Friday, July 30, 2010

Part 43 by Tessa

Laurel tried to explain to Cerelda why she wanted to ride that "idiotic land-bound horse" but as usual Cerelda was not getting it.
"Why you want to ride that...thing is beyond me! Anyway we need more practice before the battle. You don't want us to lose the battle just because you wanted to ride a horse, do you?" she said as she cast a disgusted glance at the horses.
"We are not going to lose just because I take one trip on a lowly horse instead of a majestic dragon like you!" Laurel hissed back trying not to get to loud but failing miserably.
"Having troubles Laurel?" said Goricnal as he poked his head out of his tent (Kyrian had persuaded him to give back her tent much to his discomfort.)
"No I am not...okay maybe a little...but I have it under control!" she stated.
"Oh sure you do. You have it so under control that you're standing here yelling outside my tent and waking me up. Yes, you definatly have it under control." He said laughing.
"Oh clamshells! Fine I'll ride you Cerelda but we better get going or else Kyrian is going to leave without us and it's going to be all your fault!"
"Yes, I'm sure Kyrian is going to fall for that." Cerelda responded chuckling.
"Oh be quiet! Let's fly!"

Laurel and Cerelda glided over the forest scouting the area in front of the party below them.
"Hey Cerelda?"
"Why did you hatch for me? I mean I'm not very talented. Maybe you haven't noticed but I've become very good at ruining things. I'm still a child in everyone's eyes. Just a child that for some reason was chosen to be a Dragon Rider even though I still play the part of a child. I just don't get why you picked me."
"I picked you because you were right for me. You're not stuck up and arrogant like most of the others who's hands I passed through and you are the chosen one. It doesn't matter if everyone thinks of you as a child who messes everything up because you're going to show them wrong when the time comes. You wouldn't be picked as the chosen one if you weren't capable of what was in store for you. Keep your focus off you and on others. Put all your focus on helping your comrades finish what we started and never ever do anything that goes against what you believe in. Always listen to what others have to say and if you do that I think you'll be okay."
Laurel lifted her face to the wind and smiled. "I may be childish in others eyes but I'll make it through and we will win this! And I'm going to be there to help."

Cerelda spiraled to the ground and landed heavily in a clearing jarring Laurel out of the saddle and to the ground. Laurel sat up and shook her head before standing up and went to stand by Cerelda as Kyrian and the rest of the riders rode to meet them.
"Have you seen anything from the air Laurel and Cerelda?" Kyrian asked urgently.
"Yes, we can see Xerob. The city is heavily armed which could prove a problem. But I have a good idea on getting those gates open. We could..." and Laurel started to tell Kyrian of her plan.

"I can't believe she let us do this." Laurel said to Cerelda as she dangled from her claws. She had her sword drawn and her bow and arrows slung across her back.
"Yes, I am quite surprised that she went along with your reckless idea but she did and now it's your turn to show them what you got. I'll fly low into the town square and drop you. Then I'll go create a distraction while you open the gate. Ready?" Cerelda asked.
"Ready as I'll ever be!" Laurel said before falling and sprawling out in the town square. She leaped to her feet and started running toward the gates.
"This is going to be a piece of cake!"


$Taylor$ said...

Haha, that was great!!!!! =D I laughed a lot about that "idiotic land-bound horse". =D Great chapter! Very......clever. =D

Love Unawakened said...

Awesome blog!

Tessa Brooke said...

Thanks Taylor! I'm glad I had time to write it! I'm having tons of fun with Katja our German exchange student!