Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Part 46 by Tessa

"You expect me to die my hair that color? That's hideous!" Laurel said disbelievingly.
"Um, yes." Kyrian said looking down at the bowl of dye in her hands.
"Fine, let's get this over with." she sighed before sitting down. "I just hope it washes out."
"Well, Mintara's orders are well, Mintara's orders. It might help us with you know what." Kyrian implied.
"You just might be right." Laurel said turning around to reveal a big Cheshire grin on her face.
"Turn around and sit still you goof!" Kyrian said stifling her laughter. She grabbed the bowl and started transforming Laurel from a red-head to a nasty brown.
"Cerelda is never going to let me live this down!" Laurel thought giggling to herself and upsetting Kyrian who dropped the bowl directly on the middle of her head. Kyrian took one look at Laurel with the bowl on her head and dye running down her face and started rolling on the floor laughing.

"What's so funny?" Mintara asked as she walked into the tent. In one glance she sized up the situation. With a straight face she said "Oh, well you look wonderful Laurel. Just the look we were going for." Before letting a smile tug at her lips. "Hurry up and clean this mess up before meeting me in my tent." she said leaving Laurel and Kyrian staring after her.

Laurel and Kyrian finally finished cleaning up the dye mess and now were waiting for Mintara to finish talking to Tomas. When Tomas came out he smiled at Kyrian before saying, "Oh, you have to talk to Mintara too? Well, good luck. After the news she just got she, well we'll just say she isn't in the best mood."
Mintara was looking at a map of the land surrounding Xerob. "I believe you have something to tell us Mintara?" Laurel questioned.
"Yes, I do and you aren't going to like it Laurel. I'm moving you two and a few others to the trading port of Sine. Now before you object as I see you are about to do let me finish." she said raising her hand in a motion which generally meant shut your mouth and sit down.
"After we kidnapped the king I got word from one of our spies in the city. She told me that they already have a new ruler. King Stepheneis and Queen Aelysha. I'm getting the idea that they are getting orders from someone bigger than themselves. Can you guess who that could be? Melkor." she said before giving them a chance to guess.
"He knows that he needs to get rid of you first then he can deal with the rest of us. So to put you out of the danger zone which you find yourself in more and more frequently, I have decided to send you to Sine."
"Okay."  Laurel said calmly.  "Can I go now?"
"Yes, go ahead."  Laurel and Kyrian walked out talking.
"They're up to something.  I know it."

I'm not sure which city they're ruling...if you gotta change it go ahead...


Emily Ann said...

Thank you! Thank you! A billion times thank you! (I sound a little too enthusiactic) But any way I'm glad to get the store rolling again! And if we hurry and finish we could be done within a year of starting.

In Christ,

$Taylor$ said...

Tessa, it would be easier to write if I knew what Laurel and Kyrian were planning to do. =D