Thursday, May 27, 2010

Part 23 by Emily

"All the sudden a screech burst forth. The hideous black beast tore at its attacker, dropping a young maiden. She screamed as she fell helplessly through the air. The ground was approaching quickly, so quickly she could do nothing but scream as she thought was her death. The trees were taking shape, she was so close-"
Kyrian awoke with a start. "Mintara," she said frantically, "Laurel is in trouble!"
The sleepy wizard murmured, "Of course she is in trouble," then rolled back over and started sleeping again.
"Mintara!" Kyrian yelled.
"What?" the cranky wizard snapped.
"I said Laurel is in trouble!"
"Oh, well then. I guess you better just go and help her."
"Fine then. I will!" With those final words said Kyrian sprang out of her bed, and started dressing. Mintara laid back down and closed her eyes. "Mortals are so worried all the time. It's no wonder they don't live long." She thought with a smirk on her face, "That girl won't last long out there until she realizes Laurel is in no sort of danger." She then drifted back into sleep.

Kyrian stealthily walked into the stable where Rhovanion was being kept for the night. The stable boy was fast asleep on his cot. "No loud noises." she thought. She carefully loosed the ropes that held Rhovanion, the horse nickered at her. The stable boy moved in his sleep. "Few." "Shh. Rhovanion. We must be very quiet." she whispered in her horses' ear. Every movement sounded a hundred times louder than normal, Rhovanion's hooves clacking sounded like trumpets in Kyrian's ears. They had barely made it out of the stable when Kyrian heard a voice from inside yell,"Horse thief! Horse thief!"
Kyrian spun around,"No, no,"she pleaded,"I'm not a thief. This is my horse, I'm just taking her out early."
"Thief!" The boy yelled, "A lying thief!" Kyrian saw a light turn on in the inn. "Please," she begged,"please be quiet. I'll, I'll, I will give you some coins if you do." She caught a gleam in the boys' eyes, he grew quiet."Yes, that's a good boy." she reached in her bag and took out a few coins, she flipped them to him. Then mounted Rhovanion and galloped off into the night.

She galloped for awhile before she realized she had no clue where Laurel was. She stopped Rhovanion and looked up at the sky. It wasn't long until she heard the sound of hoof beats. She looked around, the night wasn't as dark as she had hoped, the full moon proved that. She could see a lone rider coming, his speed didn't show that he was after her. But she was sure he had seen her, there was no where she could hide, so she ran. She spurred Rhovanion off into the night, but the stranger followed.


Tessa Brooke said...

WOW! Now i have to think of what to write next!

Tayblor said...

Yeah, Tessa. Get to it! =D

***Emily*** said...

You can do it Tessa!! I just wrote the first *logical* thing that popped into my isn't too hard. I can't wait to read what you write. =D

In Christ,

Tessa Brooke said...

AHHHH! ok now i got that out....i'm going to go attempt it..LOL