Saturday, July 3, 2010

Part 37 by Emily

Raladhea drifted between life and death. At moments she could feel the touch of a kind hand or hear the murmuring of voices, but only for a moment. Then it soon vanished and an unbearable pain replaced it. A scene kept on playing in her mind, the same scene all the time. Vibrant colors swarmed around her, a golden shape was predominate. Then two black objects would jump into her range of vision, one large and one small. The large one attacked the golden shape, devouring it. And the smaller one yelled words at Raladhea she could not understand. She yelled words back at the black shape, but she could not hear what she said. Then she felt the malicious touch of a blade slice through her. All would fade to black. After the scene played out the icy fingers of death clawing at her soul. She felt herself giving in to the pull of Sheol. Suddenly a blinding light came and death retreated from her. She looked to the center of the the light, even though she could not bear it, and saw what she had waited her entire life to see.

The twins were hard at work creating weapons for Melkor, well at least their people were. Aelysha was busy combing her hair and Stepheneis was no where to be seen. Some of her fathers top spell casters were in the large chamber busy casting spells. Aelysha motioned for Fres, a boring young spellcaster whose looks are as dull as his humor. Fres walked over to Aelysha,"Fres,"she whispered,"I have an important duty for you." His face light up with excitement.
  "What is it, milady?" he asked eagerly.
 "Follow me." Aelysha walked to a door no one used, opened it and went in. Fres followed her down the long  dark hall way. After various twists and turns, and chanting of incantations, that only Exron and his children knew, they arrived at a small door. Aelysha and Fres ducked as they walked through, inside there was a single light, and that light rested on the Agaril. Fres gasped in awe of the beautiful and rare object, only a few were known to be in existence. "You, you, how?" Fres sputtered.
 "Shh," Aelysha told him,"that's not important Fres. Now I've chosen you to help me accomplish a great task. Will you do it?"
 "Yes, milady." Fres said bowing low. Aelysha took Fres's hand and together they grasped the Agaril. Earlier Stepheneis and Aelysha had planned to use the Agaril to find the location of the army,so that they could infiltrate it and destroy it from the inside out. Now all they need to do was find some one who was there. The girl, Kyrian, wasn't a good target since she had ended in a melt down last time. The only other person they knew was safe and would be there was that boy who their father used as bait, Tomas. "Now Fres,"she whispered,"Say with me "show me Tomas"." Fres nodded then together they said,"Show us Tomas."

 Tomas paced through the town with Kyrian at his side. It had been hours since Mintara and Laurel had flown off to some place Tomas had never heard of. The only clue they had was Laurel's murmuring of something to Mintara which sounded like,"Raladhea-Serva-killed by Melkor." Then the two of them jumped on their flying animals and flew off. 
They heard the flapping of wings and Kyrian grabbed his hand and they started running to the landing grounds. Tomas smiled to himself, Kyrian was holding his hand! They reached the landing grounds just as Mintara and Laurel landed. Tomas had a peculiar feeling, as if he was being watched by an evil being.  "How are they?" Landlion asked, he had arrived just a few seconds before Tomas and Kyrian. The feeling grew stronger and Tomas began to feel frightened. He glanced over at Kyrian to see if she noticed it, but she was just standing beside him listening to the wizard speak. Tomas began to panic,"You don't," he started. "We'll have to leave Locien soon." Laurel was saying.

Fres let go of the mirror. Aelysha gasped, Fres was lying in a heap on the ground. She laid the mirror gently down on it's stand, then stooped down to feel Fres's pulse. There was nothing, Aelysha laughed. 'Fres had died because he wasn't powerful enough!' she thought with glee. She had brought a dagger along with her to kill Fres, but now she didn't have to worry about that. She grabbed him by the arms and dragged him out of the room, and down the long hall. She made a right turn then a left, a stench rose up from the pit in front of her. It was so horrible it made her eyes water. All  this was worth it now that she knew the location of the army. She pushed Fres's body over the edge and watched as he fell into the abyss.

"Melkor mortally wounded Raladhea with his magical sword. She's not dead yet, but her life is in the hands of Melkor's sword, I guess you could say." Laurel was talking so fast Tomas could barely understand her. "We know that Melkor lives in a castle on top of a mountain at the end of the world. We need to work our way there kill Melkor, destroy his sword and then Raladhea and Serva will be safe. Not to mention the rest of the world."
 "Woah. Slow down there Laurel." Kyrian said, as she let go of Tomas's hand,"First we need to get some rest." She looked around at the tired group of people."Second your arm needs to heal. And third this army needs to finish training! So Laurel your going to have to calm yourself down and take it easy for a few days."
Laurel sighed and looked sad,"But what if we don't save Raladhea in time?" she asked.
 "What if we stormed Melkor's castle right now?" Kyrian explained,"Would we kill him and destroy the sword? Most likely not. The most probable thing to happen would be our entire army gets wiped out in a matter of moments, then Melkor kills us all. After killing us he finds Mintara's necklace and becomes all powerful."  Everyone stared at Kyrian in shock.
"The girl is right." Mintara stated,"We mustn't do anything right now except step up our training and give Landlion and Laurel their rights back." She sighed at the last part.
 "And sleep." Tomas added.
"Yes and sleep." Mintara said,"Now off to your resting places, get some good sleep and I'll see you bright and early."


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That was great! The style of writing in this chapter was so good! Loved the adjectives and stuff!=D

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Aww thanks! I really enjoyed writing this chapter. =D

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