Monday, January 25, 2010

Part 18 by Emily

Emerion galloped at a brisk pace, Kyrian struggled to keep up on Rhovanion. Twenty miles were left before the pair reached the outskirts of the nearest city. Sweat lathered on Rhovanion's pinto coat, Kyrian nearly lost her grip as they hurtled a small boulder. "Mintara!" Kyrian called,"How much longer until we get there?"
Mintara drew Emerion to a slow halt,"We are less than ten miles from the city. So we will be there soon. Now if you would, please take off that ridiculous orange cloak!" Kyrian blushed as she unbuckled her favorite orange cloak, I didn't know anyone thought of it as ridiculous. she thought. She folded it neatly then shoved it in her saddle bag. "Did you bring any other colors?" Mintara asked, taking a dark cloak out of her own bag.
"Errm, yes, I did." Kyrian fished in her pack for the forest green cloak. "Aha!" she exclaimed, pulling it out of the bag. Rhovanion lowered her head and nibbled at a few strands of grass that were peaking out of the sandy terrain.
"Now," Mintara said, " we need to go into the city disguised. I will be your ailing grandmother, and you will be my flirtatious granddaughter. Emerion, I want you to wait outside of the city with Rhovanion. Don't go anywhere unless I call you, or there is danger." Emerion nodded his head. Mintara dismounted from his back, Kyrian did the same. She gave Rhovanion a quick rub down with a rag, then walked to Mintara.
"So, shall we go?" she asked, pulling her hood over her forehead. Living with the elves for most of her life had many side effects, including: slightly pointed ears(just the slightest), brighter eyes, longer than average lives, greater agility, more prominent facial features, and magic, so she was sure to shadow her face with her hood for now.

The city of Gaehald was different than any city that Kyrian had ever been in. For one thing the streets were filthy and there was no ever present touch of magic. One of the city's outcasts grabbed at the hem of her cloak screaming,"Please save me!" No wonder my family wanted to live with the elves. she thought with disgust. Mintara picked up her pace walking through the slums of the town, Kyrian followed suit. Mintara went into a dank building, the city's pub. Men sat around drinking from tall glasses, some smoked pipes, yet a select few just sat there and ate. "These are the ones we are here for." Mintara whispered in her ear. Mintara nudged Kyrian forward, toward the eating men. The thick smoke was starting to mess with her body, back home the elves never smoked. This was a new experience to Kyrian. What should I say? the thought raced through her mind. Kyrian opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came. She suddenly became hot and woozy, and fell face forward onto the table.

"Are you okay?" a masculine voice asked. Kyrian awoke to find herself lying on a bed in a poorly lit room. She blinked several times, and the face looming above her finally came into focus. "Yes," she answered groggily,"I think. Where is Mint- my grandmother, I mean." She felt herself blush from her mistake.
"She is over there." The young man said, Kyrian looked in the direction he was pointing. Sure enough, Mintara was talking to the group of men whose table Kyrian fainted on. She sat up in the bed, "How did I get here?" she asked the young man.
"I carried you here." he said. Oh my. Kyrian thought, I feel so bad that he had to carry me in here.
"I'm so sorry for the inconvenience Master- I'm sorry, I don't think I ever got your name." Kyrian blushed again.
"It's Tomas. And carrying your here was no inconvenience, Kyrian."

"Kyrian, I'm so glad you have decided to wake up." Mintara said sarcastically,"Now to business. These men have decided to be apart of our army. I will send a select few to Locien for training with the elves. Then they will come to our headquarters and train the rest of the army. I have decided to take Tomas with us on our journey, as a representative of Gaehald. The few who remain here will find more men, and women to help with our cause. Then when I call them, they will join us for training. Is that clear?"
"Yes ma'am." Kyrian replied. Tomas helped her get out of bed, even though she didn't really need help. Kyrian and Mintara stayed the night in the inn, then left out of town at the break of dawn.


Elindira Evenstar said...

Another love story?! Good grief. Jk LOL Well, don't blame me if Mintara is not very nice to him, you know how she feels about romances on the job. LOL And your part was really good.

***Emily*** said...

Hehe. I couldn't help it! It just kind of came out with out me realizing it.... LOL.

It would be lovely if Mintara was mean to him... I'm serious. Really I am.

In Christ,

Tessa/Lorenias said...

hey What made her go all woozy?

***Emily*** said...

The smoke from the pipes. I probably should have made that clearer.... I'll add that in the story.

In Christ,

Elindira Evenstar said...

Oh, so you're okay with Mintara being mean to him? Awesome!