Thursday, June 10, 2010

Part 30 by Taylor.

Tomas was well enough to travel in a couple of days, and Mintara was more than ready to leave. "The men that we have recruited are gathering others. We are no longer needed in this area. So we are going back to Locien, where Laurel is training. There, we can regroup and prepare for battle," Mintara said. "Battle?" Kyrian and Tomas said together. "Yes, of course! That is why we are gathering men. We are going to go straight for the heart. We're going to attack Melkor himself."

Laurel had grown quite proficient with the sword. Landlion was proud of her progress. "But you're still not anywhere as good as I am!" he boasted, brandishing his sword in the air. "Oh yeah?" Laurel challenged. They simultaneously settled into their stances and fought against each other. Several minutes later, Landlion ducked a swipe from her sword and spun his leg around, knocking her feet out from under her and landing her on the ground. "Ha!" he said, panting. Laurel shrugged and gasped for air. "At least I made you work for it," was her comment. Landlion shaded his eyes from the sun and looked to the west. Squinting, he could barely make out three figures. "It's Mintara!" he shouted. Laurel gave him a look. "Oh, and Kyrian and some other guy," Landlion added, turning red. Laurel heaved a sigh and shook her head at him.

Introductions were quickly made, and Landlion and Tomas hit it off splendidly. Mintara briefed them all on the plan. "When do we leave?" Laurel asked. "As soon as we're ready," Mintara answered.


Tessa Brooke said...

Yippee! We are going to BATTLE! LOL Taylor, you know why I love battles! I <3 the ones in LOTR! Battles are amazing...but I don't like the characters I like always's quite inconvenient!

***Emily*** said...

Battle time! =D Let's not kill off our favorite characters though...I hate when that happens.

I think this is the first small part you've ever written Taylor! I'm ashamed of you! JK. It's good to see you can write small things too. lol.

In Christ,