Friday, June 4, 2010

Part 27 by Taylor.

The floor around Tomas was also sticky with blood, and Kyrian almost panicked. She steadied her nerves and sat back. She moved him into a better position and began looking for a way out. She grabbed the bars and shook them, but soon abandoned that idea. She examined the walls carefully, but found nothing. The floor was dirt though. "Maybe I can dig a way out," Kyrian mused, feeling the damp earth. It would be hard, but it might be possible. Then Kyrian remembered Mintara. "That's it! Mintara will save us!" she whispered to herself. She sat back against the wall and waited.

But as the hours wore on, Kyrian began to have doubts. Mintara had never liked Tomas, and Kyrian wasn't absolutely necessary to the mission either. A guard came up to the door and took out a key. Kyrian stepped closer to Tomas's motionless body, as if to protect him somehow. "Come here, missy," the guard snarled, reaching out a grimy hand. Kyrian smacked it away and gave the man a sharp punch in the nose. No longer amused, he went in and grabbed her arms, pinning them behind her. He pushed her out in front of him, leaving Tomas behind. Kyrian kicked and struggled, but the guy was huge. He pushed her down long dark halls and past countless cells. Soon, they reached an imposing set of iron doors. The guard called out a harsh word and they doors swung open.

Inside was a huge room, lit by torches along the walls. At the far end sat a type of rough throne, made from rock. On it sat... "Erxon!" Kyrian exclaimed, shocked. And indeed it was. The little magician looked smug as Kyrian was brought before him. "It was so nice of you to pay me a visit," he sneered. Kyrian didn't answer. "You may be wondering why you are here," he said. "Well, it's not because you are anyone important. You are the bait. You mean nothing to me, I want that wizard, Mintara. She is the only one who knows how to use this confounded necklace!" He pounded the arm of his throne in frustration and motioned to the side, where Mintara's stunning necklace was displayed in an open velvet box. Kyrian's mouth dropped open in surprise.

Suddenly, Kyrian heard a shout behind her, and she craned her neck around to see Emerion and Mintara galloping up the hall behind her. The guard that held Kyrian let go of her and leaped to close the doors. Kyrian took her chance and ran to the side, ducking into the shadows. Emerion reared and a powerful burst of light flashed from Mintara's staff, and the closing doors flew open, throwing the guard back against the wall and knocking him unconscious. Mintara and Erxon locked eyes. Kyrian could almost feel Mintara's hate smoldering. "What are you going to do, Mintara?" Erxon smirked. "We both know that you are not powerful enough to kill me without your precious necklace." He motioned to the side of his throne where the necklace lay in it's box.

Mintara suddenly pointed her staff at the little magician and a blinding bolt of light shot from the tip and struck Erxon in the chest, driving him from his throne. He rolled to his feet and grabbed a twisted black staff that Kyrian hadn't noticed before. He pointed it at Mintara and a shot of black raced toward her. She leaped off Emerion's back out of the way. She shot again at Erxon, but he blocked her shot with his staff. He leaped in the air and landed in front of Mintara. They engaged in a furious battle with their staffs, blocking and swinging viciously. Kyrian stealthily slid along the wall, staying out of sight of the two fighting wizards. Erxon had a definite advantage. His staff seemed stronger, he was beating down her defenses. Kyrian got out of Erxon's range of vision; his back was to his throne. She raced to where the necklace lay and snatched it from the box. Her attention was diverted by the power racing through her from the necklace. She couldn't move.

A yell from Mintara brought Kyrian back to reality. Erxon had knocked her to the ground and now stood with the point of his staff poised over her heart. Mintara glanced behind him and saw Kyrian holding the necklace. Her eyes widened. Erxon turned to see what Mintara was looking at. A scream of rage escaped his throat as he turned toward Kyrian. Mintara swung her leg around and flipped his feet out from under him. He landed on the floor with a jarring thud. "Kyrian!" Kyrian threw the necklace as hard as she could. Erxon scrambled to his feet and reached for his staff. The necklace sailed right over his groping hand and right to Mintara. She grabbed the necklace and spun around. Erxon was just turning around to face her. The point of her staff struck him straight in the chest, gouging a hole in his heart. He stood there, unbelief on his face, staring into Mintara's rage-filled eyes. He exhaled deeply and closed his eyes, his head sagging to his chest. He slowly dissipated into a black mist, then that too disappeared.

Mintara lowered her staff and straightened up. Kyrian stared at her in shock. The wizard was glowing a white so bright that Kyrian couldn't look at her for more than a few seconds. Emerion too was a brilliant white, his horn a shining silver. Mintara didn't look like herself, she was much more powerful, but a terrible powerful. Suddenly, with a great effort, Mintara dropped the necklace. She fell to the ground, panting. Kyrian rushed over and picked up the necklace and put it in her pocket, lest Mintara be tempted to take it again. "Mintara, we must save Tomas!" Kyrian said desperately. The wizard nodded and stood, mounting Emerion.

The trio raced down the halls until they reached the cell where Tomas still lay unconscious. Mintara broke open the bars and lifted him out by his collar. Emerion snorted disdainfully, but allowed Tomas to be laid on his back.

An hour later, they finally exited the dungeon. They sat down in a grassy meadow. Kyrian took the necklace from her pocket and fingered it thoughtfully. "Mintara, you know that this should go back to Raladhea," Kyrian said softly. For one moment, Mintara's black eyes filled with anger, then she slowly nodded her head. "Emerion will take it," she said, motioning to her unicorn. Kyrian looped the beautiful thing around his silver horn, and he flew off. "This leaves us in a dilemma," Mintara said, looking disdainfully at Tomas lying on the ground. "We'll figure out something," Kyrian said. She still couldn't believe that Mintara had let her necklace go. Kyrian knew that she wouldn't leave Tomas again.


***Emily*** said...

Oh my goodness Taylor! I love it! It seems to me like we have sort of telepathic connection or something, because I was going to make the same thing happen!

That was a great chapter. =D I think the more parts we write the better our writing has gotten. I almost feel the need to go back and revise my old parts.

In Christ,

$Taylor$ said...

Yeah, I think that we're getting better too! =D Thanks! Yeah, we must have a sub-conscious connection somewhere! =D

Tessa Brooke said...

LOL! Now who's the bad guy? Hmmm....looks like it's up to me now. LOL I LOVE it Taylor! I think i'm out if the telegraphic circle! LOL
<3 Tessa

***Emily*** said...

Hey, don't worry about it Tessa, I've got the villan covered.

In Christ,