Sunday, April 4, 2010

Part 22 by Taylor.

Landlion looked at Cerelda doubtfully. "How are we going to rescue her?" he asked. I am big enough to ride now, Cerelda answered. Landlion gulped. "You-you want me to ride you?" he asked, pointing to himself. Cerelda nodded. But I can only carry one, she said, looking at Goricnal. He understood. "I'll go back to Locien and wait for you," Goricnal said. Landlion nodded and Cerelda stomped her foot impatiently. "Yes, Cerelda, I know, we should be going," Landlion said, walking up to her. But inside, he felt nervous, this would be his first time to ride, and Cerelda's first time to carry a rider. He gulped and pulled himself up onto her back. She spread her wings and shot up into the air. Landlion yelled and wrapped his arms around the dragon's neck as Cerelda sped through the air. Landlion finally mustered the courage to sit up, but when he looked down, he immediately clutched her neck again. Cerelda seemed to be veering to the right, when Radlin had flown off straight ahead of them. "Cerelda! What are you doing? We're going the wrong way!" Landlion shouted. This is a shortcut! Cerelda answered. Do you have your bow? Landlion checked, sure enough, his bow and quiver were still on his back even through their mad flight. "Yes, I have it!" he yelled.
"Why?" Because you shall need them. I am not as fast as Radlin, nor can I breathe fire. You will have to shoot him! Cerelda explained. Landlion's mouth dropped open, then he set his jaw with determination. He had to save Laurel, the fate of the rebels depended on it.

Suddenly, he saw the black dragon off to the side, slightly behind them. "There they are!" Landlion shouted. He could see Laurel, clutched in the talons of the giant black dragon. He felt Cerelda fairly quiver with anger at seeing her rider being held prisoner. She put on an extra burst of speed and got right up next to Radlin. "Landlion!" Laurel screamed. "Hold on!" he yelled. He quickly fitted an arrow to his bow and shot the evil dragon in the belly. Radlin roared in pain and twisted his head underneath to look at what had happened. Landlion saw that the arrow hadn't even penetrated his thick scales. Suddenly, Cerelda bared her teeth and bit Radlin's shoulder. He snarled and snapped his fangs at her. Landlion pulled his sword from it's sheath and stabbed the dragon's leg just under where the scales stopped. That hurt. Radlin dropped Laurel and held up it's bleeding leg. Laurel screamed as she fell through the air. Landlion ducked from Radlin's swiping claws as Cerelda dived for Laurel. She grabbed the girl with her talons and fluttered to the ground, landing in a heap. Two people were still much too heavy for her.

Landlion stood up with an effort and stumbled over to where Laurel lay. He shook her shoulder. "Are you all right?" he asked. She looked up at him, then blushed. "Yes, I'm fine," she said, standing up. Seeing that she was fine, Landlion's concern turned to anger. "What did you think you were doing?" he yelled. "So much depends on you, and you always run off in these little tantrums! Grow up!" "I wouldn't have run off if you hadn't been talking about that stupid Mintara so much!" Laurel snapped. "That's no excuse!" he shouted. Laurel didn't answer, she just turned away from him. Landlion sighed. "All right, how about a truce? I won't talk about Mintara anymore as long as you have no more tantrums. Okay?" Laurel turned to look at him. "Okay," she finally consented. "Now, let's get back to Locien," Landlion said. "You still have to finish your training."


Tessa/Lorenias said...

Oh that was really suspenseful!

Elindira Evenstar said...

Really? Thanks! =)

***Emily*** said...

I really liked that! It was supenseful!

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