Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Part 54 by Emily

Aelysha sat in a cold dank cell. It's funny how fate turns. she thought bitterly. At least I killed one of their rebel scum. There was a movement in the cell beside her, King Ire. He belongs with the scum. She wanted so much to zap herself out of here, out of her misery, but Mintara secured her with magical bonds so she couldn't. the door to her cell grated open, she didn't look up to see who it was. "Hello Aelysha." came a familiar feminine voice, full of bitterness. She looked up, No! she screamed in her mind, This isn't possible! I watched her die with my own eyes. I saw her body lie limp, dead on the ground. I cut her head off on the chopping block after I gave the order for her to be shot. Why is she here in front of me? As much as she tried to she couldn't help but show an expression of shock on her face.
  "Such a twist of fate, huh Aelysha?" she asked as she swung an arrow around. Aelysha grimaced and said,"Not so much, you filthy scrap!" Kyrian shrugged the insult off like it was a fly on her shoulder. She grabbed the bow from her back. "You might call this revenge, Aelysha. But I call it-"
 "Justice." said Tomas stepping out from behind her. Held a bottle in his hand, full of the poison to kill Aelysha. Kyrian smiled a loving smile at him, and unscrewed the lid of the poison as he held it.

 "Any last words Aelysha?" she asked as she began to dip the arrow. Aelysha thought quickly, "Tomas!" she screeched, "Why are you helping her kill me? She's the enemy! Dump the poison on her!" Every word out of her mouth she looked and sounded more and more like Kyrian. "Please my love! I beg of you!" She began to weep. Tomas's face twisted into a look of confusion.
 "But, Kyrian." he looked from one version to the other.
"She's the witch! She pretended to have me die so she could change into me and steal all the plans we have." And in Tomas's mind the real Kyrian was turning into Aelysha. He took a step towards Aelysha, "Is this true?" he asked.
 "Yes, yes, every word! Now shoot her before she kills us both." Aelysha begged. Kyrian quickly submerged the arrow in the amber liquid, and took it out. Tomas rushed to Aelysha, dropping the flask in the process. "Why would she do this?" he asked, Aelysha, now Kyrian.
 "Because she wants to rule the world and separate our love." Aelysha told him, "Now come loose my bonds so I can be free." Tomas moved to cut her bonds.
  "No!" the real Kyrian screamed. She fit the arrow in the bow, and began to loose it. Tomas moved closer to Aelysha. "Kyrian, will you marry me?" he asked kneeling to the ground. But his Kyrian had no way to answer, for an arrow was sticking out of her neck.
 "Yes, Tomas, I will marry you." the real Kyrian whispered. In that instant all of Aelysha's tricks and sorcery were washed away. And Tomas found himself staring at the now dead Aelysha. Then she started to dissolve into nothing. Tomas scrambled back, a new form was filling the void she left.
 A whinnying unicorn solidified. "Emerion." Kyrian breathed. Tomas quickly scrambled to his feet, "It worked!" Tomas and Kyrian ran up the stairs and into the daylight, Emerion following close behind. "You did it!" Laurel shouted as she leaped up from beside the large tree. "I knew it would work." Landlion said as he wheeled his way over in a wheel chair. The unicorn stood in the sunlight for a moment, then broke into a canter towards the army camp. "Well there he goes, back to Mintara." Tomas said, then he pulled Kyrian over, away from the group. "Did you really mean it when you said you'd marry me?" Kyrian gulped, then looked up into his green eyes. "Yes, I meant it."

*Sorry that this was such a short post. I promise I'll write more next time.

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That was really good!! =D I was reading along, of course, and saw your little notes, but when I tried to write my own little note on the post, it wouldn't save. =( That's why I started emailing. =)