Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Part 15 by Emily

Emily and her character, Kyrian.

Kyrian led the charge through the forest, the elves of Locien had uncharmed the path to the Ered Mor. Kyrian stole a glance behind her, Laurel was gazing dreamily at the back of Landlion's head. Ugh. She thought, Laurel has got to get over him! Her like of him could endanger the mission. I hope she keeps a good head on her. Kyrian turned her gave foreward, the forest grew darker and darker each passing yard, Surely we are getting close to the Ered Mor.

As the hours passed the horses started to tire from the strenuous run, though they were elven bred the terrain had become less like a forest and more mountainous. "We should stop." Landlion said, drawing his lathered steed to a halt. Rhovanion, stopped on her own and let out a tired whinny. "Fine." Kyrian said, dismounting from Rhovanion,"But only for a short while." Laurel and Goricnal also dismounted from their steeds. Landlion sat down on a large rock with a sigh. Laurel immediately chose to sit beside him. Kyrian let out a sigh, I wish she would get over him! Kyrian looked towards the darkening sky, "We should find shelter." she told them. "I'll go look for some." Laurel volunteered, jumping up from her spot beside Landlion. "I'll go with her." Kyrian said before any one could put a word in edge wise,"Landlion and Goricnal, the both of you should stay here. If we find shelter, I'll blow a long note on my horn." Kyrian demonstrated,"If we find trouble I'll blow two short notes." She attached the horn back on her belt, and motioned for Laurel to follow her.

The girls journied through the sparse canopy of wicked trees, "Laurel," Kyrian started, but Laurel shushed her. The two of them sneaked around a large boulder. Laurel's hand was firm apon the handle of her temporary sword. Kyrian fingered the short bow on her back, I wish I hadn't forgotten my sword! Something jumped out in front of the two girls. More somethings followed it in a blur of motion. Laurel drew her sword from its scabbard, one of the things screached as her sword found it's way to the flesh. Kyrian struggled with the knot on her horn's string. After what seemed like an eterninty she loosened it from her belt and raised it to her lips. She blew a long note, then her vision faded into black oblivion, and pain exploded into her skull. The horn fell from her lips, and clattered on the stony ground. The beasts of Ered Mor had come.


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Love it!

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Elindira Evenstar said...

I must admit, I was reading it as you were writing it. That's why I got my comment up like fifteen seconds after it was published!

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wow....Taylor! shame on you!