardly thought that Emerion could not possibly know how handicapped he was. He felt a nudge from Laurel and peeked to see her staring in shock at his deformed leg. He looked down and saw that his leg was completely healed! Not even a scar remained! He flexed it and tears sprang to his eyes when no pain accompanied the movement. He glanced up to see Emerion and Mintara smiling at him. Landlion was too choked up for words, so he just dipped his head.

"Tomas. You're faithfulness, passion, and courage were key elements on this quest. You will receive much, but only after I have spoken to Kyrian." He moved to the elf girl, who looked up at him with eyes tinged with sadness. "Why Kyrian, are you mournful?"
"As soon as the ceremony, I will have to leave," she said, her voice catching a little. Emerion and Mintara smiled. "Kyrian, the fact is, you are needed too much here," Mintara said. "So, Father has made a extremely rare exception."
"Kyrian, you are to stay," Emerion finished. Kyrian looked from one to the other. "Stay?' she echoed. She had spent so much time resigning herself to the fact that she would have to leave. She turned to Tomas and saw her shock mirrored on his scarred face. "So wait, Kyrian can stay?" he asked. "Yes, Tomas," Emerion reassured him. "You hear that Kyrian?!" He grabbed her arms and pulled her in for a kiss. Joy coursed through them, making both feel somewhat giddy.

Kyrian opened her eyes and drew back. "Tomas!" she shrieked. "You're healed!" Tomas raised his hands to his face and felt the smooth skin where the scars had formerly been. He ran his fingers through his hair, now full and thick again where before, patches had been singed and burned away. He rolled up his sleeves and saw that no angry red marks remained. He hugged Kyrian fiercely again, tears rolling down his cheeks. "Kyrian, will you marry me?"
Kyrian held his face in her hands. "Silly boy," she said, imitating Mintara. "Of course I'll marry you!"

"Kyrian, Tomas, I hereby appoint you as king and queen of Terulan," Emerion said. Kyrian and Tomas's mouths dropped open as they stared in disbelief at the wizard. "But, we-we didn't defeat Stepheneis or Melkor or anyone like that in the war," Tomas stammered. "Laurel and Landlion should be queen and king."
"Tomas. Can you really imagine Laurel and Landlion being happy in such a role?"
Tomas looked over and saw Laurel standing next to Cerelda and Landlion. "You're right, they would be miserable. But do you think Kyrian and I can handle it?"
Emerion laid his hand on Tomas's shoulder. "Tomas, I sincerely believe that you and Kyrian can handle anything you put your minds to. And I know that Laurel and Landlion will do a splendid job of keeping Terulan safe."

They all stood before the two wizards, beaming smiles. Simar coughed. "It's time for us to go," Emerion announced. "Go?" Kyrian sputtered. "You're leaving?"
"We'll always be around," Mintara winked. Kyrian was surprised when the tall wizard embraced her tightly. "Thanks for putting up with me," Mintara whispered in her ear before straightening back up. Emerion shook hands with everyone else while Mintara also hugged Laurel briefly. "Try not to get into trouble," she said. Laurel grinned; Mintara was still the same slightly-snappy wizard.

Mintara and Emerion went back to the circle. Simar transformed back into an eagle and winged into the sky. The rest of the council also transformed back to their earthly forms and scattered. Emerion and Mintara turned into tall wolves, Emerion black and Mintara white. The black wolf lifted his head and howled, the white wolf harmonizing. Then they darted away into the forest. Laurel, Kyrian, Landlion and Tomas all stared at each other before laughing and embracing.

                                                                                  ~One Year Later~

"Tomas!" Kyrian called. When she received no answer, she sighed in frustration. She left the room, walking a bit slowly because of her extended stomach. "Little fella, you need to come out," she muttered, rubbing her hand over the bulge. The baby inside of her kicked, and Kyrian smiled.

Just then, Tomas rounded a corner, looking dashing in his royal garb. "Kyrian!" he exclaimed in disapproval, rushing to her side. "You're supposed to be lying down for a nap."
"Tomas, I can't lie down all the time!" Kyrian protested, pushing him away. "Besides, Landlion and Laurel are going to be here any minute! That's why I was looking for you. Come on!" She grabbed his hand and they made their way down the corridor of the magnificent castle.

They slowly made their way to a large, lushly green courtyard with fountains and sculpted plant figures. Tomas held his pregnant wife's elbow and guided her to a marble bench. "Kyrian, why do you like to worry me so?" he asked with a shake of his blond head. Kyrian smiled sweetly at him, then pointed behind him. "Here they come!" She jumped up and waved as the two dragons circled and landed.

Laurel jumped down from Cerelda's back and ran to hug Kyrian. Landlion slid down from his own rich brown dragon, Sheth, and shook Tomas's hand. The girls chattered excitedly as they walked. The south end of the courtyard opened up into a wide field edged in forest. "Landlion, I trust you've been well?" Tomas inquired as they followed the women. Landlion grinned at him. "Better than that. Ever since Laurel and I were married, life has been perfect."
"I see that you've added a few touches," Tomas teased, motioning to Landlion's dark beard. Landlion laughed and pushed his hand away.
"No children on the way?" Tomas hinted.
"Now Tomas, can you imagine Laurel settling down enough to be a mother?" Landlion laughed. Tomas joined him at the thought of wild, headstrong Laurel changing diapers.
"I have a feeling that she will want a child someday," Tomas confided.
"How do you know that?" Landlion asked.
"Just a feeling."

The two women came back, Laurel still ooohhhhing over Kyrian's large stomach. Tomas hugged Laurel while Kyrian awkwardly embraced Landlion, her stomach holding them apart. "We were just talking about children," Tomas informed them, a twinkle in his eye as he looked at his beautiful, pregnant wife. "Speaking of which," Laurel said with a mischievous grin. "Landlion, I have something to tell you."

At the edge of the woods, standing tall in the waving grass, two wolves stood watching the lifelong friends laugh and embrace. The black one with indigo eyes raised his head and howled, the white one joining in. They touched noses, then turned and raced back into the forest.

The End

I hope you guys like it! Sorry it took so long! If you don't like the ending, then tell meeeeee! I loved writing this story with y'all!! Thanks so much for inviting me to participate! =')

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