Friday, July 30, 2010

Part 44 by Taylor.

Laurel silently crept toward the gates, slinking in the shadows. So far, it seemed to be going pretty well. Reaching the hard metal gates, she saw Kyrian, Tomas, and Landlion on the other side. Laurel searched for the lever that would raise the gates. Finally finding it, she pulled on the crank with all her might. The gate rose with a loud screech, making everyone cringe. Laurel immediately released the lever.

The gate had risen enough to let the others wiggle under. Kyrian went first, sliding under with no difficulty, and Tomas also had no trouble, being rather thin. But Landlion had a hard time squeezing through, not that he was fat, but he was more robust than Tomas. Laurel would have considered this a good thing at any other time, but now, she sighed and rolled her eyes. Grabbing the gate, she pulled upward a little, allowing Landlion to work his way under. "Um, sorry," he said bashfully, standing up. "Nice," was Laurel's comment. "Come on guys!" Tomas whispered from across the square. Laurel and Landlion ducked down and ran awkwardly across the open space.

"All right," Kyrian whispered. "Tomas and I will go up to the king's chamber. Laurel and Landlion need to stay here and keep watch and take care of anyone who finds out." Laurel and Landlion groaned, but Kyrian was boss of this mission; Mintara had made that very clear. With some grumbling, Laurel and Landlion took their positions in the shadows opposite the gate. "Come on." Kyrian motioned for Tomas to follow her, and they ran silently up the stone steps into the castle.

They managed to avoid guards and sentries as they made their way along. When they reached the king's chamber, Tomas silently drew his sword. "Remember the plan," he whispered. Kyrian nodded solemnly, and fitted a smooth arrow to her bow. Tomas tried the door and found it unlocked. As it opened, it let out a horrific loud screech. Kyrian gasped and shut the door quickly, barring it behind them. "That was simple," Tomas commented. "Yeah, almost a little too simple," Kyrian answered warily.

King Ire was still sleeping soundly, even through the terrible sound. Tomas quickly strode over and shook the sleeping man roughly. "Time to wake up, your highness," he hissed. "Hmmm, oh, what?" In a flash, the king took in the entire scene. "What do you want?" he cried, sitting up. Tomas didn't answer, just grabbed him by the back of the collar and dragged him out of the bed. Kyrian peered out the windows, no sign of activity. Tomas shackled the king's hands behind him. "Is that really necessary?" Kyrian asked timidly. King Ire seemed harmless enough, in fact, almost docile. "We can't take any chances," Tomas answered firmly.

He pushed the king up against the wall and said, "All we want to know is where Aelysha is."
"Who?" the king said innocently. Tomas sighed and nodded at Kyrian, who raised her bow and let loose an arrow in one, fluid motion. It quivered in the wall inches from the king's face, but Tomas's hand kept him still. "She's here! In the castle!" the king hollered. Tomas clapped a hand over his mouth, but it was too late. Kyrian heard the shuffle of feet outside the barred door. "Tomas!" she cried in fear. Tomas quickly ripped a piece off of his sleeve and gagged the king, lest he cause any more mischief. Kyrian threw the window open and made a complicated set of loud clicking noises. A blast of air and a rush of wings greeted her. The young dragon perched on the ledge outside the window, and Tomas all but threw King Ire out. Cerelda grabbed him in her talons and flew silently away, the bound king struggling fiercely, his voice muffled through the gag.

"Let's go!" Tomas produced a length of rope and tied it to a large metal statue. He helped Kyrian down first, then quickly followed after. He could hear the guards trying to break down the heavy wooden door.

They ran as fast as they could down to the square. Laurel and Landlion were looking around as the alarm spread. "Go go!" Tomas yelled, all discretion gone. All four made a break for the gate. Kyrian and Tomas slid under at the same time, then Laurel. Landlion was having a hard time again. An arrow whistled by his ear. Laurel had already run ahead with the others, assuming that Landlion was right behind her. He pushed hard, and managed to get most of the way through. Just then, the gate came crashing down, the large spikes touching the stone walkway on either side of his legs, pinning him there. He saw Laurel skid to a stop and turn. Her eyes widened in horror when she saw his predicament. She started to run towards him, but he could already hear the soldiers approaching behind him. "Go!" he shouted. Laurel paid no attention. She grabbed the iron gate and tried to lift up, but it was no use, the gate was closed. She looked around frantically for something to pry them open. "Laurel, get out of here!" He couldn't believe how stupid she was being. He grabbed her with his hand and said, "I'm not important. I can be replaced. You can't." Laurel looked undecided. Landlion heard a rush of wings, and saw Cerelda land behind Laurel. He looked the young dragon in the eye, and she nodded, before plucking Laurel up and flying away.

They all met back at Locien, Laurel crying uncontrollably. Kyrian cried with her, and Tomas busied himself with the prisoner so no one would see his pain. He put King Ire in the Locien dungeon, then went to a meeting with the others, Mintara, Kyrian, Laurel, Cerelda, Goricnal, and himself. "With the loss of Landlion, we'll have to replace him with another," Mintara began. "How can you be so cruel?!" Laurel exploded. "Landlion's gone, and you're already talking about replacing him?"
"We have an army to run," Mintara said coldly. "The army can wait!" Laurel cried. "What about me? What about how I feel?"
"What do you mean, how you feel?" Mintara sneered. "You think this is bad? You've seen nothing. Nothing!" Only Kyrian knew what she was referring to. Laurel didn't however, and she sulked in her chair. "Now, we have King Ire," Mintara continued as if nothing had happened. "We'll hold him for ransom, and hopefully lure Aelysha out. The people will be outraged if he is killed, so we have a good chance. And, if Landlion is still alive, then we'll trade him in too." Laurel's head snapped up.

Landlion lay in a cell at the castle in terrible pain. They had tried to make him tell where the dragon rider was, but he had refused any information. He glanced down at his leg, the main source of all his pain. The evil guards had cut a crucial tendon, rendering his leg useless. No amount of healer's medicine or magic would heal it. They had literally cut it out. He pounded the dirt floor in frustration. He wished they would just go ahead and kill him. Without a leg, he was nothing. His gaze wandered over to a piece of old rope in a corner. He dragged himself over and fingered it. Just long enough to tie around his neck.


$Taylor$ said...

Sorry to be so gruesome at the end, but I just wanted to make it clear that it can not be healed. =)

***Emily*** said...

Oh Taylor! *sobs* That was so chivarlous(sp?) of Landlion! He, he, oh! *cries even harder*

*stops crying* It seemed to me like it was a little too easy for them to get into Xerob. It should be harder to get into the king's bed chamber, it's almost like it was a set up. *Laughs evily*

Also doesn't Aelysha know were the army is located? After all she was in Locien for awhile... or did the army move and not tell me???

In Christ,

$Taylor$ said...

Okay, I fixed it! Instead of the army, they tried to find out who the dragon rider is. =)

Yes, I know, just a little too easy. *another evil laugh* =D

***Emily*** said...

Good. I like it better. =)

In Christ,

Tessa Brooke said...

Oh my, it's so-so-so well gruesome Taylor...I like it..Mwahahaha. I agree with Emily..chivalrous/sob/sob/etc.
We're weaving in more threads to make it well, more, complex...i like that word... :)

$Taylor$ said...

Yeah, I've got a plan for Landlion and his leg, but later. =D