Saturday, September 11, 2010

Part 51 by Emily

 "Tomas!" Kyrian yelled as she ran to his fallen figure. She quickly dropped to the ground beside him and lifted up his head. "Wake up my dear." She whispered. His eyelids started to flutter, they soon opened. "I-" he started, "Am I dead?" he asked Kyrian.
 "No you silly goose! And neither am I!" she exclaimed. Tomas pulled himself up to a sitting position."But I heard you die. How- how'd you live?" his voice got choked up with emotion.
 "Shh." she said, "Dwell on it no more. After all I didn't come all this way for people to moan about how I'm dead!" Kyrian grinned then stood up. "What's the first order of business?" she asked.
  "You should probably go and see your parents." Mintara said, "They're in mourning for you right now."

 With Mintara's words Kyrian took off to her house. She sped down the path as fast as she could. With out stopping she flung herself through the open door and into the house. "Mom! Dad!" she yelled, "Where are you!" She heard sobs coming from her parent's bed room. "It's almost like she's here again." her mother said, "Why did she have to be taken away so soon? Poor Tomas, he wanted to marry her so much." Then she broke into sobs again, "He should really be here now." she whispered.
 "There, there, Rachele." her father comforted,"Everything will be okay." There was a sorrow in his voice that Kyrian had never heard before.
 "Mom! Dad! I'm alive!" she yelled as she ran in. Her mother screamed, "Be gone from here you specter!" then she fell onto her pillow, the sobs racking her body. Her father stared at her wide eyed, unable to speak. "But it is me." she said softly as she sat at the edge of the bed,"I'm alive. Can't you see?" Her mother screamed again,"Ven get rid of it!"
 "Is it you Kyrian? Is it really you?" he asked, with his blue eyes full of tears.
 "Yes, daddy, it's really me." She gave him a hug,"I'm alive."

  His eyes lit up,"Rachele! It's really Kyrian! She's really alive!" he yelled as he shook his wife. "Stop it Ven! You're hallucinating." she returned coldly. "But mother," Kyrian said softly,"it really is me." she stoked her mother's long brown hair. Her mother refused to look at her, "Send it away Ven." she croaked hoarsly. Her father looked at her with eyes full of compassion, "I think you should go away for a little while. Your mother can't handle much of anything right now." Kyrian hugged her father then left her home. She sat out by the big oak tree and cried. Her own mother wouldn't even speak to her, even though she came back to life. She heard footsteps coming her way but didn't even bother to look up to see who it was. The person sat down beside her, "What's wrong Kyrian?" Tomas asked.
 "My mom still thinks I'm dead." she said as she looked up at his green eyes. He sighed,"Oh."
  "I heard while I was in there something interesting though." she told him.
  "What is that?"
 "That you're aiming to marry me." Tomas blushed, and smiled at her. "I was trying to keep that a surprise." he told her, "Would you want to marry me?" he asked.
 "Yes!" Kyrian squealed with joy. Tomas's eyes sparkled in delight. Then she remembered what Simar told her, her face fell. "What's wrong?"
 "I can't." she said as she turned away. She couldn't bear to see his face when she told him. "I'm only allowed to stay here until the war is over. Then I must go back to-" she almost said Royal City, but she knew Tomas wouldn't understand,"the land of the dead." she finished. An awkward silence consumed the space, "You can't?" Tomas finally croaked.

  "I can't." she sobbed, "It was my deal. I wasn't supposed to die then, it was evil that interfered and messed up the plan. And now I live here to finish my part in the plan, and then when it's done I die and go back to the City and-" Tomas grabbed her face and made her look at him, "Until then, we can be married." he said.
 "But I'm so young Tomas. I don't think it would be a good idea." she tried to pull her face out of his grip, but he was to strong for her.
   "Please." he said, Kyrian saw a longing in his eyes.
 "I'm sorry Tomas." a tear dripped down her face.
  "Then let me do this." he said as he leaned in towards her.
 "Tomas no." Kyrian whispered. But it didn't stop him from kissing her.

  "Oh my." Came Laurel's voice. Kyrian and Tomas pulled apart, they both blushed. "It-um-" stuttered Tomas, "I better be going now." he said. He jumped up and jogged away.
 "What was that about?" Laurel asked. Kyrian brushed a strand of hair away from her face.
  "Tomas asked me to marry him." she said sadly. Laurel grew excited, "What'd you say?" she asked.
 "No." tears came pouring out of Kyrian's eyes.
 "When the war is over, I have to die again." Kyrian explained, "I didn't think it would be a good idea." Laurel grew still, "You have to die?"
  "It was agreed that I would go back to the City at the end of the war. I have a feeling I would have died then any way." Laurel gave Kyrian a long hug.
 "It's okay Kyrian. You'll be fine." she said.

 Tomas burst into the hut he and Landlion shared. "What's wrong Tomas?" Landlion asked from his chair.
  "She said no." he threw himself into the other chair and started to peel an apple.
  "I asked her to marry me and she said 'no'." He attacked his apple angrily with his knife.
 "Why did she say no?"
  "She said that at the end of the war she has to die, again." his voice started to choke up. Landlion looked at him full of wonder. "She has to die again?" Tomas didn't respond to Landlion.
  "Well why don't you ask her again?" Landlion asked,"Maybe at a different time she'll say yes. You have to pursue her." Tomas now stared at his friend in wonder. "Do you really think she'll say yes?"
 "Maybe."  Tomas leapt out of his chair and went to the door. "Where are you going?" Landlion called after him.
 "To asked her again!" Tomas called back.


Tessa Brooke said...

Oh my goodness I'm going to cry! And you expect me to write after that! :'l

Emily Ann said...

Sorry, but you can do it Tessa! The fate of the world depends upon you, and your writing! -cool music plays and a picture of Tessa saving the world shows up on the screen-

I'm sorry my post was so emotional it just sorta had to be to follow both of Taylor's.

In Christ,

$Taylor$ said...

Hey now, don't blame it on me! lol =D