Monday, June 21, 2010

Part 31 by Emily

    Kyrian's blows rained down on Tomas with such a force that he could not contend with. Pausing for a second he wiped his sweaty brow. He knew that Kyrian wasn't even coming at him with her full strength, she was holding back a lot. A few days in Exron's prison left him weak, and every one knew it. Kyrian whirled around, aiming for Tomas' head. He quickly brought his sword up and pushed Kyrian's away. He ducked into a backwards roll, going away from Kyrian. She stood watching him, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Tomas jumped up and looked at his opponent. Kyrian was dressed in partial battle gear. She had on a white linen shirt, with a leather chest guard over it, chain mail rested on her shoulders, brown shorts, leather boots, and leather protectors on her arm. She wasn't wearing her general helmet, and her bow and arrows weren't strapped to her back. But to Tomas she looked every inch ready for war.

   Over the past few days the recruits Mintara and Kyrian collected had started to arrive. Now a couple of hundred soldiers were in the city of Locien and some out lying Elven city's. Mintara had hand picked the men and some women who she thought would make the best commanders. Kyrian and Landlion were picked to be generals, and some of the men Tomas knew were also picked. The Elves had crafted large hollows for the army to train in, the one Tomas was in now was made for the generals and the best fighters in the army, pretty much a training arena for the elite. He wasn't sure he was in here, Mintara hadn't said a word to him since he blew it a week ago. He wasn't even a captain, he was just a regular solider, and a hot headed one at that.

 "Hey Kyrian, can we take a break?",Tomas asked, lowering his sword.
   "Sure," Kyrian said,"I guess we can break for a few minutes." She sheathed her Elven blade and grabbed her water canteen, she wandered off to where Laurel and Landlion were sparring. Tomas grabbed his canteen and lazily flopped down beside a towering oak. He followed the trunk up to where the branches fanned out to meet the branches of hundred others. The Elves had crafted the hollow so that the branches would cover it from above. Tomas knew that in the past, when the Dragon Riders had been plentiful, the evil ones would attack the training hollows from above and wipe out armies. Some one had told him that from above it looked like the rest of the forest, but inside it did not. Designs seemed to grow out of the woods, and beautiful flowers were blooming in the canopy. It was truly a wonderful slight.

  Kyrian watched the two elves spar, one Dragon Rider and one general. They fought with a grace and power that Kyrian could only marvel at. It was true that she wasn't entirely human, and that she was part elf. She wasn't sure how but she was part elf, but she was. Still she couldn't fight with the grace, fluidity, and power that the true elves did, but she was one of  the best fighters in the army. That's why Mintara had asked her to help Tomas get back in shape before sending him to the regulars. She wasn't sure but she felt like Mintara was slowly coming to like people.

  Laurel and Landlion flipped and spun, all while delivering blows to each others swords. Landlion's attention wandered for a split second, and Laurel's foot hit him in the face. His head jerked backwards, from the force of Laurel's kick. Landlion was enraged about his carelessness, he had a reputation for being unbeatable. He rushed at Laurel, Kyrian's eyes went wide. Laurel had just landed a back flip and was unstable. She saw Landlion coming at her and she raised her sword to block his strike. Landlion hit her sword with such force a lesser sword would have shattered. Laurel cried out, and grasped her sword arm. She stumbled backwards, and Landlion kept coming at her. Kyrian watched in horror,"Landlion is so angry he could hurt Laurel!" Kyrian rushed across the field, just as Laurel fell to the ground. Landlion's eyes narrowed to slits, he wasn't going to let a young girl Dragon Rider beat him in a fight. He raised his sword to strike the fallen girl. Laurel's eyes widened with fear when she realised what he meant to do. Just as Landlion moved to strike he was tackled from the side.

    Kyrian wrestled Landlion to the ground. Everything was a blur, but some how Kyrian ended up on top. She pulled Landlion's left arm farther up his back, the Elf cried out in pain. Kyrian realised that her body was dripping with sweat and her body felt depleted of energy, also part of her shirt was torn. She looked up and saw a white clad person storming across the large hollow. Kyrian quickly rolled off the mumbling Landlion, she didn't want to get on Mintara's bad side. "I leave you alone for five minutes and this is what I get?" She roared. Landlion glared at the white wizard, his eyes full of embarrassment and hate. "You two are so irresponsible!"she was halfway to the training plot,"You act like children! Is that any way for a Dragon Rider and a general to act?" The two Elves lowered their heads in shame. "Answer me!" Mintara bellowed standing a few yards away, now the whole hollow was looking at them.
"No." they mumbled quietly.
"Exactly." Mintara said,"it is no way for the two of you to act. From now on," she paused, now only inches away,"you will be treated like children! Kyrian and Tomas will have to watch over you twenty-four seven until I can find some one else to take care of you." Landlion and Laurel sulked."Oh,"Mintara added,"also all your privileges and standings will be taken away until I deem you fit." Mintara snatched up the two swords and strode out of the hollow.

"Um," Tomas said walking up to the group,"so we have to treat them like children?"
Kyrian nodded her head,"Take Landlion back to my family's house. He can wash off there, and my mother will give him a great reprimand." She winked at Tomas, and he led Landlion to Kyrian's house. Kyrian watched them leave, and stared in that direction until a sob brought her back to her duty. "Laurel!"she exclaimed,"Are you okay?" she asked.
 "I think it's broken." she whimpered. Kyrian knelt down and felt the arm in question, no doubt it was broken. Kyrian ripped the part of her shirt off that was ripped and used it, and two sticks to make a makeshift cast. She helped the fallen Dragon Rider up and they made their way to the herb house.
 "I see the way you look at him." Laurel said.
  "Huh? Who?" Kyrian asked blushing.
"Tomas. Don't pretend you don't like him."
"Oh, is it that obvious?"
 "No, I just have an eye for these types of things."
"Oh, okay." The two girls walked to herb house in silence after that.


Tessa Brooke said...

okey dokey! Now she has a broken arm! Perfecto! I like this Emily! Very good twist. Yes, my immature characters...hahaha! Now it's my turn!

$Taylor$ said...

LOl Funny! Loved it Emily! =D

***Emily*** said...

Thanks y'all! I'm really enjoying writing this story. =D

In Christ,