Saturday, January 30, 2010

Part 19 by Tessa

Landlion urged his horse forward and aimed and icy stare at Laurel.
"I am so sick of her, all she does is talk and ask questions all the time! I'd much rather have Mintara." he sighed.
"So watcha think?" Laurel asked expectantly.
"Wha-what?" Landlion asked confused as he came beck to the present.
"You didn't hear a word of that whole thing, did you?" she asked dejectedly.
"Why should I? All you've done is jabber! I am so sick of you! Mintara wouldn't be this annoying!" he yelled.
Laurel's face turned white as she stared at him. "Well if that's how you feel, I'll go learn what I need to learn by MYSELF!" she screamed back, tears coming to her eyes. She whirled her horse around and galloped into the tangled forest. Cerelda aimed her deep menacing eyes at him before following Laurel
"Oh well. She's a bright elf, she'll be fine." he thought before he turned away. He started down the path when he heard Laurel scream and the roar of a huge beast. And it didn't sound happy.


***Emily*** said...

Does Landlion like Mintara????

In Christ,

Elindira Evenstar said...

YES! He has for awhile. I must need to make that more clear. :)