Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Part 40 by Emily

    Mintara's eyes blinked open, some one was dabbing her forehead with watered down herb paste. The face came into focus, it was Rachele, Kyrian's mother. "Oh, Mintara!" she said,"We will never be able to repay you for saving our daughter! Thank you so much." and in a lower voice she added,"I know it was a hard choice to make. For I know it took many years and much hard work to restore the person you love." Mintara's mind reeled, 'How does Rachele know all this?'

    Rachele looked around at Kyrian and Laurel, they were asleep in their chairs. "Yes Mintara, I know that Emerion the unicorn is also Emerion your love." she tucked her long brown hair behind her ears, showing off the points. "I am half-elven as every one knows. But what many do not know is that I am much older than they think. I was alive when you killed Emerions' captures, and you found him half dead. I do not know how you turned him into a unicorn, but you were at least able to save his life then. I am so sorry for your loss of him now." Tears trailed down the wizards cheek, and for the first time in a long time she cried. Rachele comforted the heart broken woman, and soon she stopped crying.

    Shortly after the wizard stopped crying, the door to the house was thrown open and two young men ran in. Kyrian and Laurel woke up instantly, and Mintara sat up in her bed. "We've got good news!" Landlion shouted.
"Emerion isn't dead!" Tomas breathed. Mintara's eyes went wide, "What?" she looked around for the unicorn.
"The only problem is he is now linked to Aelysha, and if we kill her he dies." Tomas said,"So we need a potion to kill her but not him."
 "We think that Aelysha fled to Melkor's castle, along with that man." Landlion explained. Mintara shot out of bed.
 "Landlion, gather the troops." she said,while throwing her cloak on,"We're leaving at sun up tomorrow."

  Locien was a chaotic mess, with all the soldiers scrambling around trying to gather up all the supplies. Several of the healers decided to use magic on Laurel's arm so she wouldn't be handicapped in the war. They were in the middle of healing her that very moment. The apprentice healers were running through the forest looking for herbs to use in the war. Others were reading about the herbs that would be found near the coast, where the battle might take place. Kyrian was gathering a group of men and women who would be in the Special Task Force. King Ire was in league with Melkor so they were planning to attack his castle in the capitol city, Xerob.  Mintara was gathering things for the potion, just the things they had in Locien and that didn't have to be fresh.

    When night had fallen Locien was still buzzing with excitement. Paths had yet to be plotted, food yet to be packed, and tents not bundled. But the Dragon Rider had been healed, the Special Task Force was chosen, and Mintara had her ingredients for the potion. The night flew by in a blur. Dawn was quickly approaching, and the Special task force would be the first group to leave Locien. Kyrian hugged her mother tightly,"I'll miss you mother." she whispered. "Be safe Kyrian." she told her daughter as she stroked her hair,"Just remember I will be with your father as his assistant. We won't be far behind."Kyrian started to pull away."I love you." Rachele said before letting go of her daughter. Kyrian turned to her father and enveloped him in a large hug. "Don't take any unnecessary risks my girl." she smiled up at him. "Yes father."
 "Be on your watch, and always remember I love you." He kissed her on her forehead. Tears started to well up in her eyes. Kyrian let go and scooped her pack off the ground. "Good bye." The tears started to make their way down her cheeks. She walked away from her loving parents and went to her group. The tears in her eyes didn't allow her to see Tomas walking up to her parents.

  "Keep my daughter safe." Ven told him, with a stern look on his face.
   Tomas nodded,"I will sir." He had asked Kyrian's father, when Kyrian was older, that he could for her hand in marriage.
"I would just like to thank you once again for saving Kyrian's life from the Nurgals." Rachele said, as she gave Tomas a hug, "Give Kyrian a hug for me please."
 "Fair well." Tomas said as he walked to the Task Force. Horses were mounted, and the group rode off, into the forest.


$Taylor$ said...

Wonderful! =D So, have they left Locien yet? Jw. =D =D Interesting twist with the Emerion thing...I like it! =D

***Emily*** said...

Thanks Taylor! Yes, they have left Locien.
I drew a map awhile back and finally did something with it on the computer, I posted it on important happenings. It's just how I imagened(sp?) the world, so if you want me to change something on the map I wouldn't mind.

In Christ,