Saturday, September 11, 2010

Part 50 by Taylor

Mintara and Tomas went back and picked up Landlion, slowly making their way back to the army. Landlion was severely depressed about his limited mobility, but he no longer seemed suicidal. Tomas was walking around in a fog, he couldn't feel anything, nor did he care to. He felt almost as if he had killed Kyrian. "I should have stopped her, I should have stopped her, I should have...." the words kept repeating themselves in his head. He had known that she and Laurel were up to something sneaky, he knew Kyrian too well to miss it. Or, should he say, he had known her well enough. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes again, and he blinked them back with an effort.

Kyrian felt as if she were floating. She had heard the command, had seen the archers release their arrows, and her vision had blacked out. I must be dead, she realized suddenly. The concept at first terrorized her. Everything around her was white. She could barely discern something ahead of her. It soon revealed itself as a spectacular golden city. She seemed to be floating toward it. It looked vaguely familiar, but she couldn't quite place it. Besides, there were much more fascinating things to occupy her mind. She saw people clad in beautiful flowing garments walking the streets below. She continued on to a higher place.

She could see another section of the city, but it seemed much more grand and spectacular. This section was smaller, but even more beautifully made and designed. She floated down until she touched the street directly in front of a magnificent house with huge, arching doorways and pillars.

A lovely young woman clothed in purple walked out of one of the side arches, intent on a sheaf of letters in her hand. She glanced up suddenly and saw Kyrian standing there awkwardly. "Kyrian?!" she exclaimed in disbelief. "Um, yes?" Kyrian said uncertainly. "What are you doing here?!" the young woman seemed shocked at her presence. "Um, I don't really know," Kyrian began. "I think I died." She felt ridiculous saying it.

The young woman continued to look shocked, then suddenly grabbed Kyrian by the hand and marched up the long hallway of the palace. She threaded her way through several passageway, Kyrian in tow. Finally, they reached a large, open room with tall, arched ceilings. "Father!" the young woman called. A tall, handsome man quickly walked up to them. There was certainly nothing about his features that made him look old, he was about middle-aged, but there was an oldness about him that Kyrian couldn't identify. "Escathyst! Who is this?" he questioned, looking at Kyrian.

Suddenly, it all came rushing back to Kyrian. She had seen this lovely young woman before in the dream about Mintara and Emerion. She was Mintara's sister! She had called the man "Father". This must be Simar, the Chief Wizard. "This is Kyrian!" Escathyst said, glaring at the man accusingly. "Kyrian? What is she doing here?" he exclaimed. "That's what I was wondering!" Escathyst said, placing her hands on her hips. "Young lady, why don't you come over here and tell me how you got here?" Simar said calmly, ignoring Escathyst's sassy behavior.

"Hmmmm, that wasn't supposed to happen." Simar stroked his beard thoughtfully after Kyrian finished telling him her story. "Did I do something wrong?" Kyrian asked anxiously. "No no, sweetie," Escathyst comforted. "It was just a mistake. You weren't supposed to die yet. You're still needed down there."
"What's going to happen to me?" Kyrian asked. "That is being decided," Escathyst said, pointedly looking at her father. "What my daughter means is that I am deciding whether or not to send you back," Simar said. "But few who come to the Royal City ever want to return to their old lives. Also, this is only temporary. The only reason I am giving you the option to go back is because you must serve an important part in the fate of the world. When you have served your purpose, and the war is over, you will return to the Royal City. In the history of the Council of Wizards, only five have had the option of returning to their world. All of them declined. It is a very serious decision."

Kyrian suddenly found that she didn't want to leave. The whole atmosphere of the golden city was beautiful. She was sure she could lead a wonderful life here, without the rigors and pain of life on earth. But she loved her friends back home too. She struggled with her decision for several moments. Escathyst and Simar knew what she was going through. "Take your time, dear," Escathyst said, smiling.

Kyrian suddenly thought of Tomas. Her choice was made in that instant. She would rather endure the hardships of life and be able to spend a little more time with Tomas back home then spend many years waiting for him in the Royal City. "I will go back," she announced in a clear voice. "I knew you would!" Escathyst exclaimed joyfully. "Very well then," Simar smiled. With a wave of his hand, Kyrian's world faded to black.

She again experienced the floating sensation. She was dropping towards a forest. She landed lightly in a small clearing. Glancing around, she saw the army through the trees. Her eyes widened and she ran towards it with a huge smile. Did she ever have a story to tell!

Tomas, Laurel, Mintara, and Landlion were sitting in another place specially designated for the leaders of the army. Mintara was trying to hold their attention with battle plans, but no one really cared at the moment. Landlion was dejected about his leg and how he would never walk normally again. He didn't think that leading an army was a possibility anymore, but everyone insisted that they needed him, and he could ride a horse, not that he wanted to. Tomas was still so grieved over Kyrian's death; his dull eyes didn't focus on anything. Laurel couldn't rid herself of the guilt that gripped her soul over leaving Kyrian and Landlion behind. She felt she should have done something. The only slightly active one was Goricnal, who was trying to hide his sadness.

Mintara sat down with a sigh. "You guys haven't heard a word that I've said, have you?" she asked tiredly. A couple of heads shook. "You guys really ought to pay attention when someone talks to you." Kyrian stepped into the clearing. Mouths dropped open as they stared in shock at her. "Kyrian!" Laurel was the first one to recover. She ran up and hugged Kyrian so tight she couldn't breathe.

When Laurel finally released her, Kyrian turned to face the others. Landlion was smiling broadly, though he couldn't get up to greet her because of the cumbersome bandage on his leg. Goricnal came up and offered his hand. Kyrian dropped down and gave him a bear hug, which flustered the little man, who pushed away. Mintara was looking at her with a little smile and a look of disbelief. Kyrian made a mental note to talk to her later. Then Kyrian looked at Tomas. After he had seen Kyrian, he promptly fainted.


Emily Ann said...

Awww. A happy ending! Or should I say middle?

Can I write the next part? Please say yes!!


P.S. I'm not going to even wait for an answer. I'm going to start writing now. =D =D

$Taylor$ said...

No, I'm sorry, you can't write the next part. lol =D

Emily Ann said...

Wait! What?!? I've already started! I'm almost done! How could you do this to me?

Well then, I'll be going now and taking my post with me. Humph! JK.
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$Taylor$ said...

But of course! =D And I left you a little note in your post. =D