Sunday, January 10, 2010

Part Fourteen by Taylor.

Taylor and her character Mintara.

Laurel met Landlion at a bright clearing for sword training. Mintara was feeling strong enough to watch the training, and she stood by Emerion, who refused to leave her side. Kyrian was also there, sitting with Cerelda, who was napping. Landlion tossed her a borrowed sword and demonstrated the proper stance. Laurel found it hard to concentrate, being so close to him, and kept making mistakes. Finally, when she dropped the sword for the third time, an exasperated Mintara walked over. "If you can manage to forget about your crush for a few minutes," she snapped. "I'll show you how it's done." She picked up her staff and advanced toward Landlion. He was nervous at first, but soon he discovered that she was a competent swordswoman. Her staff was a blur as she whipped it around, meeting and returning his attacks. She spun and stabbed, taking him off balance and knocking him to the ground. She held the point of her staff to his throat as he lay there breathing hard. He stared up at her in admiration as she stood over him. She gave him a condescending look and walked to Emerion again. "Wow!" Landlion said, looking after Mintara as Laurel came up. She turned crimson and swiped at him with her sword. "Let's go!" she said. He quickly averted his eyes and concentrated on showing off his swordsmanship skills.

After an hour, she was exhausted. "Let's take a break." he suggested. Laurel nodded and sat at the edge of the clearing, trying to catch her breath. Suddenly, a dragon flew down out of the sky at full speed and landed in a heap on the ground in front of them! "Serva!" Laurel exclaimed. Landlion, Kyrian, Cerelda, Mintara, and Emerion all ran over. Serva untangled herself and stood up. "I have come to warn you." she began. " I have done a terrible thing." She proceeded to tell them about her great mistake. They all stood in stunned silence until Kyrian cried, "But what will we do now?" Serva was about to answer when she was suddenly pinned to the ground by an immense weight! "This is indeed a terrible mistake, little dragon." Mintara hissed through clenched teeth as she pushed Serva's head even harder against the ground. "One that you will regret." Laurel rushed forward to pull Mintara off, but Emerion blocked her way, pointing his silver horn at her. "But I don't have time to deal with you now." Mintara continued, shoving the tip of her staff against Serva's throat. "I have a necklace to recover." She released Serva, who gasped in air. Mintara strode to Emerion and mounted. "Wait, you can't leave!" Laurel yelled. "We need you!" Mintara ignored her and Emerion spread his wings and shot into the air! "She doesn't stand a chance against Erxon!" Serva said. "He has a much greater power than she!" "We have to find her!" Landlion said. "Where is Erxon?" Kyrian asked. "In his secret lair in the mountains; learning how to use the necklace." Serva replied. "Well, that's where we must go then!" Laurel declared, running to go fetch Goricnal.

Landlion and Kyrian ran to get provisions and Cerelda caught up to Laurel. Why should we rescue her? Cerelda asked. She wouldn't risk her life for us. "But she did risk her life for us." Laurel reminded her. "And I feel that we will need her help before the end." I still don't think we should risk our lives for her. "Well, we are going to rescue her nonetheless. She didn't abandon us." Only because she wouldn't get her necklace if she didn't help us. Cerelda grumbled. Laurel ignored her and found Goricnal finishing a late breakfast. She told him everything and soon Landlion and Kyrian came with the horses and packs. Landlion brought his stallion, Meldarion, and said, "I will accompany you in rescuing Mintara, but then I must return to Locien." "I will come too!" Kyrian said, holding the reins of her mare, Rhovanion. "At least until we rescue Mintara, maybe farther!" "What are we waiting for?" Goricnal said gruffly. "Let's go!"


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