Thursday, July 29, 2010

Part 42 by Emily

Laurel and Cerelda flew high above the army, practicing aerial maneuvers. She and Melkor were the only dragon riders alive, Laurel felt a pang of sadness. She had been told a few weeks back that her birth mother had been a dragon rider. Laurel didn't know what had become of her. 'Cerelda, do you know anything about my mother?' The dragoness remained silent for a few moments then said, 'Not much, but what I do know may comfort you.' The two spun into a dive. 'I know what the strange mist told you, that she looked like you and had the same fiery spirit, and little more. Her dragon's name was Wayland, he was my sire. She was chosen to be a Rider as a young child, and grew up in the court of Lady Hopernal. When the first war against Melkor happened she was your age, she fought valiantly but she and her dragon were not strong enough to defeat Melkor. Wayland and Yelinda had two eggs, one of which was me. The other one mysteriously disappeared one night, and no one knows where it is.' Cerelda paused for a moment. 'After that your parents and the Dragons left and never came back. And that's all I know.'  'Thanks Cerelda. Can we land now?' As soon as they landed Laurel leaped off Cerelda and sped towards the Calvary.

  "Mintara!" She yelled. The wizard spun her horse around, "What?" she asked the Rider,"Did you see danger?" Laurel slowed down, "No, but I-,"
  "Then what are you pestering me for?" the wizard growled.
 "I was wondering if you could tell me anything about my parents."
  "Why would I know anything about your parents? Go ask Kyrian's mother about her, she knew them better than I did." Laurel walked away from Mintara, her mind full of questions to ask Rachele. She found the company of healers in the middle of the army. Kyrian's mother was sitting beside a fire warming a pack of herbs. "Hi Laurel." she said looking up from the pack, "What brings you here? Are you hurt?" she started to rise from the fire.
 "Oh no." Laurel told her,"I was actually wondering if you could tell me anything about my parents." A look of shock came over Rachele's face. "No one has asked me about Laurea in years. What would you like to know about her?" It was now Laurel's turn to be shocked, "My mother's name was Laurea?"
 "Why yes, it was. We were best friends as young adults." Rachele's eyes got misty. "We fought in in the first war against Melkor together, well she did the fighting and I did the healing. I met Ven there, and we fell in love. But that's a whole different story. Laurea was engaged to Tylar, another Dragon Rider. And they fought very well together, even though we didn't win the war against Melkor. Tylar was injured badly, it took many of us healers to heal him. Even after we healed him he wasn't quite the same Tylar. The next spring they got married at a wonderful wedding, it was one of the most beautiful I had ever seen. Laurea and Tylar traveled a lot over the next decades. They came to Ven and I's wedding, then I didn't see them for awhile until Melkor and Exron started lashing out again. I was with child when I saw Laurea for the last time, it was around seventeen years ago. She had you at our house then she and Tylar went off on their journey to defeat Melkor. I never saw or heard from them again." Rachele was sobbing gently, as was Laurel.
  "Do you think they are dead?" Laurel asked. Rachele took  the pack out of the fire. "I don't know," she told Laurel,"I'm hoping that they aren't."

  Laurel got up and walked around the camp for awhile, thinking about what Kyrian's mother had told her. 'My mom must have been really old when she had me.' she thought. Oh wait, she's an elf so she wasn't at all really old. She was probably considered really young.' Laurel not paying any attention ran into Kyrian spilling the contents of the bundle she was holding. "Oh, I'm so sorry Kyrian! I'm such a klutz!" Laurel dropped to the ground to start picking up the blankets, cloaks, and packages of food. "What are these for?" she asked Kyrian.
  "Mintara wants the Special force to ride ahead and scout out the land, and when we reach Xerob we will infiltrate the palace and take the king hostage. Would you like to come with us?" Kyrian asked with gleam in her eye.
  "Sure." Laurel told her as she handed her the last package of food. "When do we leave."
 "At sun down tonight."


$Taylor$ said...

Ooh! This will be GOOD! =D =D =D =D I wanna write the next part! =D jk It's Tessa's turn! And I can't wait! =D

***Emily*** said...

I'm glad you like the story of Laurel's parents! =D =D BTW Cerelda's mom is Tylar's dragon.

I can't wait to read what Tessa writes!

In Christ,

$Taylor$ said...

Yeah, and I have a sneaking suspicion that I know who's dragon the other stolen egg turned out to be. *evil laugh* =D

Tessa Brooke said...

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, you have such a well, evil personality...LOL JK

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I'm sorry! ='( *sniffle* Wait, no I'm not! It is you who should be sorry! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!! Oh my. Maybe you're right. I need to go see my doctor...... =D