Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Part 25 by Taylor.

Laurel, Cerelda, and Landlion arrived at Locien without further trouble. "We are very late for your sword training," Landlion said, dismounting from Meldarion. "I hope that we have enough time to teach you all you must know." A silver-haired elf walked toward them. "Celdran," Landlion said, bowing. Laurel also bowed, though she didn't know who this strange elf was. He eyed her critically. "We have much work to do," he said, walking away. "What did he mean by that?" Laurel asked indignantly. Landlion just smiled and they followed the tall elf.

Back up in the mountains, Mintara and Kyrian were making their way to yet another village. Kyrian was still thinking about Mintara. Is she really opening up to me, or is it just my imagination? Kyrian wondered. "Hurry up! Or I'll knock you one with my staff!" Mintara called from Emerion up ahead. Hmmm, maybe not, Kyrian giggled to herself as she spurred Rhovanian on. At least Mintara didn't seem to dislike her as much as Laurel, who held the special title of "stupid girl." Kyrian would hear Mintara mutter, "That stupid girl. She's going to ruin everything." Somehow, Kyrian knew who the wizard was speaking of. And Landlion was "stupid boy"! Kyrian laughed out loud. Mintara turned and gave her a look. "Silly girl," she muttered. Kyrian hoped that she had not just been given her name!

"Are your weapons handy?" Mintara asked. Kyrian checked, her sword was at her side and her bow was on her back. "Just be prepared, we never know when we're going to be attacked by one of those creatures again," Mintara warned. They stopped at a trickling stream of water for a drink. Mintara walked off without a word, and Kyrian knew better than to ask where she was going. She would just get snapped at. She walked over to Emerion, who was standing restlessly. He didn't seem to need food or water, or at least, she had never seen him eat or drink. She remembered the unicorn's dislike for people. Tomas had casually walked up to try and pet him, but the unicorn had jerked his head away angrily and kicked at Tomas, who rolled out of the way. Kyrian stretched her hand out to touch his white coat, but he sidestepped away. But he didn't look upset, like he had when anyone else had tried to touch him. It was more polite. Kyrian tried again. This time though, the unicorn trotted off a few steps, still looking at her with his dark liquid eyes. Rhovanion whuffed and nudged Kyrian. "I know girl, I just thought that I'd try. You're ten times nicer than that old Emerion." The unicorn snorted from behind her. "Oh, shut up," Kyrian said playfully. He tossed his head, which looked very much like he was shaking his head no. "Get out of here," she said laughingly. His answer was to unfurl his wings and and send a powerful gust of wind at her, knocking her up against Rhovanion. "Why you bad-" Kyrian was cut off by Mintara's return. Emerion let out a joyful whinny and trotted up to her, pressing his nose up to her. She ruffled his forelock and said, "There was a spy in the woods, had to go take care of him," Mintara explained her absence. She mounted Emerion and cantered off, Kyrian behind.

As they cantered along, Kyrian began to feel uneasy. There was something out there. She glanced around furtively, then leaned forward to whisper, "Mintara, I think that we're being watched."
"Really," the wizard answered sarcastically. But Kyrian could tell that she was tense too. "I'm going to go ahead and scout out the area," Mintara said. Emerion galloped up the rocky road and around a corner. Kyrian didn't like being left alone, and Rhovanion apparently didn't either, for the mare kept sidestepping nervously.

Suddenly, a Nurgan dropped down from the rock ledge above her. Kyrian screamed and lifted her sword, but the huge beast batted it away like a toy. Rhovanion reared in terror, and Kyrian fell to the ground as the horse galloped away madly. Her groping hand found a large rock, and she hurled it at the creature's face. He screamed in pain, a horrible, screeching sound. She was reaching for her bow when the Nurgan leaped on top of her, pinning her to the ground. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Tomas appeared! He jumped on top of the beast and stabbed it in the back with a loud yell. The Nurgan screamed again, then fell to the ground, it's wings twitching and teeth still gnashing. "Run!" Tomas shouted. Kyrian didn't ask questions, she just scrambled to her feet and ran as fast as her shaking legs could take her. She looked back to see Tomas surrounded by the creatures, who whipped a length of rope around him and carried him off.

Kyrian darted around the corner and ran into Emerion. Mintara was holding Rhovanion's reins. "What in the world happened to you?" the wizard asked, surveying Kyrian's disheveled appearance and wild expression. "I was attacked by a Nurgan! I tried to fight, but it pinned me down! Then Tomas came and-"
"Tomas?" Mintara interrupted.
"Yes! He came and killed the Nurgan! But then a lot of other ones came and carried him off! We have to save him!" Kyrian finished breathlessly. "Why?" Mintara asked. "Why must we save him?" Kyrian couldn't believe her ears. "Because he saved my life!" she shouted. Mintara shrugged, "Yes, it was a noble act, but he's served his purpose. And besides, he's rather annoying."
"Mintara! How could you be so heartless?!" Kyrian yelled. Mintara looked at her coldly. "I don't care about you little people," she said icily. "All I want is my necklace. That boy is not important to our goal, which is to rally troops. Or have you forgotten?" Kyrian remembered how cruel Mintara could really be. "I don't care," Kyrian said angrily. "I'm going to help Tomas, whether you come with me or not." Mintara studied her for a moment, then said with a hint of a smile, "Well then, I guess you'll be needing my help, won't you?" Kyrian was stunned. Then a big smile broke out on her face. "I sure could!" she said happily.


***Emily*** said...

I love it!! I was going to have the stranger be Tomas, but I like what y'all did better. =D

I think Mintara is almost human... *chuckles* I guess I better get to work on the next part.

In Christ,

Tessa Brooke said...

haha! I was going to make the stranger him but then i thought it wouldn't be as exciting! LOL Love it Taylor!

$Taylor$ said...

Now don't be getting any ideas Emily! Mintara is still cold and cruel, just not as much to Kyrian. =D And thanks guys! =D