Saturday, January 30, 2010

Part 20 by Taylor

They rode swiftly along a clear river early the next morning. Tomas had brought his own horse, and he rode next to Kyrian. Kyrian was slightly annoyed, and she urged Rhovanion on faster. "Can we stop for a minute? Adan is thirsty." Tomas asked. Mintara made a sound of annoyance, but she did stop. Tomas removed his horse's bridle and let him drink. Rhovanion got a drink as well, but Emerion didn't seem to need one. Kyrian glanced at Tomas out of the corner of her eye; he was a cute guy, but she didn't have time for a romance right now. But Tomas didn't seem to know that. She wouldn't say that he was flirting, but he was coming darn close. So she just ignored him.

She grinned to herself as he started talking to Mintara; he obviously didn't know about her "friendliness" yet. "So, when do I start my training?" he asked. Mintara glanced at him with disgust, then said, "Before we can start your training, you'll have to prove you're serious about it. Which means you'll have to leave Kyrian alone." Kyrian smothered a giggle and gave Mintara an appreciative look. To Kyrian's surprise, Mintara winked at her! The subdued Tomas concentrated on taking care of Adan and Kyrian took care of Rhovanion. Mintara looked thoughtfully at Kyrian, she wasn't bad, for a mere mortal. In fact, Mintara felt that she could get along with Kyrian rather well. Kyrian inched over. "Thanks Mintara." she whispered gratefully. "Your welcome," Mintara said. But, not wanting to seem too friendly, she added, "You could tell him yourself you know." Kyrian nodded, and walked over to Rhovanion. They all took off again, but Tomas continued to ride close to Kyrian.

Soon, they reached another city. "All right, here's what we'll do this time," Mintara said. "This is a very dangerous and suspicious town. If we all go in together, we'll get a lot of unwanted attention. So, you wait here at the outskirts; Emerion will know if I need help." She pulled her hood over her eyes and walked into the city. Kyrian checked Rhovanion over for cuts and scratches, but Tomas leaned on Adan and asked Kyrian about herself. She answered shortly, but he was undaunted without Mintara there to discourage him. Emerion walked over and nudged Tomas on the shoulder. He could feel Mintara's uneasiness and he felt he should warn them. Tomas ignored him and continued to talk. The feeling was growing stronger, Emerion was becoming panicked. He whinnied loudly this time, and Kyrian noticed. "Tomas, I think that we should-" "I've always been exceptionally strong," Tomas continued. Emerion stomped his hoof and pushed Tomas roughly. "Quit, you stupid animal!" Tomas shouted at him.

Emerion snorted and ran to the city. Kyrian made a move to go with, but Tomas grabbed her arm. "Wait, I haven't finished!" he protested. "Tomas, we have to go!" she said desperately. "Oh, she can take care of herself." he said flippantly. Suddenly, they heard shouts and cries coming from the city! "Mintara!" Kyrian gasped. She noticed that Tomas was still holding her arm; she slapped him as hard as she could! She leaped onto Rhovanion and spurred her into the city. A white flash lit up the area, and Kyrian was momentarily blinded. When her eyes cleared, she saw that Mintara, Emerion, and a few men were fighting ferociously. The flash had blinded the evil ones, so Mintara's group could handle it now. They tied up the others and left them in the village square. Mintara caught sight of Kyrian, and a look of anger crossed her face. Then she saw Tomas, and hatred came into her eyes.

Emerion tossed his head and whinnied angrily. Mintara said a word to the men and they scattered, going to find more men. She walked swiftly towards them, and Kyrian was tempted to point at Tomas. Tomas started to explain, when Mintara held up a hand. "Emerion has already told me everything. I gave you specific instructions, and you were too busy talking about yourself to pay attention!" "Mintara," Kyrian interjected. "I should have been paying closer attention. It's not all Tomas's fault!" Mintara turned on her. "You're right, you should have been paying attention! Because you two weren't there, I had to use magic. That's not very discreet, is it?" "Now hold on a minute, it's not all our fault!" Tomas protested. "Yes, it most certainly is your fault! And now that I think about it, we don't need you after all. So get lost!" Mintara snapped. "Fine!" he stormed away. Kyrian was secretly relieved, but also a little sad to see him go. "At least I found quite a number of good men here." Mintara said. "Let's go." Kyrian whistled for Rhovanion, and they were on their way, without Tomas.


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Nice.... I must admit I was reading as you were writing it. Tomas needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut, maybe I'll teach him that lesson.

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