Thursday, July 1, 2010

Part 34 by Emily

Aelysha let out a chuckle, her plan was coming together quite marvelously. "Steve!" she called. Her brother looked up from the smoking vat of liquid. "Yes dearest sister?" he answered.
"Is it ready?" Aelysha asked, her face barely showing the eagerness she felt inside.
"I have but one more thing to add." Stepheneis grabbed a snow white bottle from the shelf above him, and cast it into the brew. A vibrant violet fire burst from from the pot. Stepheneis lept back and muttered an incantation. The flames burst higher and Aelysha feared they would consume the entire room. Then the fire dwindled out and Stepheneis reach into the vat and took out a glittering object. Aelysha sprang from her perch on the window seat. She rushed forward and grabbed the slender object from her brothers grasp. She lovingly stoked the sleek contour of it. "At last!" She shrieked," We have created a Aglaril!"

The son and daughter of Exron rushed to the large oak table. They laid the Aglaril down on the table, their eyes met. Their eyes were both sparkling with delight and excitement. They grasped the slender handle of the mirror at the same time and whispered,"Show us the girl father captured."

Kyrian happily skipped down the path to her house. She had left Laurel there before she met up with Tomas. Suddenly her skin prickled up, like goose flesh. She rubbed her arms trying to get the feeling to go away, but it wouldn't budge. She felt like something was watching her, something sinister and evil. Kyrian slowed her pace and scanned the tree tops. There was nothing there, but she could not shake the feeling of being watched. Paranoia took over her and she sprinted to her house. She burst through the front door and wrapped her arms around a woman who was stirring a pot. "Kyrian what is," her mother started.
"Mommy I'm scared." she whispered.

The twins let go of the mirror at the same time. The experience had left them weak and tired. "I'm going to lay down." Aelysha said, starting for her bedroom.
"That sounds like a good idea." Stepheneis replied, he watched as his sister closed the door to her bedroom. Then he placed the mirror in a secure place, and walked out of the door to the chamber.

Laurel walked into the kitchen, only to see Kyrian's mother sitting in a chair and Kyrian quietly sobbing in her lap. Laurel felt like she was intruding in something personal so she quietly backed out and went outside. She walked over to a birch sapling and sat at the base. She plucked a blade of grass and tried to do the trick that Tomas showed her. No matter how hard she blew the blade of grass would not whistle. Laurel was so concentrated on making the blade of grass whistle she didn't hear Landlion and Tomas come up.
"What are you doing?" she heard Landlion ask. Laurel blushed as she realized that she probably looked quite hilarious blowing on a blade of grass.
"I was trying to make the grass whistle." She said putting on a puppy dog face.
"That's not what it looked like to us." Landlion said.
 "Yeah," Tomas added,"It looked like you were trying to put down Melkor's whole army with your breath." The two boys laughed at Tomas's joke. Laurel threw the blade of grass down on the ground in defeat.
  "Look," Tomas said,"watch the master." He pluck a blade of grass, and held it up to his lips. He blew and the grass let out a whistle. Landlion laughed again, and Laurel stood up trying to think of a different subject.
  "So where's Kyrian?" Tomas asked, saving Laurel from talking about something stupid, like ears.
 "She's inside the house." Laurel told him. Tomas started for the house. "Wait!" Laurel cried,"You can't go in there!"
Tomas stopped,"Why not?" he questioned.
 "Kyrian isn't feeling to well."
"Why? What's wrong with her?"
 "Well, I'm not actually sure."
"How can you not be sure?"
 Laurel thought for a second about how to answer Tomas. She wasn't sure Kyrian wanted him to know she's crying. Laurel started to open her mouth to talk, but then Kyrian came from the house.

 Her eyes were slightly puffy, and her hair was a little disheveled, but otherwise she looked fine.
 "Hey Tomas." Kyrian said coolly.
 "Kyrian, are you alright?" Tomas asked rushing forward to Kyrian. Laurel hit herself on her forehead, she regretted telling Tomas that Kyrian wasn't feeling well.
 "Um yeah, I'm alright." Kyrian said with a puzzled look on her face. "Why wouldn't I be alright?"
"Well Laurel said you weren't feeling well and I was," Tomas stopped mid sentence.
"You were what Tomas?" Kyrian asked with a sly smile on her face.
 "I was,"Tomas stopped to think," worried about you." He said quietly. Kyrian's eyes sparkled with delight. Laurel stifled a giggle.
  "Well why don't you come in for dinner every one?" Kyrian asked,"My mother is making lentil soup."

The group walked into the house. Kyrian and her mother acted like nothing had happened fifteen minutes before.
"Please sit down." Kyrian's mother said, motioning to the table and chairs. Kyrian's mother looked like an older version of Kyrian, except her eyes were brown. Not blue like Kyrian's. She was wearing a pale orange dress with a stark white apron over it. It looked like something Kyrian would wear. As they sat down at the table they heard the front door open again and a masculine voice say, "I'm home!" Kyrian jumped up and ran to greet the man.
 "Daddy! It's so good to see you again." She said while giving her father a hug. She hadn't seen her father for a few weeks because of her involvement in the war and his job. Kyrian's father was a very handsome man with bright blue eyes like Kyrian's. He was an herbalist, one of the ones who looked for herbs in the forest. Kyrian was in training to be one before she got involved in the upcoming war.

 Laurel felt a twinge of sadness as she looked at Kyrian and her family. Only a few weeks before her parents had told her that she really wasn't their child. Then she had set out on a journey as a Dragon Rider. Soon everyone was seated around the large table and they were eating and enjoy each others fellowship.
 "Where did Gornical go?" Laurel asked, she kind of missed the fellowship of the little dwarf man.
  "I think he went back to his mountain." Kyrian said.
 "Good." Landlion muttered. The conversation was quite for a moment then Kyrian's mother asked,
"Where is your dragon Laurel?"
Laurel panicked for a moment she hadn't seen Cerelda for a few days. Then she remembered,"Cerelda is training with Raladhea and Serva for the war." She told everyone.


$Taylor$ said...

LOL Thanks for adding them in. =D Though, I may have to make Goricnal come back at one point. lol =D Great chapter! I love the siblings, they are so awesome! =O Although, when I read the girl's cool name, and then she called, "Steve!" I almost freaked out! But then, it turned out his name was not STeve. Thank goodness! =D

Tessa Brooke said...

haha! me too Taylor! We sure are on a roll! I'll finish one before the end of the day...just busy at the moment...practicing Irish for a talent show...

***Emily*** said...

I wanted to make someone have a name that wasn't really that cool, so I chose Stepheneis to be Steve, or atleast that's what his sister calls him... so yeah.

I love it when we do parts practically back to back. It's exciting. =D

In Christ,

***Emily*** said...

Hey, I made a picture of Laurel and a picture of Kyrian on my computer and posted them on Character Bios. I would love it if you would take a look and tell me what you think.=D
If you like them I'll work on the rest of the characters.

In Christ,

$Taylor$ said...

Hey yeah, Emily, that would be great! Would you mind if I emailed you and kinda outlined what I want her to look like? =D

***Emily*** said...

Not at all. =D I love making them. I can do guys too...

In Christ,