Saturday, July 3, 2010

Part 36 by Taylor

"Mintara, can we defeat him?" Kyrian whispered. Mintara shook her head sadly. "The only possible way to defeat him is if I had my necklace. Without that, it's out of the question." They continued to stand before him defiantly. "Mintara, you're looking good," he commented. Mintara's eyes smoldered at him, so full of hate that no one could look at them. "What are you waiting for?" Laurel challenged, not having heard the conversation between Kyrian and Mintara, and seemingly forgetting her broken arm.
"Very amusing," Melkor said. Radlin let out a blast of fire into the air. "Well then, it would be such a shame to see you die. I'll have to do something about that." Radlin bared his teeth and blasted them with flames. Quick as a flash, Mintara blocked it with light, but when the smoke cleared, Melkor and Radlin were gone.

Raladhea was just finishing up another one of her papers when she heard a roar from Serva outside. She rushed out and saw her dragon poised between a monstrous black dragon and it's fearsome rider. "Melkor," she said, fear sparking her heart. He was clad in black armor from head to toe, and was at least eight feet tall. His helmet was shaped as a snake's head, and his sword hilt was also in the shape of a snake baring it's fangs. He drew his sword, and it was black with red glowing bits running through it. "Raladhea, I have not seen you for ages," he said soothingly. "Don't patronize me," she snapped. The evil knight pushed past Serva and stood before Raladhea. "Where is the necklace?" he asked. "What are you talking about?" Raladhea stalled for time. Melkor sighed in exasperation. He turned and nodded slightly to Radlin. The evil dragon grabbed Serva's neck in it's teeth, and she let out a horrible scream as he pinned her to the ground, his teeth grinding into her neck. Raladhea screamed as she felt her dragon's pain. Melkor turned from the struggling dragons and again faced her. "Where is the necklace?" he repeated his question. Raladhea had to make the most difficult choice of her life. Her beloved dragon's life, or the well-being of the entire world? Her decision was made in a second. Lifting her chin, she said, "I would sooner die than tell you." Melkor's eyes, the only part visible through his helmet, turned black. "Very well then." He lifted his sword and ran it through her middle. Serva screamed, but Raladhea couldn't make a sound. She fell to the ground in a heap. "Let her go," Melkor spoke to Radlin, who released Serva. "She will die soon enough." He mounted his dragon and took off into the sky.

Back at Locien, Laurel suddenly shivered. "Oh!" She turned pale and fell to the ground. "Laurel, what is it?" Landlion asked with concern. "Raladhea," Laurel gasped. "Something terrible has happened!" Landlion almost asked if she had only been dreaming, then thought better of it and ran to get Mintara.

"Are you sure?" Mintara asked Laurel once the girl had finished telling what she had seen. Instead of an answer, Laurel said, "We must go to her at once! Before it's too late!" No one knew what she was talking about, but the terror on her face was enough. "Come on, Laurel, we'll go right now." Mintara mounted Emerion and Laurel jumped up on Cerelda's back. They left in a rush of wings, leaving Kyrian, Landlion, and Tomas standing there, gazing after them.

Mintara and Laurel arrived at Raladhea's hiding place soon afterwards. Rushing in, they saw Raladhea on the ground, lying in a pool of blood, and Serva wilted next to her. Mintara rushed to the elf, and Laurel ran to Serva.

An hour later, both had done all they could for the injured. "Is she going to live?" Laurel asked fearfully, looking at Raladhea. Mintara shook her head. "Her fate is now directly linked to Melkor. His sword is magical. It is like my staff. If we destroy the sword, then Raladhea will be healed."
"Then we must find the sword!" Laurel cried. "Melkor lives in a castle at the end of the world. It is on top of a rock mountain. We can only destroy the sword if we first destroy Melkor." Laurel was silent for a moment. "We'll have to leave Raladhea and Serva here. We could carry Raladhea with us, but we couldn't take Serva, and they won't be separated," Mintara said. "We've done all that we can for them. Now we must prepare for battle." She and Laurel mounted and flew off toward Locien.

Meanwhile, Aelysha and Stephenies were getting a visit of their own. "I want them destroyed," Melkor said, his voice full of fury. The twins grinned, their lust for blood and death coming to the forefront. "And no mistakes," the evil one warned ominously. The twins nodded seriously, if they failed, Melkor would surely kill them, or worse. "Do not worry," Aelysha reassured him. "We know just how to handle this." Melkor suddenly vanished, and the siblings were left alone. "We have work to do," Stephenies said. Aelysha nodded, and they both got to work on their magic spells. They would need some special weapons. Melkor hated Mintara, and both twins had it in for a certain blue-eyed, brown-haired, orange cloak-wearing girl for helping to kill their father.


***Emily*** said...

I thought Melkor was attacking a little too early...I'm glad you turned things around and had him leave.

Poor Raladhea! She had just come back into our story and now she's almost dead! *sighs*

Sweet! Some ones got it out for Kyrian! *laughs evily*

It will be my pleasure to write the next part.

In Christ,

$Taylor$ said...

Yeah, poor Raladhea. =D I know! Kyrian and Mintara might as well be wearing big target signs. =D I was originally intending to write the next part tomorrow, but then I thought I would just start this morning. I'm hopeless. =D

***Emily*** said...

Yeah, I saw that when you commented on Tessa's part... I wasn't surprised though to see that you had written it today.

No one's really after the Dragon Rider any more. Every one really wants to kill a washed-up-wizard(I hope you don't mind me saying that) and an half-elven-general.

In Christ,

$Taylor$ said...

Right, but the twins hate Kyrian for helping to kill their father, and Melkor hates Mintara because they used to be "together" until he turned evil, and she refused to join him. But, of course, he hates Laurel too, because she is a threat to him. =D Complicated! =D