Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Part 41 by Taylor

The army was leaving Locien. Everything was in place. In front rode the cavalry, commanded by Kyrian and Mintara. Behind them came the foot soldiers, led by Landlion and Tomas. Laurel and Cerelda brought up the rear with the archers. "Wish I had some help," Laurel muttered. "Why couldn't Landlion be back here?" But she knew that he was needed where he was. He expertise was in the sword, not the bow. Kyrian was good with the bow, but also with a horse, so Mintara had placed her with the cavalry. Also, Laurel got the feeling that Mintara had taken a special liking to Kyrian. "Teacher's pet," Laurel muttered under her breath. But she really didn't mind. Mintara was a little too aloof and sarcastic for her taste anyway.

As they camped that night at the end of their first day's journey, Laurel suddenly felt an urge to ride Cerelda. She couldn't explain it, but she felt so complete, so fulfilled when riding her dragon. Cerelda fluttered over, a beautiful, bronze dragon with a slender build and brilliant eyes. Laurel was disturbed that Cerelda could not yet breathe fire in a steady stream. It came out in short bursts of flame. She didn't think that she could become any closer to the dragon, but apparently, something was amiss. She probably should have stopped and thought if it was all right to ride out in the open, but since she wasn't one to think before she did things; it didn't even occur to her. She swung up into the saddle and leaned forward as Cerelda clapped her wings downward and shot into the sky. As they gently glided over the forest, Laurel spotted a small clearing. Cerelda, already knowing Laurel's thoughts, swooped down and gently landed with a scattering of leaves.

Grateful for the alone time, away from the noisy bustle of the army camp, Laurel sat down and leaned up against a tall elm. Suddenly, she heard a scuffling noise underneath her. She jumped to her feet and drew her sword in the same motion, brandishing the weapon with her newly healed arm. The scuffling continued for another moment, then a little head popped up out of the ground. "Goricnal!" Laurel exclaimed, lowering her sword. The dwarf pulled himself out of the ground with a groan, then got to his feet, dusting himself off busily. "What are you doing here?" Laurel asked, sheathing her weapon. "I came to help you," was his brief answer. "Why?" Laurel asked bluntly. "Because you obviously need me!" he said gruffly, as usual. Laurel couldn't help but smile at the funny little man. "All right, then come with me." She lead the way to Cerelda, who greeted Goricnal enthusiastically. "My, she's grown!" he exclaimed. Laurel looked at her proudly and Cerelda winked at her.

Goricnal had a hard time mounting the large dragon, but soon managed to land squarely in the saddle, Laurel riding behind. Laurel had a good idea of what Cerelda planned to do, and she was not disappointed. The mischievous dragon shot straight up into the sky, Goricnal screaming at the top of his lungs. She dove, flipped, looped, and everything else she could think of.

Finally, Laurel nudged Cerelda in her thoughts, and the frisky dragon calmed down and flew them to the army without further delay. As Laurel dismounted, Goricnal fell off in a small heap. "Laurel?" Kyrian asked, coming up curiously. "Hi!" Laurel greeted brightly. "I was off on a ride, and guess who I found?" Before Kyrian could hazard a guess, Goricnal picked himself up on the ground and piped, "Me!"
"Goricnal!" Kyrian exclaimed. Like Laurel, she had a certain fondness for the gruff little guy.

After the girls had taken Goricnal around, meeting up with old friends and introducing him to others, he said he was quite exhausted, and made himself at home in Kyrian's tent. "Come on, you can share with me," Laurel giggled.

The next morning, Kyrian woke up early. She groaned and rolled over, trying in vain to fall asleep again. No use. She sat up and rubbed her eyes tiredly. Beside her, Laurel stirred. "Oh, did I wake you?" Kyrian asked. "No, I was already awake," Laurel said remorsefully. Both girls stepped out into the brisk morning air. "I guess I'll go ahead and get started on a fire for breakfast," Laurel sighed. "I'll go find some wood," Kyrian volunteered. Most of the army was still asleep, or slowly emerging from tents. Kyrian's clothing was becoming damp from the early morning mist, and she longed for the warmth of a fire, but she couldn't return empty-handed, and sticks seemed to be hard to come by.

Several people were already awake, including Goricnal and Cerelda. Kyrian stopped for a moment and watched them with amusement. Goricnal seemed to be showing off to the young dragon, fitting an arrow to his bow and aiming at a target. Cerelda looked bored. Twang. The arrow hit the mark dead-center. Goricnal turned a smug look upon Cerelda. She stood up and sized up the target, then exhaled a small blast of fire that incinerated Goricnal's arrow. She turned and smiled a toothy grin at him. "You know, I don't like you," Goricnal growled. "I don't like you at all." Kyrian covered her mouth to keep the laughter in, then continued on her way.

A while later, Kyrian stopped and leaned up against a tree to catch her breath. A wave of sleepiness washed over her, and she slid down the trunk until she slumped down onto the damp ground. Even though she knew that she needed the wood, it seemed like a faraway place, almost like a dream. Her eyelids were sliding shut, and she was powerless to resist, if she had wanted to in the first place. An image began to form in her mind....

A golden city, high up in the sky, disguised in a giant cloud. Many seats, arranged in a circle. Then, on a higher level, several more seats, ten, to be exact. Two of the seats were empty, but the others were occupied by shining beings, who's manner and appearance made it obvious that they were very important and very powerful. One seat, shaped like a golden throne, shone with a radiant brilliance, and was at the head of the circle. On this throne sat a regal being, clothed in a shimmering golden cloth robe. Somehow, Kyrian knew that this was the legendary Council of Wizards. She also knew that what she was seeing had happed thousands of years ago.

The golden-garbed wizard, Simar, paced the floor agitatedly. "How could this happen?" he finally said angrily. A purple-clothed young woman, Escathyst, said soothingly, "Father, do not worry. We can find a solution."
"Yes, Lord Simar," a heavily bearded wizard named Parthlin said. "How could he do this?" Simar lamented. "Melkor has always been prone to evil, if I may say so," a young, blonde wizard, Scintir, said carefully. "But to betray us! To betray the council!" Kyrian saw a muscular man rise to his feet. "He must die!"
"Calm yourself, Jothlar," Escathyst cautioned in her calming voice. Jothlar sat heavily in his throne-like chair with a sigh. "Jothlar is right," a familiar voice seconded. Kyrian twisted around. She definitely knew that voice! Mintara was standing, a new glow and radiance about her white robes. "The only way to stop Melkor and end his treachery is to kill him!" she pronounced firmly, her cold eyes snapping. "Mintara, we know what your opinion is. We also know of the fate of Emerion," Escathyst comforted. Mintara eyes smoldered, and she abruptly sat down. "Father, what my sister means, is that we must act now," Escathyst continued, talking to Simar. "Emerion will not survive Melkor's evilness for much longer." The Chief Wizard sat heavily in his chair, holding a hand to his forehead. Everyone else in the Council sat as still as stone. Finally, he raised his head, and everyone held their breath. "We attack." Mintara and Jothlar leaped to their feet with something like a war cry.

The scene faded from Kyrian's mind, and a new image took place.
A large army was marching upon a black castle. It was led by Mintara and Jothlar, who both wielded staffs. Both staffs were of identical build and material, except Mintara's was white, and Jothlar's was a deep brown. An army of black-clad soldiers were marching out to meet them. Jothlar let out a mighty cry and rushed into their midst, slashing and smashing with his powerful arms. Mintara slunk away to the side, and ran to the castle. Subduing the guards, she made her way down the cold, rank corridors to the dungeon level. She didn't know where Emerion was, but his presence was very close.

She finally found him crumpled in a filthy cell. The bars evaporated with a wave of her staff, and she rushed to his side. "Emerion." Kyrian saw a tenderness in her face which was completely foreign to the Mintara that she knew. The young, black-haired wizard stirred slightly, and opened indigo eyes, so dark they were almost black. A convulsion seized him, and Mintara could feel him slipping away. "No no!" she cried, burying her face in his chest. She knew that she had to make a decision. A nicker startled her. In a cell across the way, a white unicorn stamped nervously. Mintara recognized him as a wild one that had apparently just been caught. She turned to Emerion, quickly fading. She pulled a dagger from her belt and shut her eyes, asking her father, Simar, for strength. Then she plunged it into Emerion's chest.

Kyrian screamed in her dream as the picture disappeared. Then, something else came into view. Mintara, in bedraggled white, leaned on a beautiful unicorn as they slowly exited the castle. The armies had moved away, and all she wanted to do was to get home. But as they slowly made their way along, enemy soldiers jumped from the bushes. Mintara was fully occupied, dodging and dealing blows, when a fierce whinny caught her attention. She turned to find Emerion, in unicorn form, being held in the grasp of two soldiers. Terrible rage filled her, and she leaped at the men, who were no match for her wrath.

Although Kyrian didn't see it, she knew the rest of the story. Mintara tortured the men brutally before mercifully killing them, and for her terrible acts, was banished from the Council by Simar, her father, stripped of her power. Emerion went with her, choosing rather to stay with her than remain on the Council.

Kyrian awoke with a jolt, her clothes soaked with the dew. Looking down at her small handful of sticks, she suddenly remembered where she was. She scrambled to her feet and ran to the camp to tell Laurel. Suddenly, she skidded to a stop. What was she thinking? she berated her herself. It was a very personal part of Mintara's past, and Kyrian technically had no business knowing it, much less blabbing it to the whole army. She turned and ran instead to Mintara's tent. Not finding her there, she remembered a hilltop that had caught her eye. She knew of Mintara's fondness to be up high, so she instinctively knew that she would find Mintara there.

Her intuition did not fail her. Mintara sat on the grassy hilltop, looking thoughtfully at the surrounding landscape. "Mintara," Kyrian greeted as she came up. Mintara didn't turn around, but nodded her head slightly. Kyrian settled down next to her. "I had a dream," she began. Mintara looked bored. "About you," Kyrian said. Still bored. Kyrian sighed and started at the beginning....

When she finished, Mintara wouldn't look at her. "Honestly, Mintara, I don't know why I had the dream; I didn't mean to!" Kyrian said apologetically, as if she could have helped it. She didn't know what else to say, so she just sat there. "It's not your fault," Mintara said quietly, still looking down. "But I would appreciate if you wouldn't speak of this to anyone." Her cold eyes made it clear that it wasn't a request. Kyrian nodded vigorously. Mintara's eyes told Kyrian that it was time to leave, and the young elf scrambled to her feet and walked swiftly down the hillside.

In her dream, Emerion had been gentle and mellow and wise, and Mintara was fiery, impetuous, and fierce. Kyrian knew that the Chief Wizard, Simar, had the power to change Emerion back, but Emerion would only go back with Mintara, and she still had to earn her necklace before she could return. Kyrian sighed, she would be glad when the calming, indigo-eyed unicorn was back.


***Emily*** said...

Oh Taylor I love it!! Thanks for telling the story of Mintara and Emerion. I enjoyed it a lot. =D

I'm also really glad you brought Gornical back into the story...I was thinking of a way to bring him back, but I like yours better.

We musn't forget about Raladhea and Serva...they're still lying on the ground unconcious. Maybe we should just let them die...I don't know.

Would you mind if I write the next part?

In Christ,

$Taylor$ said...

No no, please, write the next part! This is exciting! =D

Tessa Brooke said...

wow! I laughed through the first part and was transfixed by the last part! That was awesome Taylor!

$Taylor$ said...

Yeah, I brought Goricnal back especially for that part that I've had in my mind for awhile. I laughed as I was writing it! And thanks again! =D =D =D

***Emily*** said...

Tessa, when life is less busy for you just write the next part.

In Christ,

$Taylor$ said...

So, Emily, are you writing the next part? Or is Tessa?

***Emily*** said...

Well I've already started writing it so I guess I am.

Tessa Brooke said...

I'm working onI've got ten minutes...let's see what we can do.