Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Part 32 by Tessa

Landlion was fuming.  "All I did was get a little angry, okay well maybe really angry, and break a Laurel's arm.  Doesn't mean I should be treated like a kid!"  he said to himself, glaring at the world. 
"Oh, really?  Do you really believe that?"  said someone behind him.  He turned around to face Mintara.  "" he stammered.
"You need to learn to grow up and not let your anger speak before your brains!  Do you know what would have happened if Kyrian hadn't tackled you?"  she said sternly.
"Yes, I would have hurt Laurel even more.  I'm so stupid."  he said burying his head in his hands.
"Yes, and do know what would it would mean if you hurt her so bad she wasn't able to fight this up coming battle?  We would lose, that's what!  Now you and Laurel are going to have to get along without you breaking any bones and her running off into the forest."  she said before turning around and leaving him all alone among the trees.

Kyrian was fixing up Laurel's broken arm.  "It looks like it's a clean break straight in half."  she said as she finished splinting it.  "You're going to have to wear this for a few weeks." she said handing Laurel a sling.  "And you might want to start learning to work with your left hand too.  It will help you still be able to do things and it helps to be able to wield a sword just as skillfully with your left hand as your right in a battle."  she explained.  She turned to Laurel to say something else but stopped when she saw Laurel's smile fade away.  She turned to see Landlion standing in the doorway. 
"Um...are you okay Laurel?"  he asked awkwardly.
"As okay as I can be with an arm in a sling."  she replied sharply.
Landlion looked at Kyrian for help and he saw her roll her eyes.
"I'll be right back Laurel.  Have to go ask Mintara something."  she said before grabbing Landlion and dragging him out the door.
"You better be careful what you say to her Landlion!  You hurt her anymore and I'm personally going to pay you a call you won't forget."  she said before relaxing her grip on his arm and walking away.
Landlion watched Kyrian walk away before taking a deep breath and reentering the building.  Laurel wasn't at the table where he had left her only moments before.
"Oh no!  Not again!" he said.
"What do you mean "not again"?"  Laurel said walking back in the room.
"Um...well I was hoping that you didn't decide to go off and get yourself into trouble...again."  he said.
"Oh, and you would really care about that after almost killing me?  Somehow I don't think so."  she said.
Landlion saw her face get ridged and groaned to himself.  "I never acted this way until her and Mintara showed up." he thought before turning to look at Laurel.
"You may not think I care but I do even though I always seem to make it look like I'm the most uncaring, idiotic elf on this planet.  So yes I would have cared if you ran of and got yourself caught by who knows what!"
"Really?"  she asked skeptically.
"I can't believe I'm saying this...but yes, I do care." he sighed and Laurel started laughing and he joined in.


***Emily*** said...

Finally we get an apollogy from Landlion! I like this part.

I can't wait to see what Taylor comes up with...

In Christ,

$Taylor$ said...

I can't wait to see what I come up with either! lol =D

Tessa Brooke said...

haha! He's learning...he just is extremely stubborn about apologies.